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  1. My name is Addison. I'm 27 years old. And I'm a casual gamer. Sometimes hardcore, maybe? Maybe not... I do have work now haha. (But have Wednesday-Friday off for Thanksgiving then a couple weeks for Christmas) I just recently came back to Runescape again under a new account. It's been awhile for me since I last played. I have all this excitement/hype/motivation and dedication to play Runescape. I've always loved Runescape and I always will, it's in my heart forever :P I just wanted to find a really newbie-friendly, and I mean REALLY friendly, clan of people! I'd love to find a new home/family to settle in and be with for a long time. A clan not looking to quit Runescape anytime soon. I'll be around for a long while, would love for the clan to be as well :) A home/family that doesn't mind if I ask to many questions and teach me the ropes of Runescape for a little while =) I believe I would be a good asset to your clan because: -I'm a very friendly person and love to socialize and make friends. -The better I get on Runescape, the more help I can be to others that are new, or even help others more experienced than I am with farming, skills, etc. I just really love to help others out in need.. I always go out of my way to help others out. -I love to help a clan/guild/team out any way possible (For this game, Clan Citadel) just tell me what has to be done and I'm on it! -I think I'm already running out of reasons, I'm sure there's plenty more but I can't think of them right now :3
  2. What to say, what to say... My name is Addison, people love calling me Addi though. I love it too :) Addison is a guy AND girl name, so people mistake me as a girl when chatting online. Nope, I'm a guy. I'm 27 years old and a substitute cafeteria worker. Going full-time soon though. Hopefully. If they have that option. I've played Runescape on and off for the past many years. But as of posting this right now, I have a new account and kind of have this hype/addiction going on with Runescape. Which may last for a good few months, maybe even a year :) That's if I can find some new friends and keep myself motivated of browsing these forums, see what's new, really get into the Runescape community, etc. =) Any tips/advice you'd like to give me starting off Runescape? (I have played Runescape in awhile)
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