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  1. wish list complete at 48 combat mainly working on farming, plus slayer with range/magic, 66 magic is the last req i need for swan song
  2. grats nub<3 lets get 99 slay in os now pls
  3. well. like its 2007. i like farming. i have ~28m farm xp in eocscape, and i just started playing the 07 version. of course, getting seeds to actually farm has been kind of a hassle. if you have low level seeds you aren't using or don't plan to use, i will gladly take them off your pixeled hands. i have a little almost zilch cash in 07, and gave away my most of my bank in eoc, but i can probably scrape up a few mil. post here or message me in the morning, thanks (:
  4. why do people need guides for making a pure? do any quests that dont give def xp (or summon if you dont want that) afk combat xp and there you go.
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