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  1. Yes, it is too late, sorry. They just closed the skill about an hour ago. You could've trained it had you started yesterday, but it's too late now :/
  2. Hex replaces sag short in legacy. Still useless in eoc. Will update guide to reflect this. Thanks.
  3. Either of these sources probably have your answer: http://forum.tip.it/topic/322024-dg-for-dummies-puzzles/ http://www.xp-waste.com/dgs-rules-and-guidelines-t30.html ssh is bind/stat reduct deterrent
  4. if you have no floors to rush then you rq. if you need to train dg anyway, it is far more efficient to actually finish fls while doing c2s, obviously...
  5. C2s should be more efficient than Barb fishing at almost every level according to my personal research. Take from that what you will. Barb fishing is more enjoyable, imo, but C2s is certainly more efficient if you want to try-hard play or train dng anyway. They're quite close around 70, and get further apart with C2s winning the whole time as you approach 99. Personally I'd do rocktails since they're afkable. About half the xp/hr as barb fishing with way less than half as many inputs per hr.
  6. I edited my post since I forgot to mention magic which is better. Silly me. There's this guide in the aow which knows this stuff far better than I do.
  7. Melee will out-perform ranged at your levels. That said, desperado goes straight to +11% ranged with +1% per tier while bers is +2% per tier, so if you're short on tokens that's nice. When they're the same lvl ranged is slightly better in general in dg. It really just depends on how you like to train at this point - perhaps you should range in dg and melee/range slay tasks when not dging to keep them evenish. It is really worth investing in ring tiers - I'd suggest at least 25% of tokens should go into it until you hit tier 9. Which should be a bit after 80 at that rate. Last I checked mage is best in dg until other stats are in the 80s. Blitzer is prob best ring for that with only 1 cmb style. Personally I don't think your cmb style in dg matters too much - use what you like and just focus on using your gatestones effectively compared to the map. Learn the puzzles and only slay gd monsters. e2: guide says blazer so go with blazer. I trust my guidework much more than I trust my memory/guesses.
  8. level mod goes to +10% nobody requires certain level mods in floors. kabde or "relaxed dg" groups could conceivably suggest/require a certain level mod, although I've never heard of them doing so, but -11% would be way too low and sub 16 min fls sounds very fast for kabde with beginner dngers.
  9. floor time under 16 minutes with +11% bonus completed. Bonus rooms are around 60% of a map and give a range from 0-13% added xp at the end of the dg. The amount of bonus rooms completed also affects your Floor Base Xp which has dramatic impacts on the xp you get in a floor so overall bonus rooms account for ~60% of your xp. you should probably rush 1-35 if you're doing larges with a team decently. guessing context, the requirements for that dg leech group requires you to host a floor with x number of leeches that is 16 minutes or faster with 11% or more on bonus. that means you can't skip more than ~6 total rooms, maybe less.
  10. use gatherer over your perm ring for survivability desp main, bers switch (rare cases) 2h as primary is fine, it's extremely similar DPS to ranged primary if you have trouble surviving with gath and good binds the problem is you not your binds. some dngs have no viable altars. pray conserve. pick up salves during cmb. using hex means your dps is lower = monsters survive longer and do more damage. sag short is better for survival in general. "And if it's 5/6 of the dps, why is the damage stat on the hex only ~200 and ~800 on the saggy short? Even accounting for the weapon speed that's still a big difference." account for arrow dmg
  11. The guide now has puzzles, except polter. Expect a few minor updates over the next few days. Please give feedback if you notice a mistake, this guide is really long and it's hard to get everything.
  12. I wrote this a while back. I have new hd pictures for all the layouts but I haven't got the time to rewrite the guide and add the puzzles that I never put in that guide. If anyone is interested in collaborating/helping I'd add each puzzle one at a time to this guide. But honestly, the old guide I wrote is excellent, even if it is incomplete and messy, so I don't plan on reworking it alone. And for newbs there are other puzzle guides that give good explanations of the rooms. Almost the entirety of this guide was written from may - july when I had more time. Then one day in november I remembered it and spent a few hours making it presentable to publish as a beginner's guide.
  13. This looks cool. I'd recommend allowing upvotes / downvotes without registering. You can require registration for it at a later date if you really want, but very few people are going to register just to vote. Once you've done that you should post it to reddit/runescape. Edit: This header stuff is too big Stuff at the top is the type of stuff that is better to the side. Or make it so the top header thing that says home, help, guides, etc. scrolls down with you. Your main page is brief which is appreciated, but it's too spaced out and means unnecessary scrolling. Also clicking home when not on the home page doesn't show you that it's loading, which is really weird on a slow connection since it makes it seem broken. Otherwise it is excellent overall and I would definitely use this.
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