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  1. narc angel great news!!! i got my account back!!!!!! hopefully you will get your soon too, i wish you the best of luck! and this means it will all come to an end soon! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
  2. thats 15 hours of use and it will completely degrade to zero :thumbsup:
  3. this just really annoys me, cause i was permed before and i got unpermed but they said it was my last chance ... im now off of the high scores... so im not sure if my account has a hope at being brought back to me. if it is gone for good im not starting a new char i had close to 20m and 1300+ stats ... what if it were to happen again? i just hope they quadruple check that everything is back to normal and this doesnt happen again.
  4. errrg same thing is happening to me...wonder what happens to our subscriptions.... :-k do we get our days back the jagex recked?
  5. pole_fuka


    seriously ... i got the same thing i didnt do anything if i dont get an unban message im gunna freak! 1300 + skill total!
  6. alright.. but i dont think its lag, my connection is really fast. this is messed plz help ppl
  7. ok so heres the story. i wrote jagex and asked if i could somehow set runescape to weekends only. i log on today and my account says on the log in screen account locked veiw messages well i go there and theres no new letters .. so i check the high scores and im not on there.... plz help me do you think i got banned? i really havent done anything bad.... omg i hope not... if i did im gunna shake my fist so hard!
  8. so far i think barrows is winning ... what kind do you recomend me getting?
  9. hey ive been working hard and saving money and now im p2p and i was wondering what ever1's thoughts were as to what i should get ... barrows or dragon, i have rougly 3.8 mil - enough for dh, but i dont know if i would be better off getting dragon armour what do you guys/girls think?
  10. offer you a nice chunk of charcoal for it due to your F2p and you gladly accept!!!! :XD:
  11. add me onto the petition too playing more than 3 year i think its about time we were to get some more room for our load of holiday stuff
  12. im totaly in great idea, i love the layout its awsome make my bank experience soo much better ! would bring a smile to my face every visit i would make!
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