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  1. You've already had the penis of the superior PS3+360 stuffed up your [wagon] again and again whilst your defence rests solely on "BUTZ THE WII HA5 S0LD M0R3 AND MOTION CONTROLS R TEH W1N". I suggest you stop pointlessly arguing that the Wii is superior if you dont want to be once forced down and metaphorically anal raped.
  2. Been in the beta since november. The graphics are impressive but other than that its pretty generic.
  3. Last post on Tipit, can no longer stand the Sycophantic children that make up Tipit forums. I [bleep] on your souls.
  4. First of all, they were in separate sentences. ;) You beat me to it : He obviously doesn't care what we say about the wii. His opinion is not going to change based on his two recent posts. I bought a Wii with an open mind, and after spending time with it, I realised it was, in fact, [bleep] for anything other than a casual game of Wii sports. Obviously an opinion I have acquired through first hand experience is not going to be changed by a few Wii-tarded 10 year olds, playing COD5 in 576p via dial-up on 16 inch TVs. Kthnxbai.
  5. Skill and Wii in the same sentence. :|
  6. I could probably lay down some ownage on the Wii seen as most opponents will be 8 year olds.
  7. Actually the SVT is slightly less accurate. There is barely any difference between either, choose whichever one you prefer the sights on. Or if you are a n00b then the Gewher is the only one with Rifle Grenades.
  8. The Garand seemed awful to me until you got the sniper scope.
  9. So basically just camping. Not even Sniper-camping, just camping with an AR.
  10. Because the slightest movement would cause it to scratch the disk inside it.
  11. Well you can pick up other people's guns. Consider Bandolier if ammo is an issue.
  12. You just proved that you are in fact a MASSIVE noob, not only for using a cheap and retarded tactic, but not even getting a good score with it.
  13. Loling at his classes? Yeah me to. The STG-44 one is actually pretty good. I know, it surprised me too. But with the scope, I can camp and do some short range sniping, but because of bandolier and sleight of hands if someone barges into my sniping spot I'm not autoatically screwed. Don't knock it 'til you try it. I haven't tried DP-28 with 2X Molotovs, Gas Mask and Iron Lungs but I know it fails.
  14. I haven't played mgs4 yet so that was a surprise for me. I would've thought I shot vamp enough in mgs2 that he would be dead! Nobody dies in MGS. Ever. yes nobody... Last I checked the boss was dead, and all the other members of the cobra unit, Otacon's sister, solidus snake, fatman, the original big boss, the numerous people you kill to get to your objective, that's all I think. I didn't mean literally, idiot. I mean that half the characters you think are dead end up alive through some means.
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