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  1. Stop complaining about the 26k trick. If you think there is something wrong with it, don't do it. If you're jealous people are making more money, then by all means do it. It's like having an affair; it's fundamentally wrong, but people do it anyways. If you're not getting any, stop complaining and go have an affair. Nobody's stopping you. Runescape has been and always will be a game that gets constantly easier and easier as the years progress. In RSC, 2m was considered a lot. A year ago, 100m was a lot. Now there aren't limits on what's considered "a lot." In a similar fashion, combat training went from 15-20k/hr to over 150k an hour now. I maxed out melee at 20k/hr. People can do what I did in years in a good month now. Stop complaining. The game is what it is.
  2. make single areas require more wealth you have to risk. make multi areas require less. disable teleports. easy.
  3. Your theory is flawed because you don't really know how damage calculations are done, especially with monsters like those in GWD. My theory is, based on experimental evidence, at high defenses, you absolutely NEED attack power and strength, and the increase in efficiency increases not linearly but exponentially with increased weapon strength, making speed less of a factor.
  4. 99 str is the still the accomplishment regardless of the number of people who have it.. think of it like this.. how many doctors/former doctors are there in this world? it's only going to add up.. it's not like once you get it someone loses 99 strength. my issue with it is that combat is SO easy to train nowadays. you can seriously get over 100k/hr and iv'e heard stories of 200k+ or whatever. i got 99 attack training with a rune scimmy at ice warriors in the wilderness and later 99 str and def in the axe hut with a dragon long, with the former nailing me max 20k an hour in att xp and the latter getting me 30-40k an hour if i was lucky (no afk pkers) this is actually unlike becoming a doctor as medical schools are becoming more competitive and residency programs more grueling and intensive (although some would beg to differ) in any case, good job
  5. Average slayer task is 20k/hr, with full concentration, taking into account cannon tasks/slower ones like mith dragons, etc. AVERAGE 20k/hr. but yeah slayer's a pretty easy stat if you just manage your time well
  6. So would I. Good thing we have armored zombies that will make you much, much more GP then slayer will. Think of how rich you would be had you used them :ohnoes: I have no idea what armored zombies are but I'm not sure that they would bring 200m in the course of maxing out.
  7. 867 Last year I was 87 Slayer. I had nothing in my bank, having quit and given away all my items. Deciding to come back, I asked my friend for a whip to start playing again. Ever since then I've really done nothing else but slay. Although I was already maxed melee, mage, and range, in that time I went from 20m attack xp to over 56m. This is almost enough for 3 99s in attack, str, and defense, had I decided to train them individually. In addition, I also have a bank worth over 150m, with full bandos, dfs, sgs, and plenty more. I also have 94 summoning, which probably has cost me at least 50m by this point. I did nothing but slay since last year. I maxed out before slayer was even out; however, were slayer around when I maxed, I would have been eager to train via slayer rather than spending hours just sitting around in the axe hut at 30k an hour. Edit -- oh and in my experience I got a lot more than 50k/hr..
  8. I never once said you were jealous, or that I was superior. I BEG you to please spare me of your ignorance and just read everything I have written in this topic. I stated that getting 99s was a time-consuming task that we all have the time for. You make your own choices, I'm not arguing that you should be spending your times getting 99s, but that you could be and not be called a nerd for it. You are arguing for nothing right now other than your own pride. I am not one of the rare breeds of high-levels in this game; in fact relative to the length of time I have owned my character, my character is absolute trash. I made a specific note to compensate for the time it would take to get to levels that would get you 50k xp/hr. I omitted this purposely because that calculation is too much work I'm not willing to do. To estimate, multiply the time by 1.25. We can assume that a fifth of the time spent training to 99 is spent reaching a level that will make the leveling easier. 1/5 is a generous fraction of time and most likely it does not take that long. Runecrafting xp is faster than slayer xp, which I put at 1.78 hours a day for 99. Now that I've been bold enough to throw these points out in the open I feel like most of you probably agree with what I have to say but now are taking a whole different stance In other words, many of you may have been offended I came off so brutally, and decided to bring my argument in a million different directions and pick it apart by not-so-cleverly attempting to refute my points with things like "oh, but we have a CHOICE!" As a result my last post on this topic, I promise, will be the following millionth repetition of my argument: If we assume 'nerdiness' depends only on how much of your social life and education you sacrifice for Runescape: 1) There are more than enough hours in the day to get high levels in Runescape. 2) One can afford to get high levels and enjoy the luxuries of the best social life out there. 3) One can afford to get high levels and enjoy the luxuries of the best educational institutes out there. 4) People waste away constantly in real life and even on Runescape, spending time doing things that are unproductive and pointless. If this time were instead given to do anything, including getting a 99 RS stat, this would come much easier. 5) Most of you have bad grammar and poor attention span. If you want to prove me wrong here, please read every word of every post I have made in this topic thus far. Then read the replies. You will find your point has already been addressed. Good day.
