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  1. I can't believe it. It must be a joke or something.
  2. proton


    Both english and spanish fluently. Even tought my native language is spanish, I think my grammar in English is far better. Then I speak Spanish more often.
  3. Dieing in "The binding of Isaac" when I have a lot of cool stuff and I am 1 floor before beating the game... :L
  4. Mmm that might be true. Thank you for your advice.
  5. I currently have 51 shards of armadyl and I don't know if I should keep saving for 49 more for a staff or grind them and make the runes. I'm looking for cash.
  6. proton

    The Avengers

    I haven't yet met someone that didn't like it. My entire family enjoyed it, all my classmates did, too, even those who have never been into superheroes, and I saw it twice without getting bored the 2nd time. Even my friends would love to go again. It was a perfect movie. 10/10
  7. proton


    I started to see some examples of completed and ungoing games and, wow, I had a really good time laughing. I will probably play tomorrow or today's night.
  8. I think after you have enough essence you can afk non-beast like Fire storm, skulls, and so on for better xp/hr.
  9. I'm currently 97 dung and I'm having a lot of trouble having partners for high lvl floors. Is there a good clan I can join to or a good world? I hate the runescape themed ones, but I have no other option for now.
  10. Oh it changed to a Runesphere.
  11. I recently finished reading Catching Fire, it was a nice short read for me. It made me get more excited by the trilogy, but I fear the lack of descriptions of everything makes it more boring for me. I was a bit lost at the start. Now I will continue to read "Under the Dome". However, my grandfather wants me to read "El Quijote de la Mancha" . They're both a long read, but I think I can manage atleast one until I finish school. By the way, I will read the second book in spanish as I need to read more in my native language.
  12. In my life I always knew something would be made to control the internet be it by making laws or the same community. After all, laws are made to control and try to give a good or balanced life to everyone. In the Internet there is no such laws or rules because the same structure of the internet didn't give you a way to abuse of them. However, as the technology is progressing a lot of things are possible now. Still, jeez, Arizone has to start by making the dumbest move possible. Against trolling? People can barely tell what it means.
  13. proton

    Creepy Thread

    To be honest, the only thing I have really found disturbing is the comic on the last page. The rest of it isn't bad at all imo. I think you're right. I'm a bit scared of watching some of them, but of the ones I did aren't that bad at all. By the way, are you serious about the comic? I was so close from watching it all then I got scared. :ohnoes:
  14. proton

    Creepy Thread

    I'm always tempted to watch everything in this tread. I have only read/seen like a small fraction of them. Why I have to be such a crybaby?
  15. Ok I think I will get extremes. It will cost me 57m, so I think that's fine. Then I will invest all the money on frost dragons, or something else. Thank you everyone. :D
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