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  1. Thanks guys- very useful. Should I use a granite lobster with barb fishing? I imagine that there will be no foraging, but the level boost can't hurt I guess. And will my Supreme Call of the Sea aura have an effect? Jasquith
  2. Hi guys, quick question: What's the most efficient fishing XP method available? I am currently L76 and I am ignoring profit, this is purely for XP. Obviously I will continue to do FF, but am I right in assuming I should be doing barb fishing? Or is C2 dungeoneering faster? Jasquith
  3. Thank you for your replies. I can see that this will require a considerable amount of learning on my part!
  4. Hi guys, Not sure if this is the right place to ask this, but it does say ALL questions in here, so here goes! I'm looking to do some research into how the fluctuations in market prices of some items affects others, especially items which are commonly used in multiple skills. In order to do this, I need to build a database of items, prices, processes, etc. That means I need to be able to get up to date market price information on hundreds (or thousands if the research is to be regarded as significant) of items pretty much instantly. So- my question is as follows: Tip.it displays up to date market information, presumably scraped from the grand exchange section of the RS website and lists the time and date of the "last snapshot". Could someone please either explain to me how this is achieved, or point me in the direction of this information online so that I can educate myself? I have spent quite some time trying to find this out, but as I don't even know what this process is called, it makes it different to search for! Ideally I would like to import data to Excel, but building a specific html document for this task shouldn't be a problem either. I would be grateful for any guidance I could get! Thanks, Jasquith
  5. Hi Sy, Thanks for your response. I hadn't seen that in the basics section- must've scanned over it! I'd definitely support the reiteration in the xp table section, along with the scale of "4 tricks lower" as you suggested. Any one else have any thoughts? Jasquith
  6. Hi All, The following page on the website: http://www.tip.it/ru...s.htm#xprewards states that, put simply, the higher the level of a trick in the circus, the more xp it yields. I have found this not to be the case. So, I had a look at some of the numbers and it appears that when performing at a level you do not yet have, you get a reduced rate of xp. For example, I have lvl. 77 magic, and performing lvl. 99, 90 and 80 tricks all yield a flat rate of 2,059 xp (as opposed to 3,530, 3,525 and 3088, respectively). The same is true for ranged (I have lvl. 69; lvl. 99, 90, 80 and 70 tricks ALL yield 1,455 xp) and agility (I have lvl. 72; lvl. 99, 90 and 80 ALL yield 830 xp). I have noticed that on the site, it says (with reference to xp): "The total may differ if a player fails one or more actions, or barely succeeds in his or her performances." I have to admit, I wasn't watching whether I barely succeeded or completely succeeded, but I find it unlikely that I would have barely succeeded with every one of my attempts for which I do not have the correct level whilst also completely succeeding with all others. The site also states that: "You CAN and SHOULD attempt acts that are above your skill range, because succeeding at them improves your score." While the claim of an improved score may well still be true (I don't pay attention to score, I'm more interested in xp), This statement is only valid if it is only the score which a player is interested in. I feel that the site should be updated to reflect this flat rate of xp for the upper level performance skills. Usually I attach pictures as proof of a correction, but in this case it is impractical to do so. Can anyone corroborate what I have found? I have only investigated it in this depth once, so it is harldy thoroug and any input from anyone else who has observed this would be a big help. Thanks, Jasquith
  7. Hi All, In the farming guide allotment section, it states: "Burthorpe (1 Allotment patch Only)", when it should actually read "Burthorpe (1 Potato patch Only). It seems minor, but there is a comparable Wilderness limpwurt-only patch also listed, so this should be updated to be consistent. I have uploaded a jpg to show that this definitely is a potato only patch (check out the chat box): http://img835.images...669/potatoc.jpg Hope this helps! Any credit can be given to Jasquith Cheers [Crew Edit: This has been changed and you have been credited :) ~Oct]
  8. Hey all, I'm looking to raise my construction level during the BXP weekend as I'm only currently only lvl. 56. I'm interested in anyone's suggested routines or strategies for maxing the amount of XP I can get my hands on. I'm tentatively going to say that money isn't a huge problem but with construction, I don't think that can ever really be said! So some rough estimates of cost vs. xp would be useful if possible. The point being that the focus is on high rates of XP per hour. I don't currently have a butler and my house is in Yanille. I'm all ears...
