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  1. You get repeatedly targeted by the machine who appears to be spitting coins at you. Inserts self
  2. Okay, im all up for this 'sailing/exploration' skill; however, im confounded as to how it would be fun ?! Hunter = catch things to train : Farming = grow things to train : Fletching = Cut things out of wood to train : Sailing = travel?? :shock: :-k Thats basically like saying I should get agility xp for walking... :wall: TBH i will be very disappointed if jagex release this skill as it sounds imo terrible. #-o Im open for opinions for people to tell me how its trained, how it will be fun etc but i would rather a combination of WC/CON etc to just create a travel thing (like canoes) but each to their own, my two cents, ~Necro EDIT: Quoted.
  3. Herbs were post profitable when you could sell as a unid. so flax -> bowstring is the way to go :thumbsup:
  4. Meziathol, For best results: raise approval to 100% (cut maples or mine coal at miscellania) Put 750k in coffers and replace 75k every day. At the moment the most profitable method is: (due to you only getting to 100% not 150% i presume you havent completed The second quest - which i highly reccomend 50% workers fish (uncooked) and 50 % workers on flax, which you spin into bowstrings, but if you dont want to spin bow strings, replace that with coal RECAP: 750k MINIMUM + Every day add 75k 50% workers - fish 50% workers - Flax (flax -> Bowstrings) IF NOT = coal. make sure approval is 99-100% ALL THE TIME. Thats it. Rinse and repeat as long as you like. Then post your rewards (like above) here! :D Any more info come to the tip.it chat (irc.tip.it) and PM me, my alias is "Kratos", you can find me in either #runescape or #scripts channels I am australian, so i will only be up for about 40mins more, and then im off to bed and will be back on in about 9hrs, but still PM Me. Hope this helps ~Necro
  5. Heres mine: 4.1m 11 days Nests: [list=] Nests 2x willow 2x acorn 1x curry tree 1x Yew 2x ruby ring Caskets 3 sapphire gem 3 ruby gem 1.2k coins Im happy, about 600k profit \ :thumbsup: loving this emoticons =D>
  6. I r praying, come join me pleeeease Ugh,... i cant, well not untill at least sunday night, because i am on holidays (weekend) and i cant be on RS but after that, we can go crazy altering! are u getting 70 as well ?
  7. Hey Woah! fantastic blog you got going, im sure that you will achieve you wc'ing goal, and good luck to both your studies and in rs! : I wish i could be as detailed/organised in my blog as you are here btw, if u want i could *try* to have a go at making a banner for you... either PM me or post on my blog. ~Necro
  8. Thanks for the support people!!! Its so nice to hear when people like my blog :D .... just a pitty i cant use multi hide tags [hide=level one][hide=level2][/hide][/hide] Frank; Love the signature statistic : :thumbsup: Very amusing Mylez; How did u get your sig justified like that?? i didnt know our forums supported that :geek: Oh btw, bp45 'nuff said.
  9. Wow! Fantatic! 10/10 =D> I had no idea how this worked really untill this guide, good job! I will try this out later \ ~Necro
  10. As long as it stays over 750k at all times, then, yes :thumbsup: To get better results, you need to put in over 750k and keep at 100% popularity as to how long, im not exactly sure sorry
  11. My sentiments. I doesn't have enough 'backbone' to go out on its own. Its just a skill taking a little bit from other skills to make a new skill. Im just gonna go with the General gist of the conversation; To be completely totaly honest; no - not a skill But it could definately prosper as hunter/slayer/etc exclusive minigame. I think that (going on Jagexs' current record of releasing minigames) it could easily be something where one could get items/weapons/food that are just available exclusively from there. Has lots of potential, but as a skill i believe that its not 'strong' enough to work Just my two cents ~Necro
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