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  1. Thanks for your reply Q! I didn't even consider a combat potion bind to be honest. I'd like to try it out - even for one life it could be a better idea then a boost pot which may or may not get used during the floor..and that other people tend to have bound. I think i'll stick to maining range with a 2h switch. If they're about the same dps then i'd like to be able to pick off the range weak/neutral enemies since a lot of people use melee or even mage still - I don't notice many rangers. Thanks all =]
  2. Heya guys! Sorry it took me so long to get back to this thread. I actually don't have a hood at the moment. I last dunged before EoC and I had bn/plate/2h at that time. I've been unable to find a hood amongst a hex and about 4 blood necks. I'd play around with using it over bn once I got one to see what I preferred or what worked better. Thanks for that Tui! It's awesome to have a response from someone such as yourself. I totally forgot about the arrow damage - thank you for that. My only real worry is survival to the point of not dying in the middle of a path or something like that - I might be a little more conservative with my prayer and actually loot some food to that end then. So the loadout I have is fine? (or pretty much analogous to a 2h dpsing properly?)
  3. Hey guys =] After reading this thread on xp-waste, I've changed my loadout to Saggy Short/Saggy Body/Bn/Primal 2h, with Desp primary, Sniper secondary, and Berserker on quick switch. However, i've been doing a few dungs lately and i've been told that it's not a great loadout by a longshot, and that I should main 2h with berserker and gatherers, with a sniper quickswitch. I find that I only need to switch rings for certain bosses and high level meleers when solo/duo pathing. If it's one way or there's a few people doing a gd then they usually take the range-resistant things and the room gets cleared very quickly anyway. As Desp is the only ring that increases your damage in dung (Apart from the mage rings, and I hear mage damage is capped in dung) and a quickswitch puts me at both berserker and sniper so I can hybrid when I need to, why is this the case? I'd like to know if there is a better loadout I can be using. I'm not really worried about deaths (Unless trying to survive to run a path or something), if that makes a difference. Also, I heard that a Hex is only 5/6 of the dps of a saggy short (and is also a shieldbow). Would that be a good choice for say, hardmode or dungs that you could end up doing a lot of pathing on? And if it's 5/6 of the dps, why is the damage stat on the hex only ~200 and ~800 on the saggy short? Even accounting for the weapon speed that's still a big difference. (I found and bound a hex the other day, so I don't need to hunt for one.) Thanks for your help everyone =]
  4. Just bringing this back for a second, I brought virt wand/book to try out to see if I could get some decent damage going with rotations, and while so far the only thing i've tested has pretty high defence to magic (Celestial dragons, though I was still getting higher kill rates then people ranging and when I was with torva/drygores there), I think i've got the hang of it. I've got my ability bar set up like so: Conc blast - Wrack - Dragon Breath - Combust - Impact - Asphyx - Wild magic - Sunshine Sunshine whenever i've got an overflow of adren (I suppose i'd start bosses with that), then make my way left to right on the ability bar. (Replacing combust with chain for slaying and impact on stun immunes) An example might be: Conc blast -> Wrack -> DB -> Conc blast -> Wrack -> Combust -> Conc blast -> Asphyxiate -> Conc blast -> Wrack -> DB -> Conc blast -> Wrack -> Wild magic To my mind (And it's pretty late here), something like that should maximize both the usage of conc blast as well as dragon breath while spacing thresholds. Is that what you're talking about, Stev? --- On a random note, without much practise (it's been a while), what kind of kph should I expect doing glacors? Thank you all again for your help =]
  5. Hi Stev, Thanks for your prompt reply. I understand being constrained for time - I'm going to be quite busy myself this weekend! Because of that, are streams on whatever platform you choose saved for later watching? If so, i'll be able to check out you murking some tds after the weekend. Thanks for the tips though =] I'd also like to see (or hear an explanation of) magic being better dps then melee (in regards to virtus over drygores). At zammy, for example, in full virt with wand/book and stalling between kills to sunshine + pot, I get around 15-30 second kills, whereas with drygores and full torva I can manage 15-20 second kills quite consistently. Perhaps zammy is a bad example, although it's the only non-Nex GWD boss i've done lately. I would also imagine drygores to be better at harder bosses due to the accuracy bonus. Not saying you're wrong - if there's a way I can get more DPS for my buck then i'd love to hear how, it's just that I don't understand. Thank you =]
  6. Bumping this thread, A few more opinions and/or answers would be greatly appreciated =]
  7. I have subjugation robes that I use along with my chaotic staff for slayer, but apart from that and arcane stream nothing special. As I said, I can comfortably afford virt and wand/book. Could you please explain why magic is better in general? I'd understand within tiers (Comparing virt wand/book to chaotics or such), but with the extra damage and accuracy, I couldn't see how it's better then drygores. Omitting concentrated blast (on the basis of a nerf or such), would you still say that is the case? I've not done TDs in years, the last time I killed one was probably in 2010 or something. What's their main charm drop, and don't they switch prayers based on damage recieved? Ah, yes, I see what you mean there. What I was actually referring to was claims of say, Slice-> (1.2 seconds) Sever-> (1.2 seconds) Slice. Thank you though =] I've only done one bandos trip in I don't know how many years either. Most of the time I go to Gwd, it's usually zammy/sara or nex. =p So even when they're all on cooldown it's not worth using a damage ultimate? Thank you =] When you mention every 2 abilities - Could you give me an example of a proper rotation including concentrated blast then? 2 abilities would be 3.6 seconds (or 4.2 accounting for some lag), unless i'm missing something.