  9. 1) I would argue that the worst grammar mistake is far from capitalization. My personal policy is that a post should adhere to the rules of grammar to an extent where it can be read and understood the first time. If I ever fall short, you are more than welcome to stop me dead in my tracks. 2) I'm not sure. My entire argument is that we have the time to max out without sacrificing our lives and being called nerds for it. 3) Not sure I understand what point of mine you're addressing. 4) We have this time available to us. 5) You cannot repeat an argument twice in hopes that it comes off stronger the second time around, especially if I did not disagree with you in the first place. 6) I thought I was being witty and couldn't pass up that opportunity. No offense was intended.
  10. Zierro, 1) When did I ever explicitly state that I was not infringing upon the rules of grammar? I said I can make clear, concise posts. Since my laziness has seemingly taken such a toll on you, I will be more than happy to capitalize the words in this post. In turn, you should explain to me how to justify his usage of 'in which.' 2) I never said 99 slayer was an accomplishment. In fact, I think that time should be better used doing more productive things, as my entire post implies. From a completely objective standpoint though, anyone has the time to get any 99 stat in RS. Agreed? It certainly is not worth it from a realistic point of view, but if you're on Runescape instead of shooting up on heroine, I have nothing against it. 3) No, not all players that aren't maxed are unmotivated. These are probably the few who aren't calling the maxed players 'nerds' however. We also both confirmed that anyone has enough time for 99 slayer in the point I just addressed. 4) No I am not. The 10 minutes is trivial. My point is that if time were not wasted, people would get more things done, including maxing in Runescape if they wanted to. 5) That is not true. In fact, I gave an open invitation for a challenge. 6) Your last sentence neglects the rules of grammar. But anyways, I'm not calling you a hypocrite. Just that you should probably have picked up on that, as I did. but i like you though, you've got spunk and wit i really havent seen much of on these forums anyways, i need to sleep. good night
  11. these two sentences make no grammatical sense. you also misspelled several words in your previous words, among them the word 'awesome.' are you still in grade school? (LOL THIS IS IRONIC BC I JUST NOTICED YOUR SIG SAYS 'I SUPPORT GOOD GRAMMAR') first of all, have you ever tried to get a 99 skill? to me, you seem like an easily distracted child; you own two characters, neither of which have a stat over 72. (creating second characters are blatant symptoms of a disease i invented just two seconds ago: icannotmakeagoodcharactersoi'lljustmakeseveralofthemitis) second, getting several 99s within a year is actually quiet easy. in fact, i will make this calculation quite simple, for all the truly imbecilic individuals out there who fail to see how easy it is to get a 99 stat now. since it really hasn't occurred to anyone to do this yet. that said... att, def, str are all stats that easily land you a minimum 50k xp/hr (i dont know the actual data, but i trained at 30k to all 99s over 5 years ago) i will assume all levels beforehand negligible (levels spent training to use weapons -- to account for this simply add how long you would think it takes to train to 70 attack and use a whip) 99 = 13m xp att, def, str = 260 hours each for 99, 780 hours for all 3, and if you do this you get 99 hitpoints also. remember, this is at MINIMUM 50kxp/hr, and actual data may even be half of this or even a third (i've heard stories of 150k+ xp/hr) but for accuracy sake we'll assume 780 hours is enough for this one year has 8760 hours if you sleep 8 hours a day (more than any student should be getting) you are left with 5840 hours of free time. 260/5840 = 0.0445 = 4.45% of free time 780/5840 = 13.35% that means to max melee, you need to dedicate 13.35% of your free time to runescape, assuming SLOW leveling. now we assumed that any normal person sleeps for 8 hours a day) -- this leaves you 16 hours a day of free time. 4.45% of this is approximately 45 minutes, 13.35% of this is approximately 2 hours. if you subtract 2 hours from your day (to get 99 melees in a year) you are left with 14 hours of free time!! (if you go to school/work, you still have MORE than enough free time to socialize/do what you want) if you subtract 45 minutes from each day... well. you dont really need to. take faster [cabbage] and more efficient showers other factors to account for: teens spent 7.25 hrs/month watching porn (to normalize this for people who spend more time in front of a computer, i will increase this to 8 hours) @50k xp an hour, time spent watching porn is equivalent to 4.8m xp irs. this is what? around level 90? conclusion (sleeping 8 hours a day) 2 hours a day for a year to max melee @ 50k/hr 45 minutes a day for a year to get 99 att, def, or str @ 50k/hr stop watching porn and you get +4.8m xp (if you care to) we can now vary this data as we wish. easy 99s will be much quicker. harder will be much slower. i can tell you what i know: slayer is the hardest in terms of xp/hr (with cannon) so i've encountered.. even at 98, its still 20k/hr average. that means to get 99 slayer in a year, it'd take 650 hours, 1.78 hrs a day. 99 slayer will get you probably close to 99s combat as well. easy? in other words, i'm extremely bored Distracted child? I'm dont hate people people with 99's but i hate it when people say im jealous or that it proves they are superior. Seriously, i study, get good grades and ect. This is called a game. I'm not going to "work" when i play a game. Call me a loser that doesn't like working. Personally, i find it boring clicking on monsters for... "only 650 hours". Wow, that's nothing indeed. 