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  1. I am officially retiring from Runescape, it has been 8 years and I've seen Runescape and her community change for better and for worse. I feel I have wasted my life, but that is a lie. Runescape still has one of the best RPG layout from this date. Good luck everybody. Goodbye. btw... Pie > Cabbage Suck it OoC :twisted:
  2. You left a message on my wall. In response, hello!

  3. Oh hi, and you must be Lem :P Only you and Dalcyte say Mirawr ^-^

  4. I would like to be the "chief 5 star master keeper of the holy order's sacred pie of the third age king Gibeon!"
  5. Hello Keep up the vids! They are very good. I got a good video Idea: "cake".

  6. Congratzumationzxxzzxzxxzzroflmao Fish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh btw Hi

  7. w00t Pie Time

  8. Phlegmmy Lemmy is back, woop!

  9. I miss your blog :(

  10. tbh I dont want class systems in runescape. I kinda like my player able to use all three forms of the combat triangle to the fullest extent. a good start is to have choices in quest that lead to different paths. I liked the article, but I thought that younger kids would be more imaginative than older people. well for me that is... The second article was a bit short, lol. It was intresting to find out that during stressful times, people will get addicted more. For the story, I loled on that one. I have to congratulate Zonorhc for the brillant descriptions that were written. It reminds me of a book im reading now.. :razz:
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