  8. I thought Magic Weapon damage was tied to the spell and the tier. Ie: Seismics with ice burst: t90 accuracy, t70 damage Seismics with ice blitz: t90 accuracy, t82 damage Seismics with any spell 90+ magic: t90 accuracy, t90 damage Virt wand/book with fire surge: t80 accuracy, t80 damage If that makes sense. If i'm completely wrong then someone pick me apart, since i'd like to know as well =]
  9. Hi guys! Sorry to bug you once more. I didn't really know an appropriate title for the thread, so I decided to stick with that. 1) Concentrated blast Okay, i've been searching the RSOF until my eyes bleed from the posts there but i've yet to find any concrete evidence of a nerf. Is it even confirmed that Jagex is looking into it? Is there some kind of HLF post, Twitter/reddit post, or livestream that they've stated they're going to nerf it on? Or is it just a rumor floating around? I don't really want to put money into a virtus wand/book (Or eventually seismics) to use if it's just going to crash because of this nerf. 2) Virtus wand/book At the moment I main Torva/Drygores on pretty much everything unless I need to switch styles (KK, Polypore dungeon, Nex?). I won't be able to afford seismics as I just banked all of my buyable 99s, so until then my only good mage option is full virtus with wand/book (Which I can somewhat comfortably afford.) Assuming "general" combat (Occasional non-vorago/rot6 bossing trips, slayer, etc), would anyone advise picking up the wand/book combo for use? I usually use a chaotic staff when I *need* to mage. 3) Charms After I finish getting comp cape (However many years that will take me), i'll be looking into finishing my old summoning exp goal of 50m. I'm not sure of the best places to farm charms after EoC, and a lot of people that i've asked have told me to do slayer for charms...Yeah. I would be thinking based on previous posts i've seen that it's either still waterfiends or Glacors, however as Glacors drop a lot of blues i'm not sure i'll be up to dropping 27 gp/exp on Geysers for another 35m exp (My time value isn't quite that high and i'm not sure that it would be practical for long-term training). Any tips on what to camp and what locations and if necessary, small tips to help get the most out of that monster? 4) Ability ticks I've heard that it's possible to get abilities to fire off in 2 ticks instead of 3 using full manual combat. Is that a myth? If not, how could you do that? (If it's not against the rules). 5) Adrenaline management Assuming that your Sunshine/Swiftness/Berserk is on cooldown and so are your thresholds, is it better to use a damage-dealing ultimate or wait until your thresholds are off cooldown? Thank you for all of your advice =]
  10. Hi guys! I tried searching youtube and other sites that might have information for help with these last minute questions, but I couldn't find anything, and nobody i've asked ingame knows. So, I hope you guys don't mind if I bother you with some more questions >.< Over the bonus exp weekend i'll be getting around 2m mining/theiving/woodcutting exp to finish off my 90+ cape, and then i'll be looking at dumping around 15 hours into construction to get 98 (I plan to get 99, or as close as possible, through opening effigies). I'll be using these methods (from my last thread): Mining: Juju potions/urns/familiar at lrc on conc gold Woodcutting: Juju potions/urns/familiar at arctic pines, no split Theiving: PP However, I realized (shock!) that you can use signs of the porter to save time banking/dropping things (And less intensive then low alching, if you can even low alch without interrupting anymore). But that said, my inventory will already have pouchs, super restores, urns, juju flasks, etc... Are signs of the porter therefore worth using for the fastest exp/hr (In tandem with the other things)? If so/not, could someone give me an optimal example inventory? Failing signs of the porter, is it still faster to low alch then drop? Do signs of the porter work with pp artifacts, and is it worth using them (in order to bank them) with a (regular) sceptre to teleport straight to the mummy? These are just some little things i've been unable to find any info that would make the most out of my 72 hour no-sleep fest. Thanks so much in advance! =] --- About mining, I have been advised to do warbands and I can certainly see it is faster exp, however i've been told it's practically suicide without a friends chat...and dealing with those is a huge waste of time. I've been told you have to rock up 20 minutes early and basically sit in one place while waiting for them to do whatever you do. Is there a faster way to do warbands, or can you do them by yourself at all?
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    QBD help

    Hey guys! Just thought i'd update you with how things are going, because something must still be going wrong. Just speaking from personal experience I very rarely die as a direct result from zerk. Also, zeroing lets you finish the phase in like 10 seconds (zerk+kick+sever+assault) causing you to take far less damage as she has less time for firewalls+souls+firebreath+attacking you. Wouldn't this outweigh the small chance of dying? Also if you're using a yak the food isn't really an issue. --- This is how i'm imagining the use of zerk. I've tried using thresholds on phases without it and it does seem to work pretty well. It depends on how the rng is feeling =p I just finished doing an hour of QBD to test. My drops came to 3.25m mid ge price - one drop was a royal crossbow piece, so it's a little overpriced at the moment, making the gross profit around 3.15m. With the cost of overloads included (And slightly underpriced at 20k/dose) as well as food (around 100 sharks), my supplies came to a cost of 500k, making the net profit per hour about 2.6m - at which i'd be better off doing even frost dragons, and is under half what people have told me that you can get from the QBD. I used a steel titan + scrolls to help speed kills up and gained 15 kills in the hour, which was real time - including banking/looting/whatever. I've followed all the advice in this thread, dodged most of the souls, and the qbd still hits like a truck (doing around 2-3 kills/trip, even with soul split - she frequently hits 1.5k+). Does anyone have any other advice, or am I simply just not getting lucky enough with drops? The only other thing I could think of doing is using a superior scrimshaw of vamp to help with kills as mentioned in the op - it'd cost an extra 200k/hr in potential profit from selling regular scrimshaws, but it'd increase survivability and decrease bank time/adren loss. Any thoughts?
