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  1. Okay, so in case anyone cares, I can confirm that it is possible to get two randoms in the same server day. I just finished the barmaid event (you can see that in my chat) when i checked a mission and immediately got the black marketeer event. You can see the random event icon on the minimap. I didn't do a random yesterday. So it still works out to be one random per day, but this is confirmation that you can have two in one day.
  2. Something to consider: Druidic ritual is now a f2p quest and it gives herblore exp. Therefore if you decide that having level 5 herblore doesn't make you a pure f2per anymore, then you can't complete all the f2p quests. In my opinion, f2p pures are dead anyway. Jagex has done a pretty good job with killing them off.
  3. I'm trying to max port score now. I know someone touched on it a few days ago but I'm hoping someone can summarize for me what buildings I have to build and which I can skip.
  4. It still should be there if you didn't send her on her way! Okay. Regardless, Meg is still not there.
  5. Okay so I checked for Meg about 3 times. I didn't see her and now it's too late. Weird.
  6. Speaking of Meg, I haven't seen her today. Did I mess something up last week, am I just not seeing her for some reason or is this a glitch?
  7. Ugh, icon mechanics. If I get a whaler icon, that will reduce my chances of getting another adventurer right? So if I got 5 different icons I basically have achieved nothing other than making one adventurer rarer? Some of these building upgrades seem really poorly thought out.
  8. So... I'm at the point where I have all the steel ship upgrades and a bit of spare cherrywood and jade. Most of the steel building upgrades are useless since they give bonuses to one stat in favour of another. Since there is no steel seafaring hull or mast, moving on from the seafaring shipwright seems counterproductive. What's the optimal end game setup for the totems? I assume it would be the jade statues (gives more trade resources) but it seems like rounding issues might make them totally pointless. Alternatively I suppose I could get the telescope (increases chance of scroll missions) but that's also suboptimal since I would have to replace them eventually when I get all the scrolls.
  9. I don't mind discussing this. Not much else to talk about. Some considerations against merchants: 1) You have limited amounts of crew. Merchants might have a better expected return on resource missions but they are not useful on story/scroll/special/trait missions which make up a large proportion of the missions. Other crew members are helpful on all missions so that slot might be put to better use with one of them. 2) When you're dealing with trade resources like plate and chi, you're only getting 3-5 per mission anyway. Since these resources are rounded down, the expected return with using merchants is greatly reduced. On a 3 plate mission a merchant that gives 30% doesn't actually help does it? 3 x 1.3 = 3.9, rounded down to 3. 3) Failing doesn't feel good. We play this game because we enjoy it on some level and success tastes far sweeter. If I can succeed 4/4 missions and get 12 plates versus succeeding 3/4 missions for 12 plates, I'd feel better about the former option. That's not to say merchants aren't useful. But it's not a simple expected value calculation.
  10. I have been averaging one random per day for the past two weeks but I can definitely remember having two randoms in one reset cycle before. Made and sold a tetsu helm for 50m a few days ago. Unlocked the pincers just now. Weeee.
  11. re: sincerity Let's see if we can agree on some factual premises. Premise 1: Jagex said they would not release EOC until it was ready. I think this is pretty undisputable. It was repeated by multiple Jmods in multiple places (Livestream, newsposts, eoc blogs, forums) multiple times. Premise 2: Jagex released EOC in November and it was not ready. This is more opinion but there's mounds of evidence. Countless glitches and balance issues. Jagex even admitted it was unready today. So with those two premises, only one of two conclusions can be drawn. A) Jagex genuinely thought EOC was ready. In some ways this even scarier. It would mean Jagex is totally incompetent. Seeing as there were many bug reports submitted during the beta stage that weren't fixed when EOC went live I think we can all agree this is not the case. B) Jagex knew EOC wasn't ready and released it anyway. Jagex may have been disappointed in the amount of players beta testing and so released it early to force everyone to beta test for them. Whatever the reasons for this, it doesn't matter because... It means their apology isn't sincere. How can you apologise for releasing a shitty end product when you knew it was a shitty product to begin with? If you know you are doing the wrong thing, stop. Don't do it anyway and then ask for forgiveness later. That's why their apology and this entire post rings hollow to me. All of that being said, I recognize that EOC is here to stay. I'm not one of those 'Runescape is dying' people. Changing, and maybe for the worse, but not dying.
  12. Big fat meh to this. Jagex's policy lately seems to be "Let's do the wrong thing, lie about it, then ask for forgiveness later". All of the shit they did the past year like the exp giveaways, microtransactions, releasing EOC early were all terrible ideas and the players told them so as soon as they did them. They still continued doing them anyway. Jagex explicitly said they would not release EOC until it was ready. Then they release a half baked version of it that still has problems today. Jagex when first called out on the microtransaction stuff denied that it was actuallly microtransactions. Then they admitted it and said it was for the good of the game, and that they would scale it down. It hasn't been scaled down at all, rather expanded with buyable pets that have non-cosmetic bonuses. Jagex removed the BXPW weekends in favour of balance and said they would reconsider them. Apparently the result of their reconsideration was that they needed to be even worse than before, giving 2x xp for the entire weekend. Constant flip-flopping. Now they apologise for it. It's not sincere. That's not to say this year has had no good updates. POP and numerous updates to make the game less irritating were good. But overall, this year was bad update in bad faith stacked upon bad update in bad faith.
  13. Seriously, this high score cleaning shit has been happening for a year and there are still people confused by it?
  14. Nothing exacerbates me more than when people use that word wrong. POP has contributed to me never wanting to make another account again. Runescape has received so much content over the years that if I started from scratch it would literally take me years to get to where I am again. If I somehow lost my account, I think would the hint and quit.
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