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  1. Hey guys, I'm back to Runescape after an over 1 year hiatus. I'm attempting to finish the death of Chivalry quest. I am currently stuck at the final boss fight against Dawn. This is really frustrating considering I did Black Knights Fortress like a decade ago, and I'm stuck on it now My combat stats are: Attack: 70 Strength: 70 Defense: 71 Constitution: 71 Magic: 69 Ranged: 70 Prayer 53 She starts with like 20000 health. My first attempt I had full Torags with an abyssal whip and an inventory of sharks, I could only get her to 9000hp Today I tried to kill her wearing full black dragon hide, archer helmet and a rune crossbow with mithirl emerald bolts (enchanted) only get her to like 8000 health. I had Tuna-potatoes for food that time. My strategy involved me trying to dodge her special attacks and constantly praying to offset her damage of the damage of her minions which were actually super challenging. Q1. Am I doing something wrong? Is there a trick or strategy to beating her? I've heard people say when they beat her at level 30 she was easy. I don't have that option Q2. Is there a trick to food now, whether or not it optimizes healing you or something? Is it not just the best food heals the most? Q3 What should I take to beat her? I can afford any viable builds that are <2mil, I can sell the equipment back later anyway
  2. I did cannons with sacred clay ranger gear (parts) and I ended up training at rock crabs, and/or yaks
  3. I agree completely :) anyway I just thought these might be a couple good ideas, because I cant think of a way to actually break bots
  4. I would like to apologize right off the bat because this suggestion will not appeal to pure skillers. I know this wouldnt stop the bots spamming the mining, crafting and fishing guilds, but I think these would be some nice preventative measure. 1. Raise the requirement of certain guilds like the Crafting guild from 40 to 55. Level 40 is simply too easy to acquire 2. Have the guilds stipulate you must have played the game for a certain period of time (days/months idk) before you would be granted access 3. Guilds require quests or 'initiation' mini quests before you are allowed to enter 4. All guilds require a certain combat level (in addition to their standard requirements) 5. All guilds require a certain skill total (in addition to their standard requirements) 6. Upon acceptance you must pay a ONE TIME entrance fee (for new members) I know ideas 2, 4, and 5 seem rather harsh or inapplicable so I'll give an example that I think would be acceptable. This is an example entrance requirement to access the Crafting Guild (we'll say f2p) -You must have 55 Crafting -You must complete the 'Artisans masterpiece' quest -You must have a skill total greater than 300 -You must pay a 50K entrance fee Ultimately I'd like to hear your opinions and ideas :)
  5. It seems like a good idea, but unfortunatly I think it'd be Exchange overkill... just unnecessary :) sorry no support :)
  6. Something handy I noticed today is that when you collect resources from Grimm, it shows your popularity above the resources (to be sent to your bank)
  7. My Question has been answered, please close post
  8. thanks, i figured as much :)
  9. for the double xp weekend, will morphic tools then contribute 2x + 2x (for the double xp weekend? or will the morphic tool thing be disabled so no matter what you only recieve the hours rate?
  10. I am currently trying to train my woodcut level from 66 to 70. according to the calculators that is going to take me: 1800 Maple logs (with the seers headset bonus) at seers village or 3000 willow logs (outside Draynor) I unfortunatly have no lumberjack equipment or anyother modifying stuff. which method will be faster? (physically and mentally) I'm asking because maples are almost double the xp per trip, but they tend to take much longer. Where willow trips are relatively quick, and i seem to get more nests because im cutting more. money isn't really an issue in this since im just looking to nicely level the stat out. but I would like to hear your ideas! Thanks!
  11. If I save my Squik juice (in the beer glasses) until the double xp weekend. do you get double xp for those juices?
  12. I get what you're saying, but I think thats nostalgia speaking... more then reason. I like the GE, I would just prefer to see it made more accessible (across the whole game)
  13. This is a simple but awesome idea! I support 100% until I get that damn 10k willow task LOL
  14. I didn't realize bots could do complex things like quests :blink: excuse me for being ignorant :smile: anyway just an idea I thought might work :)
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