  12. bjanko

    QBD help

    How is it pointless? It seems to help me a lot by avoiding a lot of damage from all the special attacks or speeding up kills by not having to deal with time stops/etc. Is it in order to use thresholds on the first phase for the next kill?
  13. bjanko

    QBD help

    My ability bar is setup as follows: Slice-Punish-Decimate-Sever-Dismember-Slaughter-Destroy-Assault-Flurry (I use the same bar for slaying) -Berserk-Sacrifice-Escape. Usually I can sustain a rotation using the first 4, but I keep dismember for just in case. I use Sacrifice when I can for free healing and Slaughter (despite being unable to move the QBD), because it hits for 100-250%. I use Assault and Destroy when I can, but hesitate for the third phase to save them for berserk on the final phase. I use Turmoil and soul split at all times, and don't turn it off when running to the artefacts. I'm always Overloaded, and bring an Adrenaline flask for use after berserk on each kill. I don't use any auras as at the moment i'm trying to work out a sustainable way to camp the QBD - and the vamp aura would only be usable for 1 out of every 4 hours. (The scrimshaw not so much, hence why I asked.) I would look into using auras to cut down on costs and make trips a little more comfortable after i've become better at the QBD and can get a good method/rhythm/profit per hour going. I think i'm managing okay. I don't see it worth using Berserk on the third phase because the 4th phase is the most dangerous and best to get over as quickly as possible (I could be wrong though). It's just that my profit per hour is nowhere near what people say it is/should be/whatever. How are you at 100% after the kill? Do you gain adren on the worms before activating the final artefact? Do you not zerk the final phase?
  14. Hey guys! I've taken some advice and given killing the QBD a go. I first tried on the beta again after they removed the mandatory ability queuing, and with the ability to actually use thresholds and walk back and forth through the fire waves I actually managed a kill! I gathered up some supplies for about 10 hours of camping QBD to see if I could calculate what kind of gp/hr i'm looking at getting. After factoring in the cost of everything (Food, pots, ovls, etc) I've gathered up around 5.4m of supplies, which should last 10 hours. I'll take more off at the end for the cost of gear repairs. So far i've done 45 minutes and in that time i've done 11 kills and made around 2.3m gross profit, including one crossbow piece. That works out to be a bit over 3m per hour, and over the course of 10 hours factoring in the cost of supplies (without the cost of armor yet, as i'm not sure how quickly it will degrade/whatnot), that will come out to be around 25m total profit, or 2.5m an hour. I've heard people saying it's 4/5/6/10/20/a partyhat per hour, so I must be doing something wrong. The gear i'm using is tetsu helm and legs and torva platebody along with dual drygores. 1) Tormented souls I can't seem to get the timing down for these down. As soon as I get the message and they spawn I move across 2 spaces and still end up getting hit for a big fat 1k. This is a pain in the later stages when I have to eat a few food when this happens because of getting hit for ~2k when the stuff spawns underneath me, despite already having moved. Is there any particular trick to this apart from practice? 2) Scrimshaws So, at the rate I was going through food (The QBD hits like a truck even with 2/3 tetsu and torva on), I was thinking that perhaps it might not be a bad option to start looking at using some scrimshaws. I have access to superior vamp scrimshaws, which would effectively double my soul split healing for around 200k/hr in potential cost (Using 800k for a regular vamp scrimshaw). This would help negate the adren loss of food and make kills a little smoother as well as saving a little money. Is it worth using these when soul split can't really keep up? 3) Final Phase I've been getting slowly better at the final phase and when something prevents me from simply zerking and thresholding the QBD out (A time stop, souls + firewall combo) i'm able to salvage the kill, but it ends up a minute or two slower. In the case that you simply can't just "Wham, bam, thank you ma'am" the final phase, is it worth taking some defensive measures such as debilitate and anticipation to block out 60% damage while gaining adren for a threshold, or simply tanking the firewalls/souls/timestop/whatever and just zerk + thresholding and praying for success? 4) Grotworms/positioning These things are a pain in the rear. Up to the start of the third phase, I usually have about 2-3 on the arena tops. By the end of the kill, there's more then (insert idiom here). Is there special positioning I should be taking for the third and fourth phase to minimize the amount that spawn? I usually stand in the spot one left of the first artefact. 5) Adren stalling I've been told a good way to speed up my kills is by adrenaline stalling between kills. However, at the end of a kill, I end up with around...Maybe 35% adren tops, after zerking and thresholding once/twice. It might help a little bit, but asking around randomly people have said it can up to double your kills per hour. Am I doing it wrong, or understating the effects of it? 6) Torva vs Tetsu Simple question, really. I'm getting hit like a truck anyway - Should I just use torva instead of tetsu? How much would it speed up my kills? (Is it really worth getting torva gloves/boots over bandos gloves/boots? It's only 1 mainhand damage, which is 2 damage on a 100% damage ability.) I think that should just about cover it. I don't use backhand in my rotation as during my beta kills I never saw the qbd take damage from it, so I assume it's not stun immune. If anyone else has any tips or tricks, i'd greatly appreciate it. Thank you very much =] EDIT: In light of the patch notes, i've now added backhand to my rotation for use as a 188% ability. =]
  15. Awesome, thanks so much for the quick feedback! That's exactly what I was looking for =] Regarding C2s - I had heard they were nerfed, is that no longer the case? If so, i'll be looking into doing those. Is the line method of laying traps better then the X method of laying traps? I've heard many conflicting things about that. Apart from that...Thank you so much for helping out guys =]
