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  1. Thanks for your reply Q! I didn't even consider a combat potion bind to be honest. I'd like to try it out - even for one life it could be a better idea then a boost pot which may or may not get used during the floor..and that other people tend to have bound. I think i'll stick to maining range with a 2h switch. If they're about the same dps then i'd like to be able to pick off the range weak/neutral enemies since a lot of people use melee or even mage still - I don't notice many rangers. Thanks all =]
  2. Heya guys! Sorry it took me so long to get back to this thread. I actually don't have a hood at the moment. I last dunged before EoC and I had bn/plate/2h at that time. I've been unable to find a hood amongst a hex and about 4 blood necks. I'd play around with using it over bn once I got one to see what I preferred or what worked better. Thanks for that Tui! It's awesome to have a response from someone such as yourself. I totally forgot about the arrow damage - thank you for that. My only real worry is survival to the point of not dying in the middle of a path or something like that - I might be a little more conservative with my prayer and actually loot some food to that end then. So the loadout I have is fine? (or pretty much analogous to a 2h dpsing properly?)
  3. Hey guys =] After reading this thread on xp-waste, I've changed my loadout to Saggy Short/Saggy Body/Bn/Primal 2h, with Desp primary, Sniper secondary, and Berserker on quick switch. However, i've been doing a few dungs lately and i've been told that it's not a great loadout by a longshot, and that I should main 2h with berserker and gatherers, with a sniper quickswitch. I find that I only need to switch rings for certain bosses and high level meleers when solo/duo pathing. If it's one way or there's a few people doing a gd then they usually take the range-resistant things and the room gets cleared very quickly anyway. As Desp is the only ring that increases your damage in dung (Apart from the mage rings, and I hear mage damage is capped in dung) and a quickswitch puts me at both berserker and sniper so I can hybrid when I need to, why is this the case? I'd like to know if there is a better loadout I can be using. I'm not really worried about deaths (Unless trying to survive to run a path or something), if that makes a difference. Also, I heard that a Hex is only 5/6 of the dps of a saggy short (and is also a shieldbow). Would that be a good choice for say, hardmode or dungs that you could end up doing a lot of pathing on? And if it's 5/6 of the dps, why is the damage stat on the hex only ~200 and ~800 on the saggy short? Even accounting for the weapon speed that's still a big difference. (I found and bound a hex the other day, so I don't need to hunt for one.) Thanks for your help everyone =]
  4. Just bringing this back for a second, I brought virt wand/book to try out to see if I could get some decent damage going with rotations, and while so far the only thing i've tested has pretty high defence to magic (Celestial dragons, though I was still getting higher kill rates then people ranging and when I was with torva/drygores there), I think i've got the hang of it. I've got my ability bar set up like so: Conc blast - Wrack - Dragon Breath - Combust - Impact - Asphyx - Wild magic - Sunshine Sunshine whenever i've got an overflow of adren (I suppose i'd start bosses with that), then make my way left to right on the ability bar. (Replacing combust with chain for slaying and impact on stun immunes) An example might be: Conc blast -> Wrack -> DB -> Conc blast -> Wrack -> Combust -> Conc blast -> Asphyxiate -> Conc blast -> Wrack -> DB -> Conc blast -> Wrack -> Wild magic To my mind (And it's pretty late here), something like that should maximize both the usage of conc blast as well as dragon breath while spacing thresholds. Is that what you're talking about, Stev? --- On a random note, without much practise (it's been a while), what kind of kph should I expect doing glacors? Thank you all again for your help =]
  5. Hi Stev, Thanks for your prompt reply. I understand being constrained for time - I'm going to be quite busy myself this weekend! Because of that, are streams on whatever platform you choose saved for later watching? If so, i'll be able to check out you murking some tds after the weekend. Thanks for the tips though =] I'd also like to see (or hear an explanation of) magic being better dps then melee (in regards to virtus over drygores). At zammy, for example, in full virt with wand/book and stalling between kills to sunshine + pot, I get around 15-30 second kills, whereas with drygores and full torva I can manage 15-20 second kills quite consistently. Perhaps zammy is a bad example, although it's the only non-Nex GWD boss i've done lately. I would also imagine drygores to be better at harder bosses due to the accuracy bonus. Not saying you're wrong - if there's a way I can get more DPS for my buck then i'd love to hear how, it's just that I don't understand. Thank you =]
  6. Bumping this thread, A few more opinions and/or answers would be greatly appreciated =]
