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  1. I've played with it before, I like the setup of it, but I eventually deleted it because I didn't need it. :-# I haven't seen the latest version though. -.- All I can really say is that you'll want to make quite a few blog categories in there to let everyone spread out. :lol:
  2. Well, since there's the RS Blogs already on here, why not take it a step further and install EXreaction's User Blogs MOD and have a RS Blogging system? It ought to work just fine, and give the bloggers a better system to work within. :) Demo: http://www.lithiumstudios.org/blog/ Download: http://www.lithiumstudios.org/forum/vie ... f=41&t=433 phpBB.com Topic: http://www.phpbb.com/community/viewtopi ... 0&t=543995
  3. How long has Tip.It had so many computer savvy users posting in here? I swear 8 months ago it was around 4-6 people with moderate knowledge, now it's like 14-20 I see everyday. :ohnoes: But yea, limiting it to only 100 would be better: That's only 100 characters and it takes up a lot of space. Might want to only do 50 then. And, I'm a MOD Author. It comes to me naturally. :lol: With as good of phpBB backend knowledge that I have, why not help? :P
  4. Character amount restriction is easily done, but not as easy if you don't want to break the BBcodes stuff. If you wanted to change the amount of time it appears, you'd have to do a javascript imitation. Unless you screw with the browser itself, no-go for changing time duration, last I'd heard. Also, no need to fuss with binary restrictions. ;) Having it at 256, 257, 258 won't cause things to go boom (IMHO), if you use a UTF-8 aware substr() function on the message to grab only so many characters. ;)
  5. Hmmm...happening in Firefox 3 RC1 for me (Going to upgrade later on to RC2 today though) It shouldn't be like that, that should be alternate text for on mouseover. :wall:
  6. That's not a bug at all, that's a standard phpBB3 feature. :) If you don't want that to come up, just go to that user's profile and use the PM button there. ;)
  7. Um, yeah, double check the cookie settings please. It seems like the board is highly dependent on session-id's for login status right now. I was just logged in with the remember-me settings two days ago, and I just had to re-login... :oops:
  8. If anything, you don't want an extra query. That'd most likely mean doing a query in a loop, which is very bad. :ohnoes: If anything, a LEFT JOIN to the posts table on (topics table) topic_first_post_id to (posts table) post_id ought to get the data needed, then just a UTF8-aware substring to limit the message to 100 chars maximum for the preview, and a template variable, and it's all set. Dunno how much this would slow down viewforum.php though. #-o
  9. Well, most things are possible, it's just whether or not it is practical how much you have to do in order to get it to work. ;) [hide=<.<;;]It also depends on how lazy you're feeling. Trust me, a few of my MODs have been sitting for a while just because I want to kick back and play some video games. :lol:[/hide]
  10. phpBB3 has a system built in for it. ;) I don't know about v2 though, I can't remember, it's been a long time since I worked with the codebase for it. :?
  11. That, I think, would be an easy template edit & custom profile field. ;)
  12. Make that 52 default bots (that are recognized by phpBB3), I've seen a script that adds something like 100 or so more to be recognized by phpBB3. <.< >.> (Beware, the Bots are going to eat j00! RUN, LITTLE NUBS!)
  13. Dial-up shouldn't even matter. Do this for me. Exit of this topic to the Forum and Updates thread. Then hover your mouse over this topic. See the little square popup? We already have the feature, it just needs to give a preview rather than the date. Something like that would be possible, but it would take some time to do. I have a vague idea how the SQL query in viewforum would have to be modified (and how to limit the size of the message preview), the hard part that I can't figure out is how to do the balloon-ing, probably could use the XHTML alt/title tag for it, I imagine. :? Getting the thing to work on a user-by-user basis would be easy, though. I did something along the same lines with my Silverbar MOD's UCP Extension (it's a modification to phpBB3). Just a quick SQL query to create a boolean-style column and a template IF statement would do the trick. ;)
  14. Bah, that's not that hard. Anyways, good luck with that stuff shey, sadly I don't have much time for it anymore, exams and graduation are coming up fast. Ahh well. (Shiny? WHERE?!?)
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