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  1. Last two days have been great for pking. Gotten numerous pk's, probably 10 or more. Am over at friends house, so no pics for today's kills. :cry:
  2. Well, I hope you enjoy RL as much as I soon will. Gl in RL to you man, and you never let me wear the peehat set. :cry:
  3. Teh hots! Gj on getting your cape back, but Runecrafting cape is better imo. :XD:
  4. You can't move it. The only one I like is the Leprechaun one. But my idea for it would be that it's not just one of those ONE skill randoms. I think it should be associated with ALL skills. Just my opinion. ;)
  5. Hehe. I just thought of this, looking at your name. "Mirror, mirror on the wall, you look so nice and tall. Oh my god! Your a camel!"
  6. Goldfish. Mmmmm. My favourite snack. I'm snacking on them as I speak rofl. :XD:
  7. Late owl. I push my limits to sleep as long as possible, and go to bed as late as possible. Right now as a matter of fact, it's 11, and I have to wake up at 7. :-# On weekends, it's another story. 4am is pretty regular territory for me. :D
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