  16. Hey guys =] Sorry to bother you all again so soon, but I need some help picking your brains in regards to the upcoming bonus exp weekend. I'm not going to use this weekend on buyables; I value time highly enough that it'd be better to do other skills, and it's probably not a 2x cost saving with the price hike. With that in mind, i'm not really worried about saving every single cent possible; I'd pay 200k to gain an extra 10k mining exp an hour (Although that's technically 20 gp/exp, i'd stretch it over the whole exp gained per hour regardless), for example. Undoubtedly there's been new skilling methods added in since I last played, and i'm probably not aware of most of them. So, without further ado... 1) Is LRC mining with juju potions (I'm aware they've been changed to 10% bonus exp and autosmelting on spirit) and urns still the most efficient way to mine? I'd imagine that using low alch would still be the best way of taking care of the ores? Also, I have three pieces of the golden mining set (I obtained them when I had to semi-afk for long periods of time). I've heard that it's also not worth finishing the rest of the set to 99. Is this true? My mining level is 86, for reference. 2) Is arctic pines + low alch or ape atoll teaks + deposit box w/urns, beaver, juju and adze still the most efficient way to train woodcutting? I'd like to finish woodcutting before I look at 99 firemaking simply because of the autoburn of the adze. I already have the full lumberjack set from temple trekking as I needed 594 for the elite tasks. My woodcutting level is 85. (Note: I didn't mention arctic pines + split because I don't have the apm for that; I tried it a long time ago and decided I couldn't do it.) 3) Is Pyramid Plunder still the best way to train theiving? I absolutely hate thieving and would like to get to 91 for the elite desert tasks so I can ignore it until it's my last 99. I have a tier 1 Five Finger Discount aura, and my thieving level is 85. (Note: I omitted blackjacking for the same reason as arctic pines+split) 4) Are Draconic Jadinkos still the best way to train hunter? I did ask in my previous topic about the big chinchompa and the private hunting grounds but I was told doing those were worse. At a quick test I gained around 160k exp/hr at my level 90 hunter with full juju camo and the arctic bear (Not warding off commons). Is it worth stockpiling zammy vines for zammy favour pots? I do have around 100 banked but I remember they were painfully slow to catch. I don't yet have the enhanced yimminewhatchever stick as I really don't have a clue what the charm sprites thing is about. 5) Is barbarian fishing + low alching still the best way to train fishing? I tried the fish flingers d/d and it seemed to be a little slow, exp wise. I have also been told that rocktails are also decent exp; however i've only really fished them a few times for my daily challenges and didn't pay any attention to the exp rates. I have a tier 1 call of the sea aura. A few extra quick questions related to skills: -I did a few dungeoneering floors on world 77 today and they were around 15 minutes long each. However, for some reason, the loading screens when someone opened a door took much, much longer to load then I remember, rendering me practically catatonic in a barrel room on my path which took the greater part of 5 minutes to do - during which I had to clear it because I couldn't lure mobs as I was jumping all over the place with lag spikes. Is this simply a problem on my end, or was there some kind of update which made dung much laggier? -Which combination of Hood/Plate/Legs/BN should I use as my loadout? I destroyed my hood long ago and so i'd have to hunt for a new one; however with the platebeard not making you essentially immortal along with the lack of accuracy penalty (not that it matters with berserker ring) of the hood, i'm considering adding it back in my loadout to help with puzzles. I did try using a weapon switch, but with the accuracy of the 2h and lack of boss weakness (and apparent nerf, I soloed the bosses on my floors today with only a few food) it doesn't seem worth it to me unless the hex gets a buff. -Does anyone have a resource or numbers they could point me towards regarding divination, such as energies consumed/hr with third option, exp hour with and without? I'd like to know whether it's worth it for me to buy energies to help this skill along. My divination level is 89, if it matters. -Which items produced from divination are actually worth using? -Assuming you can't find people to go KK with on a kalphite task, is it worth doing exiled kalphites and yakking/notepapering/banking the chitin scraps? Thank you all for your help in advance, and good luck with preparations for your double exp weekend =]
  17. Hi everyone! Wow, thank you for all the feedback! I didn't expect so many replies to such a long thread. I'll try to adress everyone's points individually: I'm still saving up money, so I might just stay away from QBD for now then. With full tetsu or torva, how much food should I be eating per kill? Soul split doesn't seem to heal me much there, even with drygores. Thank you for explaining the soul patterns though =] Thank you, that was all the information i needed in regards to ports =] Time to farm scrolls when I can then, thank you very much! I've been using Vigour for my ring. Thanks though, i'll just work on saving up for better gear then =] Thank you for the tips. I don't turn prayer off since it seems to drain really slowly anyway; I've yet to actually get a kill so i'll work on stalling between kills when I can actually kill ;) I've tried to use berserk on the beta but the auto-queueing of abilities seems to interfere with my thresholds somewhat; I'm just trying to work on getting a kill, then i'll work on speeding it up. Awesome, guess i'll go do some frosts then, thank you =] Okay, thanks! I actually really enjoy HH and only started farming big chinchompa because I heard doing grenwells with the reward tickets was more efficient. Guess it's back to jadinkos for me ^_^ Okay, thank you for that. Very useful information; if it gets to 40 minutes i'll probably ragequit