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  1. Well hello thar, double post. Nothing to see here, folks.
  2. This is an outrage. Its like DK3 all over again. My heart can only take so much punishment..
  3. [hide=NO WAY THATS IMPOSSIBLE ~ze]Gainax is a studio, not an author. Although Gainax did write the TTGL manga, thats because it was released after the animu was aired. Yoshiyuki Sadamoto originally wrote NGE and was later produced into an animu by Gainax.[/hide] Gainax couldnt animate their way out of a paper robot. NGE was pretty good, but mostly for the "what the hell did I just watch" feeling afterwords. Anyone who claims it holds some 'deep' or more 'emotional' meaning, youre reading too far in between the lines, and its real meaning has gone clean over your head. To add to this, Gainax also produced FLCL. And if that is not a complete drug-induced idea to animate, I dont know what is. Kamina = Gendo + Sword - Shirt Simon = Shinji + Glasses Yoko = Misato - Clothes Nia = Kaworu + Female Kittan = Asuka - Female Spirals = Angels Final fight = CONGRATULATIONS, SHINJI! Incredible lack of a decent ending in both. The more you deny it, the stronger my theory gets.
  4. Miku is old and used goods, theres not much new for her now. Well, apart from the soon-to-be released PSP game for her. You'll probably wanna check NicoNico for any vids of her, though, RageTube is ohgodwhatthehell awful. Seconded. Created by someone harbouring a deep arousal for drills, if you know what I mean. No, the glasses only got sillier when Simon got his starfish ones and his cape is generic. Plus his obvious over-compensating sword just made him look like he was trying too hard. The only place I trust with these sorts of things. Also; [bleep] year you are the greatest series ever why arent you released faster jesus christ.
  5. I would like to say Deathtrap Dungeon, but im not too confident it is.
  6. Thanks, but it all came to nothing. I honestly dont know why the hell this is happening. I played it fine on saturday and changed no settings/altered any files but on sunday - nothing. My last resort is to just fully re-install steam and all associated games. Which id rather not do, but ive tried everything else.
  7. Okay, the problem seems to be coming from the gameui.dll file. I think. Yet ive re-downloaded the whole game multiple times so im not sure why. Could someone please browse to their left 4 dead folder and upload it for me? Unsure whether this will work, but its worth a shot. [/steam/steamapps/common/left4dead/bin/gameui.dll]
  8. If you enjoy thighs and otakus talking about otaku things subtley, youll enjoy [bleep] Kannagi.
  9. Whaaat? Excel Saga is lol. Also, Kannagi 10;
  10. So theyre trying to mod Zoey to look like whats-her-face from HL2? I dont really like it, I much prefer her current red jacket, lets her stand out a lot more during huge hordes. Plus that makes her look sort of prepared, when the whole idea was to make all the characters look like they were caught short of the apocalypse. And that 3rd person camera looks like it'd make the game far too easy. Theyre called First Person Shooters for a reason. Im also experiencing a problem, if anyone could help, thatd be fantastic. Anyway, I can no longer load a game of L4D atall. Whenever I try to create/join a game offline or online the moment I click 'start game' im immediately shown a black screen followed by the usual 'Windows is crap, and your game just crashed, were gonna send a stupid note to microsoft to help etc'. I can - however - still access the main menu. Ive tried restarting my computer, re-downloading the whole game, defragging the game, verifying the game using steam and fiddling with the video options. None of these have worked even partially. Ive not had this problem until now [and I havent deleted anything/changed any settings] so I have no clue as to what started it.
  11. Point blank shotgun to the face seems to be the only way to get it. Yeah, achievements are still kinda buggy. Ive completed nearly 5 runs with no friendly fire incidents and a few runs by myself with no witch alerts and ive yet to get either of those achievements. And you will get like half the achievements just from standard runs on all 4 campaigns. I think I got near 20 achievements in my very first run of No Mercy. But now ive only got the 9 hardest left [untouchables, What Are You Trying To Prove?, Nothing Special etc.] and its hard to even get 1 achievement a campaign. Also, im going to try Blood Harvest Expert again later if anyone wants to help. Its possible, I almost did it with bots the other day but clipped a zombie as I stepped onto the rescue vehicle. Made me rage so damn hard.
  12. But I dont like animu. Thats all I get for an animu channel as well. Which is why I watch subbed episodes on something called the intertubes. Its this great thing that lets me download stuff across the planet. Its pretty cool, I recommend it to you. You can also try Anime Central which plays Ghost in the Shell and Cowboy Bebop late at night. And you can occasionally find Gurren Lagann and some others on the Sci-fi channel as well.
  13. Bah, I know more doujin soft than I know older games, probably.
  14. Lets think outside the box for a minute and ponder a solution for this. Ooh! I know! Dont follow 'cult' anime. Like I said, its [mostly] all shounen junk. Try watching a series with a more standard number of episodes [12-26] per season. Honestly, even the Fate/Stay Night animu is rammed full of fight scenes but atleast theyre somewhat more bearable than anything in any shounen series. Mai HiME was also pretty entertaining despite it revolving around a fighting scenario. Its pointless to just watch the 5 worst shounen animu ever and complain that animu in general sucks. Try watching a grand spectrum of genres. Clannad, Death Note, FLCL, Lucky Star, MagiPoka, Haruhi, Minami-ke, Moyashimon, NGE, Rozen Maiden, Spice and Wolf, ToHeart2, Zero no Tsukaima...
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