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  1. Tysm celtic, ur awesome :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
  2. All i need is for someone to make one of my low lvl accounts 125 cosmics in dung. You get 25k before, 75k after. User is kratos1618, please pm if interested, ty
  3. Buying elysian spirit shield 547M cash, add me ingame, Ghost1618
  4. In retro thought, that actually makes a lot of sense. thanks lol
  5. Im new to dungeoneering (just got lvl 9 :P ) and on my next dungeon I went to chop a barricaded door. and it said I need lvl 103 woodcutting to do so. How is that even possible? I had to skip it and im lvl 99 wc lol Just curious, thanks
  6. recently was private messaging someone, and instead their world saying runescape 86 for example, it said pixelate 1. I was just wondering if someone could explain what pixelate 1 is, i've never heard of it before and thought it was odd. thanks
  7. And just to clarify, no, none of those cannons belong to me
  8. The screenshot kinda speaks for itself
  9. I am new to the god wars dungeon and am unsure about something. if I have a bandos godsword, the bandos beasts dont attack me, however, is this true for once I enter the bosses chamber to fight the general and his minions, or will 4 attack me at once? thanks 8-)
  10. Something that always tick me off about places like green drags, ankou, etc. there's always people there complaining that there's too many people at the spots. I mean, if its such a problem, go to a different world. I dont like playing rs to hear people whine all the time :evil:
  11. can be done with the minimum 56 agility. I did the quest with only 51 agility but a whole lot of summer pies. i dont recommend doing that. took up a lot of space. and the underground pass was the worst part of the quest
  12. I am lvl 51 agility, the quest calls for lvl 56 agility. is this one of those quests where you only need the lvl 56 for a short period of time so i can use a stat booster (summer pie) or will i need it throughout so it wont work? pls let me know. cheers \
  13. Hey there, just wondering if anybody knew of any monsters that dropped more charms than others? i.e. more crimson charms than gold or green, or more blue than green and crimson. any help would be appreciated. thanks :thumbsup:
  14. Was just wondering what the best way to level summoning is? best pouch to make without costing too much. only lvl 19 summon :( Any help is appreciated! thanks :thumbsup:
  15. Im tired of doing lvl 1 and 2 clues, but I cant seem to get a lvl 3 drop. Ive tried a couple different monsters according to tip.it's guide, but ankou and green dragons are getting a little boring. Is there any monster in particular I should focus on? anything specific I should equip? Plz let me know. 8-)
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