though. =D By exp rates, I meant exp rates for actual slayer exp/hour. I plan on doing so! I'm saving my construction supplies for the bonus exp weekend so I won't be opening those ones just yet; But I will as soon as I can. Smoke/shadow take about 45 seconds each. Blood takes ~2-3 siphons if i'm tanking. Ice takes 2-3 prisons, and zaros phase probably lasts like 2-3 minutes at a guess (Some time into a re-overload). So t80 mage will outdamage t90 melee? O_O And yeah, I can understand why. Tanking is hard. =p Thank you. =] Okay. =p I'll ask this again here in case anyone missed it: How much food should I be using per kill? (Is it worth investing in a vamp scrimshaw?) Thank you. I'll dismiss a few of my oxheads and get more single stat crew then. On those notes: i) Cannons are still worth using? I've been told not to use them for slayer/frost dragons anymore. ii) Something I forgot to ask: I have chaotic bows/staff and drygores at the moment. Is it still better to sell drygores for wand/book and use those for most tasks as opposed to drygores? Should I melee most/all tasks with drygores if the alternative is a tier lower? Awesome, sounds like I just need a bit of practice and more dehib hits then. How much food should I be aiming to go through per kill (for starters, I know that mlg 360 noscopers can go through 0 food/kill and solo vorago with grifolic orb) I don't have any accurate statistics or anything, only subjective observations (which is dangerous) because i've not done that many nex kills lately (Let's do more!), but it seems like I get more drops, hit harder and more often - hence why I asked if t80 wand/book was preferred over t90 melee. So you're saying that it would earn the cost back and then some on top of regular gp/hr earned for those bosses? Okay. It seems like I do get hit really hard in it though - how much food per kill should I go through in a bandos set? I assure you that I don't have seismics. =p I'll be saving this for some further referencing next time I tank nex, if that's okay? It's very helpful and detailed, thank you very much! --- Once again, thank you all so much for your help! It seems most of my issues stem from just needing a little bit of practice - I've heard so many people say that QBD, etc are so easy that I thought I should be able to just pick it up and get straight into it.
  18. Hi guys! I had this thread typed out before, but lost all my progress to a crash. So i'll just try and be quick. Apologies in advance for asking so many questions, now and previously. A fair few of these questions are related to bossing, which i've been trying to get into. Some aspects i've been doing well in, and some...well, you'll find out soon. 1) Tanking Nex I've been trying to learn to tank Nex, as i've not done it much. I've been wearing full mage gear with a shield and mainhand range/mage for when she changes phases. Smoke and Shadow go fine, but I get punished badly on blood, ice and zaros - I've gone through a full yak and inventory on one kill once. On those phases I just spam defensive abilities and use the debuff spells, and also do other things such as escape from contain this, blood sacrifice, etc. I've looked up a few guides but they pretty much just say stand there and tank on those phases, and that doesn't do too well (in ganodermic, anyway). Has anyone got some advice apart from that, or a good guide they could point me to? 2) Nex DPSing I've been mainly dpsing at nex with power armor and drygores, and haven't been doing too badly; Blood phase is really easy with berserk and a zerk gets through a fair bit of zaros phase in a duo/trio. However, i've been asked to tank instead of dpsing by a lot of people in virtus/tectonic with cstaff/v book. I can't understand the rationale behind this; Can someone explain why? On that note... 3) Tier 90 armours Are these worth buying for efficient bossing? And to clarify what I mean by that - Would using a set of, say, malevolent or sirenic at a boss earn me more gp then it would cost to buy it on top of normal profit per hour over the armour's lifetime? I've heard a lot of people say "Wow, it makes me hit so much higher" and "This is so much better then xyz", but those are just statements. I would rather save up for a set of nex gear as opposed to one of these degradable gears unless they do make the money back and then some; because I could sell it for buyable skills later. 4) QBD I've been trying to do the QBD. A lot of people have reccomended it to me for profit; I've watched many guides and tried many kills on the beta (Without success). However, I can't seem to get past the third/fourth phase - I tend to get comboed out by a combination of the worms/souls and QBD's attacks, especially if I use berserk. I do walk back and forth through the fire-walls, only getting the one 750 hit, avoid the time stop, run from the super fire breath, and such things - The only thing I have trouble with is the souls on the fourth phase, as they don't spawn in an "x" pattern like i've seen on guides - they seem to spawn around the room. Apart from that, I can't understand how this is such a farmable boss for people. Can someone attempt to shed some light on the subject? I wear drygores, and full bandos apart from a superior tetsu helm. 5) Ports Having recently arrived at the pincers, I'm a little stuck with what to do in ports at the moment. Currently i'm upgrading my ship and crew, but i've heard many things such as -Stay in the pincers if you want trade goods/need scrolls, the new areas are not worth doing -It's not worth using Oxhead and Horseface after nerf over Judges of Dice (I have 4 oxheads and 3 judges at the moment) -It's not worth using merchants on high adversity voyages Can anyone shed some light on these? In addition, I recently installed 2 telescopes in my port in an attempt to gain more scroll voyages (I only have tetsu helm/body and half of the rocktail soup scroll at the moment). How do these work? Do they give a 7% chance to adventurers offering a scroll voyage? Do they give a 7% chance to getting a regular scroll voyage? (I've not seen such a thing before). If regular scroll voyages exist, are they only in the pincers and beyond? And a few minor efficiency things: -What is the best way to use Magic Notepaper? -Is