  7. I have subjugation robes that I use along with my chaotic staff for slayer, but apart from that and arcane stream nothing special. As I said, I can comfortably afford virt and wand/book. Could you please explain why magic is better in general? I'd understand within tiers (Comparing virt wand/book to chaotics or such), but with the extra damage and accuracy, I couldn't see how it's better then drygores. Omitting concentrated blast (on the basis of a nerf or such), would you still say that is the case? I've not done TDs in years, the last time I killed one was probably in 2010 or something. What's their main charm drop, and don't they switch prayers based on damage recieved? Ah, yes, I see what you mean there. What I was actually referring to was claims of say, Slice-> (1.2 seconds) Sever-> (1.2 seconds) Slice. Thank you though =] I've only done one bandos trip in I don't know how many years either. Most of the time I go to Gwd, it's usually zammy/sara or nex. =p So even when they're all on cooldown it's not worth using a damage ultimate? Thank you =] When you mention every 2 abilities - Could you give me an example of a proper rotation including concentrated blast then? 2 abilities would be 3.6 seconds (or 4.2 accounting for some lag), unless i'm missing something.
  8. I thought Magic Weapon damage was tied to the spell and the tier. Ie: Seismics with ice burst: t90 accuracy, t70 damage Seismics with ice blitz: t90 accuracy, t82 damage Seismics with any spell 90+ magic: t90 accuracy, t90 damage Virt wand/book with fire surge: t80 accuracy, t80 damage If that makes sense. If i'm completely wrong then someone pick me apart, since i'd like to know as well =]
  9. Hi guys! Sorry to bug you once more. I didn't really know an appropriate title for the thread, so I decided to stick with that. 1) Concentrated blast Okay, i've been searching the RSOF until my eyes bleed from the posts there but i've yet to find any concrete evidence of a nerf. Is it even confirmed that Jagex is looking into it? Is there some kind of HLF post, Twitter/reddit post, or livestream that they've stated they're going to nerf it on? Or is it just a rumor floating around? I don't really want to put money into a virtus wand/book (Or eventually seismics) to use if it's just going to crash because of this nerf. 2) Virtus wand/book At the moment I main Torva/Drygores on pretty much everything unless I need to switch styles (KK, Polypore dungeon, Nex?). I won't be able to afford seismics as I just banked all of my buyable 99s, so until then my only good mage option is full virtus with wand/book (Which I can somewhat comfortably afford.) Assuming "general" combat (Occasional non-vorago/rot6 bossing trips, slayer, etc), would anyone advise picking up the wand/book combo for use? I usually use a chaotic staff when I *need* to mage. 3) Charms After I finish getting comp cape (However many years that will take me), i'll be looking into finishing my old summoning exp goal of 50m. I'm not sure of the best places to farm charms after EoC, and a lot of people that i've asked have told me to do slayer for charms...Yeah. I would be thinking based on previous posts i've seen that it's either still waterfiends or Glacors, however as Glacors drop a lot of blues i'm not sure i'll be up to dropping 27 gp/exp on Geysers for another 35m exp (My time value isn't quite that high and i'm not sure that it would be practical for long-term training). Any tips on what to camp and what locations and if necessary, small tips to help get the most out of that monster? 4) Ability ticks I've heard that it's possible to get abilities to fire off in 2 ticks instead of 3 using full manual combat. Is that a myth? If not, how could you do that? (If it's not against the rules). 5) Adrenaline management Assuming that your Sunshine/Swiftness/Berserk is on cooldown and so are your thresholds, is it better to use a damage-dealing ultimate or wait until your thresholds are off cooldown? Thank you for all of your advice =]
  10. Hi guys! I tried searching youtube and other sites that might have information for help with these last minute questions, but I couldn't find anything, and nobody i've asked ingame knows. So, I hope you guys don't mind if I bother you with some more questions >.< Over the bonus exp weekend i'll be getting around 2m mining/theiving/woodcutting exp to finish off my 90+ cape, and then i'll be looking at dumping around 15 hours into construction to get 98 (I plan to get 99, or as close as possible, through opening effigies). I'll be using these methods (from my last thread): Mining: Juju potions/urns/familiar at lrc on conc gold Woodcutting: Juju potions/urns/familiar at arctic pines, no split Theiving: PP However, I realized (shock!) that you can use signs of the porter to save time banking/dropping things (And less intensive then low alching, if you can even low alch without interrupting anymore). But that said, my inventory will already have pouchs, super restores, urns, juju flasks, etc... Are signs of the porter therefore worth using for the fastest exp/hr (In tandem with the other things)? If so/not, could someone give me an optimal example inventory? Failing signs of the porter, is it still faster to low alch then drop? Do signs of the porter work with pp artifacts, and is it worth using them (in order to bank them) with a (regular) sceptre to teleport straight to the mummy? These are just some little things i've been unable to find any info that would make the most out of my 72 hour no-sleep fest. Thanks so much in advance! =] --- About mining, I have been advised to do warbands and I can certainly see it is faster exp, however i've been told it's practically suicide without a friends chat...and dealing with those is a huge waste of time. I've been told you have to rock up 20 minutes early and basically sit in one place while waiting for them to do whatever you do. Is there a faster way to do warbands, or can you do them by yourself at all?
