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  1. Happy birthday :D

  2. Dragon crossbow, and it turns out to be a bow tie with a dragon and a cross on it :twisted:
  3. I like this idea and support it 100%, jagex will also need to put more slayer monster in the game for this to be really great. New slayer monster from level 40 to 97 that u can only slay if they are given to u as a tasks and only thy drop these new armour and weapons.
  4. I agree with Will_H There need to be a challenge to this and not just a another type of slayer monster to kill (more slayer monsters will be great) An idea of challenge that I have will be like treasure trials where u get a note from the slayer master and u have to follow clue and kill different slayer monster to get more clues to get to the special slayer monster that has the item u need to get for the slayer master and u dont always get the clue on the first monster u slay. Ps: I am not English so sorry for any spelling and grammar mistakes. Pss: there is a thread of a slayer boss monster the Abyssal Queen that will make a good slayer challenge.
  5. I like the idea of a slayer boss monster but I think the lvl needs to be 97 and if u solo it u will need max out stats and only can kill it 1 or 2 times with a yak and overloads. To solve the problem of getting help slaying it make it so the minions each have its own slayer lvl to be able to slay to them. Abyssal Myriad lvl 79 Abyssal Legion lvl 86 Abyssal Sentinel lvl 91 Giving each minion a different level will help with getting more players in to the Abyssal Queen lair and each will have different drop tables with a rare that is fitting for their level. I would like it if one of the Abyssal Queen rare drops was a type of upgrade to the abyssal whip that makes it better and untradeable like a spike ball for the tip of the whip. Ps: I am not English so sorry for any spelling and grammar mistakes
  6. I will Support chat messages :thumbup: , maybe thy can be accompanied by a chime to alert u of a rare drop an arrow and message can still be misted if u are active on the forums, browsing the web or watching TV . And a option to turn it on or off will be great. :thumbsup: Ps: I am not English so sorry for any spelling and grammar mistakes
  7. Maybe a new random event were u get teleported to place similar to where u where skilling and there is also the resource that u where skilling on but is a bot trap because the resource is actually a monster that will attack u wen u try to gather resources from it And jagex can keep records of how many times u die there on a day or week and if u die a set amount of times then thy ban your account.
  8. I support :thumbsup: F2p need to be limited to what colours thy will be able to use to dye there stuff maybe make it so thy cant use the rare dyes and my not mix the dyes so only members can mix dyes. also can u put all your example pics on your first post
  9. The right click option will be better than typing in your new display name and it will be safer as well, because hacker will use your display name to try and hack your account.
  10. How about a talk to the hand emote :shame:
  11. Hi everyone I would like to suggest that tip it adds 8realms to the Other Jagex Games Subforums. Official site http://www.8realms.com/ facebook page http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/8Realms?v=wall Ps: I am not English so sorry for any spelling and grammar mistakes
  12. Thank u for the correction i have edited my post
  13. Hi everyone It been a while since there was any new news of stellar dawn and lot use me included started thinking that maybe the game was cancelled or delayed indefinitely. Stellar dawn is not the only game I am waiting for the be released there is also StarCraft 2 heart of the swarm and Diablo 3 from Blizzard and half-life 2 episode 3 from Valve and both these companies also have not given release dates for their games, and thy dont give out much info on their games, but there game are always excellent games and worth the wait. We have not gotten any new info on staller dawn because it my believe that it the quiet before the storm and that Jagex is preparing for a big announcement and that it will be in the next three months . If there is no announcement in three months then i suspect that there was a big error while programing staller dawn and there PR project The Plan went wrong. Ps: Have some space pie and don't let the space ninja's get u Pss: I am not English so sorry for any spelling and grammar mistakes
  14. so i need to do all the task not only the lumby one thank u i will have to train for the other task then
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