doing Big Chinchompa and then using the private grenwell hunting area more efficient then doing herblore habitat? -I've heard that slayer exp rates are now 100-200k exp/hr, is this with constant use of berserk when it's off cooldown? If so, what % of that exp would you get roughly without using berserk, and with using momentum? (I don't plan on using momentum, but just for comparison's sake) -What dungeoneering floor times should I be aiming for if I was to dung with randoms? I've only done a handful of floors with friends since i've been back and some of those were pretty unremarkable (Dungeoneering aura 4 helps so much when people don't gate.) -Effigies now only drop to a maximum amount of 5, and according to the wiki have had a reduced drop rate from before my break. I've recently finished all of my effigy skills except for 97 construction (I had the supplies prior to the bexp poll announcement, but I figured that i'll be able to get it done then and sell the planks for some profit) and as such have 2 gorged effigies sitting in my bank - Does the drop rate decrease in proportion to the amount of effigies you currently have, even if you have less then 5? (For example, if you have no effigies, the chance is 1/100, if you have 1, it's 1/200, if you have 2, it's 1/300, etc...) Thank you all so much for your help in advance =]
  19. Hi Quyneax! Thank you for the prompt response! I have a few further questions, if you don't mind? I see what you're getting at with the first one. They're generally about the same, but Magic is slightly better due to distance and things like that. Does this still hold true with 2h magic? Is range just...right out? In regards to Concentrated blast, I'm still trying to work out how it's so good. I've seen a lot of people on the RSOF (Mind you, I take posts there with a grain of salt) say that you can't solo nex with 2h magic, but it becomes very easy with dw magic. If concentrated blast is the equivalent of a 150% ability, then that makes it only 25% better then Sonic Wave...And that's just one ability as part of the rotation. I can't say that I understand how dual wielding magic is simply that much because of it - nor can I understand why dw magic gear is so much more expensive then it's staff counterparts. (Is this due to rarity, or is dw magic really that good?). I'm fairly certain that you're right; You've a lot more experience in this area then I do, i'm just trying to understand *why*. Yeah, everything else is either a tier cheaper or a lot more expensive. =p I've brought a drygore mace and i'll work on saving for an offhand shortly. Thank you =] Thank you! Was defence changed significantly after EoC, then? I do remember Ganodermic and Nex gear giving astounding and very noticeable defensive bonuses prior to it. Is it because of the defence that comes from stats? Okay, so just for clarification's sake (I got confused again when talking to Levells earlier) - The boosts from power armour are applied *after* speed normalization when calculating ability damage? For example: When equipping a chaotic staff, I have around 1900 damage. With power armour, that's boosted up to almost 2000 damage, for around 70 damage or so (Just rough numbers, I don't remember accurately). Would the ability damage calculation be (normalized 1900) + 70, or simply normalized 2000? I do recall hearing that dual wielding applies this damage twice, or something similar, making power armor godly with dual wielding. So you can simply omit a primal 2h all together now? O_O I notice that you mentioned a hood in there. The last I heard, hoods were relatively useless (And indeed, once I destroyed mine for primal gauntlets before I found my Blood Necklace, I was quite pleased). Was there a significant change to hoods in EoC or something similar? Wouldn't you simply be de-hooded for most of the higher floors? Thank you for your time =]
  20. Hey guys! =] Thank you for all the continued help that everyone's been giving me. I've started to get my teeth into Runescape again and i've been loving it! Levells said that I should probably ask some different people or post a thread up here to get some of these questions answered, so i'll do that. Apologies if i'm asking too many... 1. DPS between classes. Is everything truly equal now, or is there still a niche meta? I've heard things like dw mage > dw melee > 2h melee > 2h mage > dw range > 2h range for single target dps (Assuming things like Natural Instinct -> Berserk/Sunshine/Death's Swiftness -> Thresholds, just as an example). I've also heard that dw mage > 2h mage > 2h melee > pretty much everything else for AoE, is this about right too? 2. Magic gear. More specifically, dw vs 2h. I'm a big magic fan and i'm saving for some good magic gear that I can come casually in to gwd with some friends occasionally and stuff. I've heard a lot about this dw vs 2h debate for magic - With melee, you have better single target basics/thresholds/ultimates with dw compared to 2h, so that's quite clear, but with magic, the only difference between the two is that one has access to sonic wave and one has access to concentrated blast. I've heard quite a lot about concentrated blast, hearing that it's really overpowered and such. So I decided to test it out (And I imagine you could replicate this if you really wanted to) - Using t60 staff and wand/orb, Air surge and nothing else equipped, I went to one of the training dummies in Lumby. I wasn't really that impressed with it. In terms of damage, Wrack, Chain, Impact, and other basics formed a rotation where I averaged around 1k per ability for the whole rotation. With dual wield, I was able to do a rotation solely consisting of Wrack and Concentrated Blast, where Wrack would do about 1k and Concentrated Blast would do about 3 hits of 7-800. Now, Concentrated Blast hits once every 2 ticks, I believe, so it's probably a little bit better then 2h in that regard...But i've been hearing people saying things like T80 magic > T90 melee, and that T80 dw magic totally runs T80 2h magic into the ground. While i'm not sure about the seismic wand, because that could be due to the difficulty of Vorago (I haven't looked into him at all), i'm still left wondering about the high price of virtus wand + book...Is it because dw magic is that