  11. bjanko

    QBD help

    Hey guys! Just thought i'd update you with how things are going, because something must still be going wrong. Just speaking from personal experience I very rarely die as a direct result from zerk. Also, zeroing lets you finish the phase in like 10 seconds (zerk+kick+sever+assault) causing you to take far less damage as she has less time for firewalls+souls+firebreath+attacking you. Wouldn't this outweigh the small chance of dying? Also if you're using a yak the food isn't really an issue. --- This is how i'm imagining the use of zerk. I've tried using thresholds on phases without it and it does seem to work pretty well. It depends on how the rng is feeling =p I just finished doing an hour of QBD to test. My drops came to 3.25m mid ge price - one drop was a royal crossbow piece, so it's a little overpriced at the moment, making the gross profit around 3.15m. With the cost of overloads included (And slightly underpriced at 20k/dose) as well as food (around 100 sharks), my supplies came to a cost of 500k, making the net profit per hour about 2.6m - at which i'd be better off doing even frost dragons, and is under half what people have told me that you can get from the QBD. I used a steel titan + scrolls to help speed kills up and gained 15 kills in the hour, which was real time - including banking/looting/whatever. I've followed all the advice in this thread, dodged most of the souls, and the qbd still hits like a truck (doing around 2-3 kills/trip, even with soul split - she frequently hits 1.5k+). Does anyone have any other advice, or am I simply just not getting lucky enough with drops? The only other thing I could think of doing is using a superior scrimshaw of vamp to help with kills as mentioned in the op - it'd cost an extra 200k/hr in potential profit from selling regular scrimshaws, but it'd increase survivability and decrease bank time/adren loss. Any thoughts?
  12. bjanko

    QBD help

    How is it pointless? It seems to help me a lot by avoiding a lot of damage from all the special attacks or speeding up kills by not having to deal with time stops/etc. Is it in order to use thresholds on the first phase for the next kill?
  13. bjanko

    QBD help

    My ability bar is setup as follows: Slice-Punish-Decimate-Sever-Dismember-Slaughter-Destroy-Assault-Flurry (I use the same bar for slaying) -Berserk-Sacrifice-Escape. Usually I can sustain a rotation using the first 4, but I keep dismember for just in case. I use Sacrifice when I can for free healing and Slaughter (despite being unable to move the QBD), because it hits for 100-250%. I use Assault and Destroy when I can, but hesitate for the third phase to save them for berserk on the final phase. I use Turmoil and soul split at all times, and don't turn it off when running to the artefacts. I'm always Overloaded, and bring an Adrenaline flask for use after berserk on each kill. I don't use any auras as at the moment i'm trying to work out a sustainable way to camp the QBD - and the vamp aura would only be usable for 1 out of every 4 hours. (The scrimshaw not so much, hence why I asked.) I would look into using auras to cut down on costs and make trips a little more comfortable after i've become better at the QBD and can get a good method/rhythm/profit per hour going. I think i'm managing okay. I don't see it worth using Berserk on the third phase because the 4th phase is the most dangerous and best to get over as quickly as possible (I could be wrong though). It's just that my profit per hour is nowhere near what people say it is/should be/whatever. How are you at 100% after the kill? Do you gain adren on the worms before activating the final artefact? Do you not zerk the final phase?
