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  1. Gah they're not called "uni herbs". "Unids" is the appropriate word that was used before they were removed.
  2. Ermy

    Loot Tab

    How much is it worth!!!
  3. I'd go with pernix and torva because gano is best for a kiln run.
  4. Ermy

    Life hacks

    Use a straw and stick it through the centre of a strawberry. Pushing it from tip to top gets rid of the leafy part.
  5. really? i was gonna hybrid rather than tribrid to save some space lol, then how about an Acp/acs and rune crossbow replacing 3 brews? You'll be ok with armadyl chestplate and rune crossbow.
  6. You'll need a range swap of some sort if you want to save brews.
  7. I suggest you spend about 30 mins stocking up on more crystals and then using npc contact to recharge them when empty.
  8. Does he remind anyone else of Captain Price from Call of Duty?
  9. Pack yak is great at aberrant spectres and DKs. Pretty much anywhere you get a high frequency of useful drops pack yak will do.
  10. The item database entry for the witchdoctor mask explains how to receive the mask, however the "Additional Rewards" section of the Herblore Habitat guide doesn't explain the method on how to receive the mask it just describes how to get witchdoctor items and get an extra mask.
  11. On step 13, there is a typo where factory is missing the y.
  12. Well it most likely varies from store to store and across countries. So what currency are you actually paying with?
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