good, or is it just due to rarity and demand? I'm aware that Concentrated Blast gives each successive hit 5% more chance to crit, but it shouldn't make *that* much difference...Especially since you build up adrenaline slower with wrack -> Concentrated Blast as opposed to a more varied basic rotation, meaning you get your thresholds out slower...And if you're not abusing Concentrated Blast, then you're not taking advantage of the dual wielding benefits over 2h. Am I missing something here? Please point out what's wrong in my train of thought if this is the case =[ 3. Drygores. Yes, i'm still procrastinating over this, because i'll have to make a bit of money before I can buy these (and i've been doing a lot of divination amongst other things, so...I'm justified in my mind >_<) Is the increased damage over chaotics worth the price tag for general use? (Slayer, GWD, potentially the Kalphite King?) How much more accurate are drygores actually in practise? I believe you get 1212 accuracy from 99 attack, so you have 3670 accuracy with a drygore and 3136 with a chaotic. That's about 17% more accurate, but that doesn't really tell me anything without any knowledge about how the accuracy formula works now =s (And considering both most of the time I tend to hit on monsters that i've been to with chaotics as it is, and even corp with zammy spear tends to take a lot of hits now...) Accuracy seems to be the most cited reason for me to get a drygore amongst people i've met ingame, but is this simply a misnomer, and the real reason I should be purchasing drygores is because of the increased damage? (Still quite expensive @[email protected]) 4. Accuracy. I think that it's only affected now by Top, Bottom, and shield slots, and it's a 5% penalty per slot. Does this mean that you can still use ganodermic at corp, for example? Is there any places where it's worth taking the accuracy penalty to wear gear of a different style to stay alive (I'm thinking maybe...with drygores? X D) 5. Weapon speeds. I've heard a couple of things about ability damage - firstly, that damage is normalized between weapon speeds (So a Fastest speed weapon will have an ability max the same as an average speed weapon, as long as they share the same tier) and secondly, that when dual wielding, the best combination is a fastest mainhand with a fast offhand (Or in the case of drygores, mh mace + oh rapier). Are both of these true? If so, why is the offhand rapier better? I've heard that damage from power armour applies statically to weapon damage (Meaning that the boost takes place before the normalization), so wouldn't a fastest offhand be better? 6. Quick and easy question: With and without pop armour, what's better at solo zammy? Blood barrage, Dual Drygores, or Drygore + shield? 7. Dungeoneering. I found out that my beloved blood necklace now gives a meagre 5% crit to all styles now instead of the godly bonuses it used to give, and Quyneax told me in a previous topic that the Hexhunter is now a shieldbow and has less dps then a saggy shortbow, crippling my motivation for 99 slayer to hunt for a hexhunter...So i'm curious as to what suggested binds are now. I was thinking perhaps a 2h weapon with plate/legs for pathing (Plate used to give enough defence to path for suiciding, but with lp being tied to armour I thought that maybe you'd run out of hp before you ran out of prayer making the legs a more worthwhile bind..), Along with the blood necklace for the passive effect (Or perhaps a saggy shortbow for Guardian Doors, I've literally only done one or two dungeons since i've come back and they were easy ones for some of the dungeoneering tasks so everything died anyway =s), and perhaps keeping a set of range/mage gear in your backup loadouts to switch to in case you get an annoying boss. Has there been any change to dungeoneering strategy since about 2 years ago? If any of the much-vaunted floorgazers could help me out, (If they're still to be found here) it'd be much appreciated =] Thank you all in advance!
  21. Hello all =] Just a quick few questions. These are all relative to pre-evolution of combat, as a reference point. 1. How good/necessary are overloads/extremes now? For example, overloads before EoC were a *lot* better then super potions, probably giving around 25-30% damage more then without pots (Don't quote me on that, that's just estimating). Is it worth slaying with extremes/overloads? How much of a boost does it give over nothing now? 2) How good/necessary is turmoil (and the equivalents) now? Again for example, turmoil used to be 29/32/29 to piety's 20/23/25 (or something close to that). Is it worth slaying with turmoil still? How much of a boost does it give now? 3) How much bonus damage do criticals do? I've heard they do 50%, i've heard 5%, and 10%. Are any of these correct? Is it worth aiming for critical in certain situations (such as paying for fury over glory and things like that) 4) Nex armors are now power armour, not the amazing tank gears they used to be pre-eoc. Essentially, this means they are little better then barrows and give the same HP boost. Are they then really worth the price tag, worth using at bosses over Player owned ports armor, and do they really give 10% damage boost after bonuses? 5) I used to slay and boss with my steel titan a lot. I've heard rumours of both a combat familiar buff and nerf. How are combat familiars now, and are they worth using at all? 6) Is this true, and if so, which tiers correspond to which spells? (For example, is it better to use Blood Burst then Blood Barrage at Zammy Gwd with a chaotic staff?) 7) Is there still a "metagame" best combat style to use, even after the rebalance? If so, what is it? (I've been told that T8 mage is better then T9 melee, so I don't want to get a drygore if I can just get save for Virtus wand + book instead or something, or even use my chaotic staff). I already have any skills in question here (herblore, summoning, prayer), I just don't want to spend unnecessary money. Thank you all for your continued help and support. =]
