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  1. I get all the girls, I get *all* the girls.

  2. :-) Thanks! And thanks, Tripsis, someone remembers me.. lol... Here's a link to the big version of the gallery picture if anyone is interested. The link to larger thing was messed up or missing completely on a lot of the pictures this month. Trick or Treat!
  3. Update to level 2 Uri's Emotes clue: Original: Cry in the Catherby ranging shop. Bow or curtsy before you talk to me. Equip blue gnome boots, a hard leather body, and an unblessed silver sickle. Update: Cry in the Catherby ranging shop. Bow or curtsy before you talk to me. Equip a round red and black snelm, a hard leather body, and an unblessed silver sickle.
  4. Congratulations Contest Winners!!! Yes, the Tip.it contests are still alive and well! Congratulations to the following winners for the month of March: Achievement of the Month: Lady_Shahdie for 99 mining. Picture of the Month: Wongtong [hide=Winning Image][/hide] ------------------------------ Achievement of the Month - NEW FORMAT!! The Achievement of the Month contest has recently undergone a revamp and has a new format. Throughout the month, users will be allowed to submit up to three different nominations for what they consider to be the best goals achieved during that month. The submissions are all sent through PM to the account AotM. The submissions will be carefully counted and the person who receives the most nominations will be deemed the winner! Please do not forget to send in your nominations! Anytime that you see an admirable or noteworthy achievement posted in the Rate This or BlogScape forums, send in a nomination so these incredible users can have a chance to be recognized for their achievement across the entire forums! If you have any questions regarding the new format or the contest in general then either post in the Achievement of the Month thread or contact either DarkDude98 or Tripsis.
  5. blah blah blah world 98 9pm eastern dec 30 3m Ok, we should do this formally... :D Come and enjoy a 3M GP drop to celebrate the holidays. This is from the TET Slave Auction so I hope you all enjoy it! Where: World 98 When: 9PM EST Dec 30th 2008 Why: To celebrate the holidays! So come and enjoy! Bring anything else you wish to drop as well, but not mandatory. Hope to see you there!
  6. This week's article, The Coal in our Stockings by Ts_Stormrage, teaches us to be glad with what we have. Enjoy and discuss your thoughts on the article! >>>The Coal in our Stockings<<<
  7. As was stated by evil_mumm_ra , microhelper is legal to use and in fact before it was ever approved for use on tip.it, Jagex was contacted to be sure that we wouldn't be breaking any of their rules. ~Turtlefemm
  8. Locked... There is a topic already in place which can be used to make a statement like this. No need for a separate one to memorialize anything. ~Turtlefemm
  9. well.. we could discuss certain points of those images... like.. how gross it was when I saw a baby's mother actually stick her finger up its nose... She must have needed the lessons... I'm sure she was probably one who put her whole hand into the back of its diaper too.. :shock: There once was a mom oh so young whose praises would never be sung cuz she dropped her poor tot while stirring a pot and the baby bit off its poor tongue... [Alternate ending by pryomancer: subsequently the child suffered 3rd degree burns to 80% of its body and the mother was imprisoned for 5 years due to child neglect.]
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