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  1. ^^ hope i will get the emote and lamp from the cracker then. nice extra xp from festive aura is always welcome
  2. keep getting bad luck with the bosses
  3. it took me 3 days to sell tetsu platelegs for 3.2 m
  4. Can some1 tell me what is the best crew for endgame (Shield). 48 pages are a bit to much to search trough. keep getting sucky 35k captains :(, when i get a 35k captain...
  5. tip: go to the black market first. help building faster looking forward to the new armor!
  6. Funny to see i was ranked 128 back in july 2007, few months earlier i was in top 100... oh old days!! I only dropped ranks since then, didn't played much after the first wildernis changes, can back few months later, when i was kicked out of the list, just to put my name back in it :P
  7. I agree... Runescape had his best days. Most people lost intrest after al those years. (a lifespan of 10 years for a game is LONG!) So they try to get what they can from the game. Jagex knows this. Jagex Main focus is going to their new game Stellar Dawn. Wich, i hope, wont get flooded by bots, gold farmers, etc. Release will be in a few months (normally before 31 dec 2011)
  8. Your right Isthatok I still don't know how he was able to steal that phat. (I checked my PC for any virus/trojan etc. it is CLEAN!) But that phat was my money to max f2p (prayer, fast rc xp...) In the last years i lost many good rs friends. most because playing a game like rs for 10 years... well not many of the old community remains. It was awsome to walk in the wildernis knowing u probably had the highest range lvl in that world (I was the 1990th person to get 99 range) lvl 120+ in 2006 was great. Now your just one of "them". Efficient gameplay actually ruined a lot of fun for me in the game. Ill Probably end my 99 smithing goal somewhere in the future.
  9. Hi just posting here u won't see me getting much xp anymore... I won't be online much anymore because i lost my partyhat on a very strange way... I want to stay on the top f2p list, maybe i ll start playing rs again later on. This is what happened: I was superheating in the ge. A random person said he was buying a yellow phat. I was curious if he had the money and showed my phat. He said wait: "i ll take the money out of the ge" and traded me again a minute later. I showed My phat in the trade screen, he showed 1338M. I wanted to close the trade screen, but suddently my runescape client completly closed. After logging back in I lost the yellow partyhat. Did the other person took control over the trade screen? And how was he able to took control over my runescape client? So be aware!! Don't just trade valuables... Btw: My pc is clean (no virusses/trojans etc) (And as a ICT teacher, i do know how to keep it clean!)
  10. Noticed that aswell. OH well, will rise more with the next update :)
  11. Jup, friends who won't come online anymore... 70% of my friend list is permanantly red colored. :-(. Most of them stopped playing after the wildernis changed and GE came into the game.
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