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  1. Ok, would ice blitz work while vecna is on cool down? I don't really have 10mil to get 94 magic atm (Monkeys).
  2. The boost is only +6 while the CD is 7 mins, so they'd only get 1 min of casting :unsure: What would I cast that needs 96 magic? I thought I was using ice/blood barrage which are 92 and 94? So I'll wear what Quyneax said except I'll wear ardy 3 till I get around to sw cape. Once I'm there I just kill supreme then prime then lure and kill rex right? Would tribrid killing all 3 be efficent without yak, ss and overloads?
  3. So I went to barrows and made a bit of money, then they released the polypore dungeon. People have said that the staff works well on rex, I want to try and solo him but I'm not sure how. For healing I can use; Bunyip Guthans Blood spells Poison purge (lasts 10 mins) Which of these will I need? For gear I'm thinking something like this; Helm: Neitz/Guthans/Ahrims hood/Veracs/Slayer helm (on task) Amulet: Arcane Stream Cape: Ardy 3 Ammo: Ruby/diamond/runite/addy/broad Body: Guthans/Veracs/ahrims/grifo poncho Weapon: Poly/Whip/Rune Xbow Gloves: Barrows Shield: Crystal/obby Ring: Seers/Rol Legs: Grifo legs/Guthans/Veracs Boots: Infinity What should I use/improve I have most of these and 5 mil or so cash. Once I'm there what do I do? I've seen people go down kill supreme then prime then lure rex, is this the best method? I've also seen people use a cannon? will this work or is that only for the stand in the middle and tank like a boss method? What sort of inventory should I bring? I really have no idea. I'm nowhere near uni/overloads/soul split so none of those are an option. I also have 70 pray banked so if that would be useful I can get that.
  4. Oh well it seem s they don't, anyway thanks for the help.
  5. It's just videos and music etc, I've restored it back to 2007 but I want to update the driver without messing up the whole computer again, is there another way to install drivers?
  6. Then it said it had finished and told me to restart the computer which I did. It shutdown ok then said windows jad it shutdown properly and to use system repair which in turn told me to use system restore. That finished and told me to restart then it which i did except it told me to launch startup repair again which failed but gave me the option to restore from an earlier point in time which also failed. Wat do? This was done on my smartphone which i'm bad at using btw
  7. I have an acer aspire 5102AWLMi laptop it has; AMD Turion 64 mobile technology MK-38 (2.2 GHz, 512KB L2 cache) Up to 256MB ATI Radeon Xpress 1100 HyperMemory 80GB HDD. Actually its two 33GB partitions DVD drive read and write Came with 1GB of ddr2 ram I upgraded to 4GB It is running windows vista basic 32bit seevice pack 0 I don't know what's important so I put everything, I have the factory reset and a snapshot from 2007 backed up on dvds. It had like 300MB left on the C: (windows) drive so I reset to the 2007 snapshot. That was all fine and dandy until I told windows to look for updates to the graphics driver. First it had a dialog saying it was searching for updates
  8. I just need to do a few more quests for ardy cape 3, then Bod I'll use same as my setup in the op except with veracs top and bottom and ardy cape. Does that sound right?
  9. Ok, I have a vecna skull and all the stuff for ardy cape 3 except 65 theiving should I get that? I'll use a row switch as well.
  10. I need some money, I hear that barrows is reasonable money but I don't know how best to do it. I haven't done The branches of darkmeyer yet but I've got the levels so assume I've done it. I'm thinking something like neitiz helm, ahrims top, mage arena cape, mystic bottom, barrows gloves, infinity boots, sol, arcane stream, seers ring and unholy book using ice blitz. I'd use a whip on karil and msb with rune arrows on ahrim. What can I improve, what inventory, what things could I improve with more money?
  11. also spam click on fruit trees to pick the fruit, it's much faster.
  12. I'm not entirely sure but I think equilibrium gives the biggest increase in raw dps for low levels (slayer) because of overkill reduction. I think the others have more niche uses. But I'd wait for Quyneax to tell you all the ins and outs before buying anything.
  13. At your level snapdragons will make you about 35k per patch. At level 85 you can farm torstols which are about 50k per patch. Also if you don't have a scroll of life, get one.
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