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  1. Again, very good hated NPC, but there are no more random events currently in the game :/ I need one currently in the game... If you only need one in the game so that you can film it you can still catch him in Draynor. He is living there now. I mean one in game not just to film but because the storyline is recent.
  2. I love that. So true. It's like he's so mean to you too and yet you give him meat? He needs some well-deserved hate.
  3. Again, very good hated NPC, but there are no more random events currently in the game :/ I need one currently in the game...
  4. Lol I already have on my list Miles where he would pick out a shape, but I can't say that because Jagex took out random events, so sadly, I can't say sandwhich lady as well. :sad:
  5. I am writing a script for my next RS short and I was wondering, what's the most hated NPC in RS that is currently in the game? Respond to this with the NPC's name and why :) I will give you credit in the video if you supply a valid answer.
  6. Alright, killed 40 of the zammy guys so far. I have all of the key pieces but Saradomin. I am currently doing Sara and I don't have a key piece yet...43 kills. Does anyone know how long it takes to get the key piece?
  7. Ask my friends, lol, I overprepare a lot...
  8. Also, I have a war tortoise full of food, and the restores and prayer pots are for Soul Split/Different types of Turmoil
  9. WOW! Thank you for all of that advice! I will definitely use it right now, I am prepping atm. Also, posting screenshots soon.
  10. I will post screenshots later of my inv and stuff.
  11. Thanks! Also, first time going to Nex, sort of a n00b, any suggestions? I was just going to buy some ancient ceremonial robes so I won't get wrecked in Zaros' chamber.
  12. Wait, I just looked at some patch notes right now, and I think it was patched...
  13. Really? I've seen people do videos like this one: where they lose darts because Nex died, but they didn't get the drop. Sorry, about being paranoid, I just don't want to lose my darts.
  14. Hello, I am worried because I put my darts off to the last weekend to use, and I want to use them on Nex today or tomorrow. I have 3 left and I need some help. I understand that I have to do some damage to Nex first, so I was wondering if I could get into a group or something...? If you want to know my combat stats they are: Prayer: 95 Magic: 99 Ranged: 99 Defence: 99 Attack: 83 Strength: 86 Constitution/HP: 97 Summoning: 77 I have 3 of the 4 frozen to get into so far, and I have no problem getting the 4th right now. I just need help actually putting some damage on Nex. Any suggestions? Please help, because I want to use my darts BEFORE they go away :(
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