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  1. So you make a topic based on faulty understanding/knowledge of how technology works, and then refuse to back up your claim?
  2. The NPC's to do it already exist though, they did it for the EoC beta.
  3. Who on earth at Jagex thought "I know people really hate QTEs so let's make a terrible version of Sorceress's Garden where you can't use run and have to rely on QTEs, that sounds like something our players will love to do, especially with our less-than-reliable network infrastructure and latency issues!"
  4. So you want mule accounts to be a thing again?
  5. Extra voyages are worthless since you can't even use all your daily voyages anyways, and of course there is no 2x livid farm points :(
  6. A 4 day event that ran when most people would be traveling or spending time with their family, not on a computer. I'm thankful for Jagex logic.
  7. I never did receive the items I lost in the Vorago launch day screw-up, so I have little faith this will work well.
  8. Explanation of all the new worthless items on TH: So much for the update not too long ago where they removed all the shit items.
  9. I'd like to think I was responsible for the spirit tree teleports being updated: http://www.reddit.com/r/runescape/comments/1upf0k/oooo_awesome_update_thanks_a_lot_ninja_team/cekmd8l
  10. Should have been a white scroll in your inventory that you click to activate. Nope, friend is a member, but has not received any confirmation emails from jagex, it also shows that they are NOT a member on my referral list.
  11. Been several hours since I "referred" a friend; and still don't have the +20% exp. The "friend" does but I don't. What gives?
  12. I can find anything on runescape.com about bonds counting as a membership purchase for RaF. How exactly would I go about doing this? 1) Send recruitment email 2) Create smurf account 3) ???
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