  14. Hey guys! I've taken some advice and given killing the QBD a go. I first tried on the beta again after they removed the mandatory ability queuing, and with the ability to actually use thresholds and walk back and forth through the fire waves I actually managed a kill! I gathered up some supplies for about 10 hours of camping QBD to see if I could calculate what kind of gp/hr i'm looking at getting. After factoring in the cost of everything (Food, pots, ovls, etc) I've gathered up around 5.4m of supplies, which should last 10 hours. I'll take more off at the end for the cost of gear repairs. So far i've done 45 minutes and in that time i've done 11 kills and made around 2.3m gross profit, including one crossbow piece. That works out to be a bit over 3m per hour, and over the course of 10 hours factoring in the cost of supplies (without the cost of armor yet, as i'm not sure how quickly it will degrade/whatnot), that will come out to be around 25m total profit, or 2.5m an hour. I've heard people saying it's 4/5/6/10/20/a partyhat per hour, so I must be doing something wrong. The gear i'm using is tetsu helm and legs and torva platebody along with dual drygores. 1) Tormented souls I can't seem to get the timing down for these down. As soon as I get the message and they spawn I move across 2 spaces and still end up getting hit for a big fat 1k. This is a pain in the later stages when I have to eat a few food when this happens because of getting hit for ~2k when the stuff spawns underneath me, despite already having moved. Is there any particular trick to this apart from practice? 2) Scrimshaws So, at the rate I was going through food (The QBD hits like a truck even with 2/3 tetsu and torva on), I was thinking that perhaps it might not be a bad option to start looking at using some scrimshaws. I have access to superior vamp scrimshaws, which would effectively double my soul split healing for around 200k/hr in potential cost (Using 800k for a regular vamp scrimshaw). This would help negate the adren loss of food and make kills a little smoother as well as saving a little money. Is it worth using these when soul split can't really keep up? 3) Final Phase I've been getting slowly better at the final phase and when something prevents me from simply zerking and thresholding the QBD out (A time stop, souls + firewall combo) i'm able to salvage the kill, but it ends up a minute or two slower. In the case that you simply can't just "Wham, bam, thank you ma'am" the final phase, is it worth taking some defensive measures such as debilitate and anticipation to block out 60% damage while gaining adren for a threshold, or simply tanking the firewalls/souls/timestop/whatever and just zerk + thresholding and praying for success? 4) Grotworms/positioning These things are a pain in the rear. Up to the start of the third phase, I usually have about 2-3 on the arena tops. By the end of the kill, there's more then (insert idiom here). Is there special positioning I should be taking for the third and fourth phase to minimize the amount that spawn? I usually stand in the spot one left of the first artefact. 5) Adren stalling I've been told a good way to speed up my kills is by adrenaline stalling between kills. However, at the end of a kill, I end up with around...Maybe 35% adren tops, after zerking and thresholding once/twice. It might help a little bit, but asking around randomly people have said it can up to double your kills per hour. Am I doing it wrong, or understating the effects of it? 6) Torva vs Tetsu Simple question, really. I'm getting hit like a truck anyway - Should I just use torva instead of tetsu? How much would it speed up my kills? (Is it really worth getting torva gloves/boots over bandos gloves/boots? It's only 1 mainhand damage, which is 2 damage on a 100% damage ability.) I think that should just about cover it. I don't use backhand in my rotation as during my beta kills I never saw the qbd take damage from it, so I assume it's not stun immune. If anyone else has any tips or tricks, i'd greatly appreciate it. Thank you very much =] EDIT: In light of the patch notes, i've now added backhand to my rotation for use as a 188% ability. =]
  15. Awesome, thanks so much for the quick feedback! That's exactly what I was looking for =] Regarding C2s - I had heard they were nerfed, is that no longer the case? If so, i'll be looking into doing those. Is the line method of laying traps better then the X method of laying traps? I've heard many conflicting things about that. Apart from that...Thank you so much for helping out guys =]
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