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  1. From a fellow Tip.It'er, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! If you would like some extra fun, don't forget to drop in on the Forum Games! ^_^

  2. Until word gets out that this is decent on PC (the only way I can play games), I won't buy it. I made a horrible mistake with the first Black Ops.
  3. Having never played the original, I decided to get this. It's pretty fun, but I have no idea what I'm doing half the time; I ought to get around to watching the tutorial or something. I am, unfortunately, having frame rate issues. My framerate is acceptable (30ish, 25 when turning). I do not notice any difference when I switch all the settings to low, however. Can anyone help with this? [spoiler=My PC] Core 2 Quad Q8300 2.5GHz 4GB RAM GTX 550 Ti 1GB I know it's pretty outdated (the CPU), but it can run medium settings.
  4. This is old; Jiblix has been demodded for over a year now. Also they did eventually get rid of the bots in the video, but they surged back (hence another wipe in the near future).
  5. At this point, any comments on RWT are just going to be counted as damage control by the general populace (and too little, too late, I might add). The other stuff: Jagex Account Guardian - Looks useful if it doesn't involve an insane number of procedures to activate. HTML5: If it improves performance, then I'm all for it. Future Tech: Don't own any of the devices mentioned, so I suppose I can't comment. It does look interesting, though. New nuke: Business as usual, but doesn't it seem really silly for them to announce "OH WE'RE GONNA BREAK YOUR BOTS" every time they decide on doing so?
  6. The only ones I didn't like were armour after steel and the DFS.
  7. "got so bad" doesn't seem very neutral a term to me. I wouldn't cite forums, for the reason that I could make a random account, post fraudulent information then publish it. Besides, they have never stated (as obvious as it is to us) that their business model is as such.
  8. I used to play Conquer for a bit back in 2007. I can't remember why I quit though.
  9. Combat update might be one of the few things left to keep me in the game. I want to get used to the new combat style.
  10. I've not played BF 3 (played BFBC2 though), so I can't comment. I play CoD once in a while. Games are approximately 10 minutes (usually less), Battlefield games are much longer. It's real easy to join a game and get a couple of kills, although the game has a wide spectrum of flaws. So basically CoD is like the fast-food of video games - it's quick and easy, but hard to enjoy.
  11. Those are some pretty odd rewards. I can see the vast majority of players picking the insta kill dart or the instant revive. There are already pack yaks and food already heals so much.
  12. Bought GTA IV and Civ 5. Didn't get Skyrim, which was upsetting.
  13. This is hilarious. Jagex is probably the only company that would try to do something like this.
  14. I think it would be nice to have the ability to check display name changes from the forum post, may"e a link next to the username, or add a separate button underneath the view content when you hover your cursor over it. I believe it was also possible to view the changes without opening the profile page in the previous version (although I don't have the best memory so I could be wrong).
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