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  1. Not everyone lives in a country with a GameStop, Walmart, Target or even Walgreen.
  2. Yeah why on earth would they make the vote f2p if it was a p2p only cape. Its like they want to stir up trouble. They also gave non-vets the ability to vote :/
  3. Indeed - supposedly only one person i.e "Castle Wars" has the trimmed completionist cape as of right now OT, it seems like you have to play to get the max level/rank in every minigame. I wouldn't be surprised if you had some requirements for: -Fist of Guthix -Great Orb Project -Herblore Habitat And so on. However, it seems that through regular playing (not just straight grinding to 99), you may/would have unlocked a few of these requirements anyways (like those scrollls from DG by level 120). This cape is pretty cool, but I think it should be something completely different to set it apart from the original Completionist cape. You can scrap Fist of Guthix, Castle Wars only has 4,1k rating, which is ridiculously low for something like a trimmed Completionist Cape.
  4. I played f2p classic pre-rs2, but couldn't get on it after I got members until the update that reopened it again for all players, and I logged in with all my stats and items intact. Jagex' system is pretty messed up, even if I was a member right now there would probably be a problem making it impossible for me to get the veteran en classic cape >_>
  5. Isometric looks pretty horrible, is there a way to keep the perspective while also zooming out? And yes, I'm aware it will make things far away even smaller :s
  6. Your face is all blurry but you hair isn't, that makes it look so fake :???:
  7. I remember some stuff from FJgamer :) Also, some of the stuff from scapetheater is still on newgrounds!
  8. FYI, most pures run if you put up any armour over mithril :(
  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wzkojw22qTI Probably because part of the songtext is "We all know you love your turmoil"
  10. http://i.imgur.com/rMpr7.gif http://i.imgur.com/ozRej.gif I don't know if you like the second one (as it touches the head at some point) but that is the only position to place the text so it remains readable most of the time, unless you want it to be vertical text :/
  11. Here's the avatar: http://i.imgur.com/31hda.gif For the second image, If I crop the white out so it's 300px wide, it is almost square. Is that what you want or do you prefer another width/height ratio?
  12. ^ Attack rate mentions the same rate as dragon claws.
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