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  1. Don't you need burnt foods for some quests?
  2. Just taking a little break guys, farming daily does get boring and I am starting college soon...
  3. The email is legit right? Oh wait yeah, nevermind they used my username. :P
  4. Congratulations iSharkMan, you have been selected to join RuneScape's first ever Beta programme. One of the 50k!
  5. Sorry about that, wasn't sure where it needed to go. Yeah I refreshed my browser and the problem is sort of gone... I can open some of the tags but then they 'lock' again....
  6. Nah, I like the SoF to be honest... nobody is really going to be buying the spins to get levels (I doubt it anyway) because you can buy XP (and gold) cheaper on websites... it's just 'legit' XP and Gold.
  7. Stop talking too fast. ;) I sometimes couldn't understand you... I will sub though. =) P.S I loved you'r video, your mom is actually not too bad.. haha.
  8. Awesome! Thank you, good luck! =) Also a long day today, not been able to get on until now... my video clips have been rendering 8 hours!!
  9. 62 farming! =D Getting slow levels but I am a very busy person atm. xD
  10. 61 Farming, also 300k exp hit. ;) I think once I hit 1.3-1.4m I will really start seeing this 99 coming. :)
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