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  1. From a fellow Tip.It'er, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! If you would like some extra fun, don't forget to drop in on the Forum Games! ^_^

  2. Protip: For today's dancing challenge, try the GE or Burthorpe on world 2. Tons of people dancing in both locations.
  3. I'm sorry, I just don't trust you enough to believe that no one listens to you.
  4. Again, very good hated NPC, but there are no more random events currently in the game :/ I need one currently in the game... If you only need one in the game so that you can film it you can still catch him in Draynor. He is living there now.
  5. To the two posters above me, this is obviously not the real behind the scenes. For one, when did a behind the scenes have an author like Arceus? Also, the text that no one reads at the bottom containing the disclaimers has jokes in it. Also also, when does Jagex miss a chance to write something like: Personally I think it was well done and funny. Obviously tricked some people here. I wonder if Guthix armor will rise in the next few hours over this...
  6. There was a forum thread. I read parts of it and it was overwhelmingly against it. Not a straight up vote, but a "pilot study" of sorts.
  7. Yes, I cannot log on either
  8. 1&2) I am aware of both of these things. That is why I was posting this thread, to see if anyone knew of any "mainstream" sources I could cite. 3) Edit wars happen. One of the steps that can be taken is to report conflicts of interest to Wikipedia. There are very clear guidelines of what can and cannot be reported and what steps must be taken. I have already taken the first step towards reporting an IVP staff member by issuing them a verbal warning on their user page. If they continue, then they could be reported.
  9. Yes, can you post a screenshot? You may be mistaken about what the item is and that way we can identify it for you.
  10. This will seem like an odd request and it is not technically related to the game. I have recently taken it upon myself to "improve" wikipedia's page on Insight Venture Partners by helping to contribute to the Controversy section surrounding the company and the Squeal of Fortune. I have gotten angry people, even some Insight Venture Employees, fighting me to have this section removed due to people not actually being angry or lack of references. I added some references but then they said it was not good enough. I was wondering if anyone out there in the community knew of any good pieces written about the Squeal or the Controversy surrounding Jagex and RWT, preferably from more mainstream sources. For reference, here is my most recent attempt at publishing a page with sufficient sources: http://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Insight_Venture_Partners&oldid=507615782 *Is this the right place to put this thread? Should it go in general or on the other SOF thread there?*
  11. For those who care, the free top of that tropical outfit is now available in Solomon's store. Odd that they didn't announce it. My guess is there will be an announcement tomorrow/later this week where they add more stuff to the squeal or something too.
  12. From the newspost: For those of you concerned about the rare objects being removed from the game after the bans and rollbacks – don’t be. We have several clever and fair ways of making sure that the numbers of these rares (like party hats) remain the same. What do you guys think it is?
  13. Back in RSC, Black Knight Fortress was mad hax because they had an alter in a room with 3 black knights. Once you had unlocked protection from melee, boom, easy melee stats.
  14. For those not following the thread, Mod Reach posted: So they claim they do have detection software but it seems to be inefficent/poor.
  15. FYI, mod bro's riot is over. Fmod came through and hid everything. Still doing it too.
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