  22. They've been shoving RWT stuff down our throat consistently since SoF came out and constantly since Solomon's. It's been over a year of this now so I'm not sure why this was the breaking point for you. You can always just not buy the stuff they're putting out there. This. I don't understand why people are so negative about this. If you don't like it, you don't have to buy it. The game is far from Pay to win and a *lot* less money involved then other games. Things change with time and it's hard to accept, but the fact is that Jagex is a company owned by shareholders and they have to do what's best to please them. These updates arn't going to ruin your game experience unless you let them; You can still aim to be the very best player you can be. Play by your rules. I don't compare myself to the people that buy copious amounts of bonds for money, or spins for exp lamps. It's difficult, and I struggle with it at times, but it shouldn't be such a big deal. At the end of the day it's just a game, and there's far greater injustices in the world then people paying a lot of money to "get ahead". Personally, I might or might not get it, depending on what happens in life. =]
  23. I tried doing that with melee and i'm not sure if it was lag or just inexperience but I ended up getting comboed a lot and dying. I can't seem to get the hang of it, so I might just camp a few frost dragons until I get some better gear and avoid the QBD for now, since I don't seem to be any good at it. ^^;
  24. Thanks for the response! Wow, that's kinda...lame. Was there some kind of abusable bug or something that caused blood spells to chew through her or something, so they nerfed them? o.O Okay, thank you! So *don't* use soul split then? Bandos isn't particurally weak to magic, just that momentum blood barrage with soul split and a vamp aura allow you to heal more than he hits for the most part. His weakness is "none", so any style is equally effective, it is just some people prefer to afk more than others! Thank you! =] I did try out the QBD last night with Royal Dhide and dual chaotic crossbows, and I couldn't get past the fourth phase. It's not that I couldn't stop the time stop attacks or that the souls koed me, I just ran out of food. I went through a yak and most of an inventory full of food per attempt and no matter what, I just didn't have enough supplies. Should I try using a shield instead? I was using Soul Split and Anguish the whole time, as well as overloads. I tried using a steel titan to kill her faster, but I had to tab out on the third phase just because I ran out of food even quicker. I tried using a unicorn to save the adrenaline loss from food and tried to rely more on soul split, but I just died due to lack of healing that time. :p I'm not sure what i'm doing wrong. =[
  25. Woohoo! More events. I'm not sure if I want to participate in this, though. It's not that i'm big on the whole "expwaste" thing, I just think i'll have more fun training skills. =p Awesome! If this has an exp cap, i'll use it on Divination. Otherwise, i'll probably use it on Agility. I would use it on a Buyable skill, but I have no money, and I dare say that prices are going to shoot up during the duration of it. Unless people think otherwise? I can't say i'm too keen on new rare items. I thought Jagex was against adding new discontinued items into the game? At any rate, I don't think that I have the money or trading skills to profit from this, so i'll just save my money and time instead =] Wow! Unfortunatly I missed the first event, and will therefore have to camp Sara monsters for my Warpriest armor, but i'm very excited to be taking part in the next event. I don't support either side; My character is a supporter of Zaros who believes that only the Empty Lord is worthy to rule over Gielinor. To that end, I would have sided against Zamorak in the Battle of Lumbridge, both to take revenge for my Master and to ensure that Zamorak does not wield the power to further his means. Likewise, In this upcoming battle, I will be siding with Armadyl - Bandos is probably the greater of the two threats to my Master, being a capable god of war and one that once wielded more power then Armadyl. Nipping this threat in the bud will certainly play into our hands. From a real world point of view, I just don't like the character of Bandos. It's not something that most people can empathize with - being mostly "RAWR RAWR CRUSH DESTROY". Armadyl on the other hand, has more depth - Armadyl is the god of Justice, but is commonly overshadowed by Saradomin. Armadyl seeks peace but is always forced into battle; Armadyl has cried over the loss of some of his followers, etc. So, i'll be siding with Armadyl. I hope he wins! I don't know how the last event worked, but Construction and Divination are my lowest skills - I could use some experience in them. While I am not a fan of PvP, i'm also excited for new abilities. Overall, I think this is what i'm looking forward the most to this month =] I am interested in the lore and i'd like to see the new mechanics for these monsters, but overall I think the best way to kill these will probably be with the tier 90+ gear that I can't afford, haha. I like that they are added to Kuradel's Dungeon - Great for lazy slayers, like me. Apart from not knowing what Legendary pets are, this doesn't really affect or interest me. The only cosmetic items in Solomon's store that interest me are ones relating to Zaros. This looks awesome! Because I left a while ago, I missed out on Auras and Loyalty points and things like that...Now, I can actually afford to pay for a large, up-front membership package, and the benefits seem to be great. I'm not sure I like the concept of VIP worlds - Isn't that already what Members worlds are? If anything, i'd like to see a greater concentration of players, not a lesser one...Seems like pointless promoting of elitism. However, extra free spins and Loyalty points are great. I might finally be able to finish off my Greenfingers aura, or even have enough left over to buy a cosmetic Gaze aura. =] Ah, the gloves are going to degrade to dust? That's no good then =[ I don't think that trimming is reachable for everyone. I'd be lucky if I even maxed in a few years, let alone getting a completionist cape! Doesn't even have to be asked, everyone will pick Armadyl. I hope they do! =] Is this just for general use, such as slayer, or for everywhere? I like the way you think!
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