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  1. Already send an email about that advertisement, but thanks for the tip tho ;)
  2. Ok that's very good, but I click on tip it now and the first advertisement is about runescape gold, so what ur saying it's not totally true. I just mean it would be very sad, because it's a good site with good information.
  3. Today a new post regarding rule 7 and 12 I copied a small piece of text. This brings us to the last point. HOW YOU CAN HELP! You can help us by: Using the in-game 'report abuse' facility to tell us about players you see breaking rule 7. Of course we're not going to ban anyone just on the basis of a player report and will always thoroughly check them ourselves, too - but such reports still help us know who we should be checking up on. Boycott any corrupt 'fansites' which advertise RuneScape gold for sale. There are plenty of genuine fansites out there who don't support cheating in this way, and we fully support those sites. Use those ones instead. Also, don't advertise, link to, or talk about any of these corrupt fansites. Obviously, if they stop supporting cheating, you can start using them again. Under absolutely no circumstances buy RuneScape gold/items for real money! Doing so causes this whole problem, and we'll ban you if we catch you doing it. * (source: http://www.runescape.com ) As you can we are asked to boycott any sites that advertise RuneScape Money, so that includes Tip.it. Remove your advertisement for Runscape gold so you will be a genuine site again.
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