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  1. From a fellow Tip.It'er, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! If you would like some extra fun, don't forget to drop in on the Forum Games! ^_^

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  3. If only he wasn't being a jackass about it. I dunno. I tried it, noticed it was exactly like RS2's combat and switched back to EoC. I like EoC for a reason. I was bored to death with the old combat system.
  4. I hightly doubt they are in "pre-planning" on either update. I think both inventing and Prifdinnas are nearly completed and the idea of the poll is "which do you want us to polish up faster and finish first?"
  5. The only reason we know almost nothing about Zaros is that Saradominists and Zamorakians have gone out of their way under orders from their gods to destroy all records and accounts of Zaros. Zaros has been outright friendly to the player (understandable since we are helping his return, wittingly or unwittingly), and with the exception of Sliske all of his other followers are flat out allies of the player. Saradomin can not even say that (as we are enemies of his major followers, allies to others). Saradomin is more than a dick to us in a single quest. Note what he is doing at this very moment! He isn't defending the world from Zamorak, he is trying to take the power for himself! Guthix and Zaros both want balance and a world where mortals control their own affairs. The difference? Guthix thinks that the world will naturally balance itself out right while Zaros felt that a guiding hand was necessary to ensure balance.
  6. I t As far as I'm concerned right now with the info we have, I view Zaros as not too dissimilar to Guthix. When I say that, I mean it only in terms of how Zaros will behave on his return. He wants the world to run itself without any direct interference from the Gods, yet still step in through indirect means to subtly tip scales in whichever way is of most benefit. If Saradomin and Zamorak are two sides of the same coin, then I wouldn't be averse to saying Guthix and Zaros (as it stands now) share a similar relationship. I actually agree with you. Reading up on the lore, I think that Guthix and Zaros are as Saradomin and Zamorak.
  7. People are a little biased about the gods from the limited lore we had for more than a decade. Sara was good, Zammy was bad, Guthix was neutral, Zaros was assumed to be bad. After the last major quests though: Guthix: The ultimate good. He wanted to create peace and aggressively defended it. Saradomin: Good to his followers, the bane of all others. Just as evil as Zamorak as he conspired to kill Guthix in order to compete in the "land grab" Zamorak: We already knew he was evil, no surprise there. Yin to Saradomin's yang. Armadyl: Just trying to claw his way back up to the top. On the verge of joining the departed gods of Gielenor. Zaros: Quite frankly, Zaros is still an enigma. We just don't know enough. People assume he's evil because he was associated with folks like Lucien, Zamorak, and Sliske. However, his true followers like Azzanadra and Wahistiel have been nothing but courteous to the player. He himself was very grateful to the player after contact was established. While Zamorak and Saradomin consider their captains to be tools and lord over them, Zaros showed genuine concern for Azzanadra. His Mahjarrat followers actually wanted to MEET with Guthix instead of kill him! Honestly, Zaros is the game changer. He will be the one to keep your eyes on. He might come to rule the world, to destroy it, or to save it from the others. We simply do not know. In the end, the only "good" god as far as we scapers are concerned is Guthix. All the others will fight over us.
  8. Regicide was written and released in 2004. The Guthixian Edicts were first mentioned in 2009. It was a half-finished plot that is still fairly unresolved here in 2013. We know nothing of what King Lanthus is up to since we did Regicide.
  9. Happy birthday! :D

  10. A 360 degree turn? You do realize that's going in the same direction you were traveling in the first place? As someone who has played for 8 years, I am pleased with these updates. The entire reason I stopped playing the game was the absolutely boring combat. Far too repetitive.
  11. Can you clarify your point? Money only ever circulates the game regardless of inflation or deflation. The only ways it can leave the game are through things like dropping it or paying various NPC's. Not to mention that inflation is a situation where there is so much money that prices must rise to reflect the diminishing value of the money. If money is being "vaporized," prices would actually fall. Unless this is the kiddie excuse of inflation as a way to gouge prices.
  12. I'm not sure why everyone is grumbling. Runescape had the worst combat system. Click on an enemy and wait for it to die. That's boring as nothing else. This at least adds a bit of dynamics.
  13. I got my copy of that used at Gamestop for $4.99...
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