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  1. I am still looking for any interested in the founding of a new clan. I am available for contact at any time. Everything great has a start and beginning.
  2. Killerred! It's great to see you again! Those were great times. I just returned to Runescape yesterday. So much has changed, it's incredible. I did not expect to see so much more given to free players since the campaign.
  3. Mercenaries of the God's, we travel the mortal world in search of divine glory. "Praised be thy name, inscribed by my sword on your shield. Before me I lay you to rest, God's might in my hand to wield." Hail warriors, I am seeking four players of high prestige to assist in the founding of Divinus Palma - a PvP and community clan. To be a founder, your combat level must exceed 90. This is a budding clan, so the exact details are yet to come. However for those interested, here is the general layout of how the clan will be structured: DIVINUS PALMA (Divine Glory): There shall be three member classes available to recruits: -Crusader (PvP Class, req's 90+combat) -Warrior (PvP Class, req's 70+ combat) -Follower (Community Class, no CB level requirements, open to skillers and potential Warriors/Crusaders) Events will occur frequently. Interaction between clan members is highly encouraged on a daily basis, in helping one another as well as participation in clan activities. Clan activities will largely include, but are not limited to: -Clan Wars -Dungeoneering If you are interested in becoming a founder, or just a regular member, please feel free to post in this thread or pm me in-game. Sincerely, (RSN) Blackbear778
  4. I never really used the gnome coptors, so I'll take your word for it. : That would make sense, though, as the area is cut off. Thanks for the input.
  5. And yet there are sheep? I think that clearly shows there are ncp's in member's areas on free worlds.
  6. Ah, I did not realize it was posted before. Any move is welcome.
  7. I've recently discovered that while in the F2P FFA Clan Wars arena, you can see a section of a members area that you would never be able to see otherwise. You can view it by going East in the non-combat zone of the arena, and keeping an eye on your minimap with your camera angled South. That is the ingame screenshot, while compared to Lletya on the map: As you can see, there are even ncp's in the member's area. Also visible is a General Store icon, and an Elven Lamp. From wandering around the map, you can also see other Clan Wars arenas. What all of this means I'll leave up to you.. It seems to me that Jagex decided to stick all of these maps and arenas in a random void, and it mistakenly got jumbled with P2P areas. It's an interesting fact that I thought I would share with the rest of you Tipiters. Cheers. ~Prankster_King
  8. This has been suggested before, but it never lasted long enough to be noticed. Tips on making your suggestion better: Think it out, and describe every little detail of the update. Add graphics if you can. Everyone likes posts with pictures. ;)
  9. I especially like the part about team mates being recognizable by default in Clwars. Hopefully that aspect will be included in the upcoming update to Clan Wars. A bit off topic, but it's just a pet peeve of mine.. Putting the number of views really has no relation to the popularity of the thread, since you can view the thread multiple times yourself and it will add to the view count. Just FYI. -King
  10. Is a typo really considered a bug, though?
  11. I like the idea of it being optional. It would save many of us a lot of time and trouble.
  12. Seriously? That's kind of lame. Most RuneScape players are from the U.S. Just as the whole world does not belong to USA, not the entire world of runescape (in my opinion not even the most) of the runescape players come from the USA. Different kind of country's, different kind of payment so it's not lame, it is good for the people who benefit of it. It's more a matter of Jagex saying that Wallie was available in the USA, when it really isn't. I'm sure Jagex values their American players just as much as any from any other country, and will be trying to make the Wallie payment option available to them soon. As of yet, I haven't seen any corrections made by Jagex on the availability of Wallie cards in the USA, which is surprising. It's a pretty large error to be overlooked.
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