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  1. Didn't expect such an elaborate response, thanks dude :D and things sure have changed, so much new content. I'm not too happy about the membership loyalty items though, it's starting to become more like a generic rpg where the more you pay the better you can get
  2. Or is there somewhere where I can look up all the changes (and bandos godsword used to be 20mill, what the hellllll!)
  3. Should skillcapes give extra bonusses to the skill you've reached 99 in? I'll take the magic skillcape as example, when maging you're much better off with a god cape seeing as it has a +10 bonus in comparison to the +0 of the cape. Yes it gives +1, but only for a minute. Shouldn't it give say a +5 def/att bonus for mage Strength cape +5 to strength, attack cape +5 to slash/crush/stab, etc. Gives skillcapes a use instead of showing off.
  4. Have they even ever set foot in pvp, you can't see jack [cabbage] what's going on anymore! And they keep adding all that crap, I mean, it's pretty neat/cool to have it in pvm. But you nearly can't see what's happening in pvp anymore
  5. Isn't a +8 or a +6 defense bonus totally neglible? I find the +8 for mage and range to be pretty handy seeing as shields just have - bonusses. But the defense, pretty useless
  6. well that just really sucks, really hoped they would actually be usefull
  7. Doesn't really seem to be discussed much, but I see great possibiliet in these books. What do you guys think the bonuses will be? Has anyone filled one yet?
  8. Really? well that really sucks so sally is just useless, no matter what setting
  9. at the moment I'm 76 range, which doesn't hurt kree worth of **** so would using a black sally be better for me? Seeing as I'm 79 attack 82 str
  10. But when you'd finally down that guy risking his whip, or wearing barrows items you knew you'd get a decent drop
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