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  1. Thread Going Strong :D I love me some F2p Discussion. Me I have been R.I.P. Since 09. Hopefully with this new BAR thing I'll be back in town again.
  2. I lost contorol over my account about 4 months ago. It was my 2nd character (as i forgot the password to the one that I had during classic and that was transferred) IT was my main and I had it for over 3yrs. And well they said I was macroing. So i explain to them the truth. I had no control. But meh I am banned sine may 28 And I will try every avenue that i can to reach jagex to get it back... because if I did so much as use an autotyper then Ide say R.I.P.
  3. *sigh* you just repeated the sad story of runescape which i have watched with dismay over the years. And yes i still remember mass questiing and going to The mansion and trying to figure out with like 35+ other people how to get that darned oil can. :D
  4. nice F2p kills. its very hard to K.O. someone. Trust meh
  5. Jenove

    Barbarian Village

    Heya im F2p and so i dont know if it is different of P2p but here is the run down of how welll the parts drop. Right skull - dropped like crazy by minotaurs (easiest tot get) Bottom of sceptre - find a place and start wackin the bone crushers (decent but 10-15 mins easy) Top half - safe range catablepons and it will take veeery long (hard to get) Left skull half - Ankous ...... It drops when it feels like it.... "nuff said Hope that helped
  6. i beg to differ my main got banned 1 month ago for typing once in a clan chat : I AM A BOT AND I USE AUTO TYPER LULULULULULU and bam lost an acc i had since classic. all appeals instant deny oh well good luck JARD ^^!
  7. Not to burst anyones bubble but i have a friend that meddles in runescape bots and there is a soulwars bot and yes leave it on for 3-5 days and you have tons of points leave it on for more and wala ^^
  8. luv the ideas u have my support :thumbsup:
  9. [developmentally delayed] you go to bob for first ring jack the exp. for 2nd and ned for 3rd -.-
  10. hmm good suggestion and would make 2 things useful. bam two birds and 1 stone you have my support
  11. jagex always leaves room for lulz :D
  12. wow never knew they even existed. . . is rubium useful for something #-o
  13. no at my 93 fishing i get 930 xp from lamp :thumbsup:
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