  9. Hi all, just some food for thought. Oh and apologies in advance if this idea has already been suggested, I've been out of the fourm loop for a while! Anyway, the thought is along the lines of having an ability to send abuse reports that specifically concern bots. I know that in theory, we can already do this, but abuse reports really just tend to concern what people say, not what they do. The idea is basically that we, the playing community (e.g. not the disgusting bots!) could highlight certain players for jagex to monitor and ban if appropriate. Rather than being a general detection filter, it would be a specified approach and I'm sure that nearly every single member of the community would be more than happy to help by reporting suspected bots! Now I know that this could lead to innocent people being accused out of childish spite or whatever, so persistent abusers of the system would have to have the 'privelige of reporting bots' taken away from them. I have no idea how technically feasible this system would be, anyone who knows more about it could possibly fill in the gaps, but it would ideally work alongside the existing abuse reports. The thought just occured to me that, while training away and you see the same old patterns from people who never say a word etc etc (we've all been there I'm sure), you could basically just send jagex a message saying, "Hey Jagex! Look over here! Blatant abuse by "totalnoob44"- sort it out!" Or whatever their name is. Incidentally, there probably is someone with that name, so my fullest apologies- I just plucked it out of thin air! So- any thoughts? PS- I'm keen for this thread NOT to digress on to whether or not Jagex would WANT to use this system to ban bots, nor whether they are or are not only interested in money etc. etc. There are plenty of those threads already in existence! Jasquith
  10. Sure, I'm pretty sure these are all the ones available. If I have missed anything, apologies. Theives' Guild Hanky Points, number of points available to claim. Manage They Kingdom, approval rating and coins in coffers. Circus, which of the Ranged, Magic and Agility sections have been completed. Bork. Skeletal Horror. Phoenix. Tears of Guthix. Thanks very much Will, Jasquith
  11. Hey all- hope this is in the right place. Apologies if not. Is there already (or can we cobble together) a comprehensive list of which distractions and diversions are highlighted through the runescape toolbar? I have Miscellania, Tears of Guthix and the Phoenix popping up on mine, but I know for a fact that there are more. Does anyone know what the prerequisites are for each? Is it just the completion of quests etc.? Thanks Jasquith
  12. Hi, I've been doing achievement diaries recently and I have found that the information on Varrock armour 2 is incomplete. It should read something along the lines of "chance of smelting two bars at once when smelting ores up to (and including) mithril at the furnace in Edgeville" in the same vein as steel for varrock armour 1. This is not only said by Reldo at the library, but I have tested it and I have some evidence in jpg form. I'm not sure how to attach it as the image attachment only offers a URL. Some guidance on this would be appreciated! Any credit can be assigned to Jasquith. Hope this helps out, Jasquith
  13. Hey all, first off I just want to say the this is not intended as a rant about dungeoneering, just a few questions! This may have been already pointed out long ago or I may just be misunderstanding the rewards system, but are there actually "hidden" level requirements for some if not all of the dungeoneering rewards? For example: A bonecrusher, accessible at level 21 dungeoneering (& 21 prayer) costs 110k tokens. But because the number of tokens you have equates to the experience gained, the lowest possible dungeoneering experience that you can have when buying this item is 1.1M, which would put you at a minimum of level 74, according to the tip.it xp table. Similarly, a gem bag, accessible at level 25 (& 25 crafting), actually requires a minimum of level 52 in terms of its cost in tokens/xp, and a coal bag is only attainable at level 56 (minimum), rather than the level 35 (& 35 mining) advertised. As I have stated earlier, I may have just not understood how it all works, please do correct me if that is the case, however why would jagex do that in the first place? Is there a "token multiplier" of some sort, for instance? Personally, I feel that this makes the majority of the rewards unreachable to most players. On a separate note, I don't know if it's a bug or not, but the items dropped while dungeoneering don't disappear after a while, unlike in Gielinor. This includes items picked up, moved and re-dropped, for example, in the starting room. Is this meant to be the case? It's particularly useful for building up a stockpile next to the smuggler. Thanks for any constructive comments, Jasquith
  14. Hi there, I have a couple of things that sould be added to the Beacon Network guide, specifically for the Edgeville (lvl.62) beacon: Firstly, under "other requirements for guard", it should state that all 4 floors of the Stronghold of Security need to be completed in order to use Gjalp the guard. Secondly, this beacon is currently listed as being in the "low wildy".This is incorrect as it is in Edgeville itself, on the south side of the wilderness ditch. I have an image showing the "Gjalp will not help you until you have mastered all four floors of the Strognhold of Security" message if you would like to see it, but you will have to let me know how to send that to you as the insert image tool appears to be limited to URLs. Credit can be attributed to "Jasquith", hope this helps!
  15. I'm sure this has been asked a million times before, but can't find much through the seach function... What would your ideal complete magic setup be if money were no object? To clarify, I mean in terms of power, not what necessarily looks good.
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