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  1. How are the top players training their woodcutting these days?
  2. Also got 45 attack, strength, defence, hitpoints, and 18 prayer today.
  3. Wow, I did it and completely unintentionally. I "woke up" and it was 3 which striked me as odd because I just woke up a couple minutes ago and it was 5. I realized it was a dream so I walked through the wall outside. Then some stuff happened and it ended with my penis turning into eyeballs and it started to bleed. A bad trip indeed.
  4. I tried it three times so far and it didn't work, but it did lead to a pretty good sex dream just about an hour ago.
  5. Yes_Its_Ross


    Someone just pranked called me and told me they wanted to "[bleep] me in the [wagon]." I wasn't sure if I should accept the anal or hang up.
  6. Was trimming my pubes this morning and seriously considered cutting off my penis. I decided against it.
  7. Did mostly magic longs and 4k dragon darts. (I accidentaly bought 10k darts instead of tips) (18:45:33) -[EE]RuneScript- *** [ TRACKER ]: [All] exp gains for Ross Is Lazy in last 1day: Overall(+2) +1,264,819 | Att(89) +264 | HP(87) +88 | Mage(77) +35 | Fletch(96->98) +1,264,432
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