2 hours a day, which is quite a lot actually excluding weekends will "only" take one year. Oh yeah extremely easy. I can't believe you are trying to make some kind of mathematical formula relating to your spare time to try and prove your not nerdy. And do you think anyone here wants to click on a bone for 1.756236 hours a day every day for a year? I dont find that very easy at all. Its only worse when i realise im not learning anything from it. And also, in your "scientific formula to prove you aren't nerdy" why the heck are you sepeating your "spare time" (which according to you is everything except for sleeping) into playing runescape and watching porn? You sure live a great life. What about school? Friends? Movies? Sports? Other games? Eating? Reading? Homework? i did not separate spare time into runescape and watching porn. in fact, i stated myself that runescape and watching porn would only take x hours a day. if you would perhaps take the time to actually read my posts, you'd make one yourself that actually sounds intelligent for a change. and to further assume from your idiocy that i don't live a great life, maybe you should know a little more about me before you make judgment calls. i'd answer your questions with a yes and more, but i have nothing to really prove to you. to everyone else who is about to respond to what i have said: if you really don't want to make a fool of yourself, really read what i've been saying and ask yourself if i'm wrong. if the answer is yes, go right ahead and speak whatever blasphemy you have to speak. more than likely though if you're honest with yourself, you'll realize that i've made a remarkable point that's just a little hard to accept. but just for the record, as childish as this is, i've been around here far longer than most of you and witnessed much more of this game than many of you probably will. my character is good through long-term dedication, not through no-lifing and sacrificing a social life.
  12. At least use capitalization if you're going to make fun of someone's grammar. Also, "BC" is not a word. You don't need a 99 to know it takes a while. I have six 99's. Six of the quickest 99's to get and yet it still took me a lot of time. I can't believe you're saying 650 hours isn't a long time to be doing one thing on a game. :? That's half of a school year man! All that is being said here is that it takes a long time to max out. Whether it's good or bad is all subjective and everyone has their opinions, but I don't recall anyone even saying it's a bad thing anyways. That's just the reason the nerdy RS stereotype exists. no, but his post made no sense. unless you're just as confused as he is about the rules of english grammar, please do not press this further. i do not capitalize my sentences because i am an articulate individual and know how to express my ideas in a clear, concise manner most people do not have the dedication for 99s -- not time. would you agree that if you spent every minute of your life wasting time instead on runescape, you would eventually get all 99s? i'm sure most people would. the fact of the matter is that if you're playing a game like runescape i'm led to believe you don't have the self-discipline to actually cherish and/or use every minute of your life in a productive manner. now of course this is a little too idealistic for the people here, so let me explain what i'm saying in a language most people on these forums will understand: i will maintain any individual has 16 hours of free time a day sleeping 8 hours. if you attend school or work, we'll assume you lose half of that. 8 hours a day is plenty. i was able to attend an ivy league institution, attend an elite medical school, and at the same time play runescape and work a day job. anyone who has been through the process or is currently considering a career in medicine knows that it is the single most time consuming career path there is, yet i speak from experience that its more than manageable, and that i'm no smarter than anyone here. while i'm certainly not drawing a correlation between real life success and runescape stats, i argue that discipline is something that most runescape players lack. rather than accepting this, most people would rather just call the higher level people 'nerds.' if you've ever been to high school/college, the kids who get good grades are 'nerds' too. we attribute it to them studying too much, when in reality they're just much more efficient at studying than we are. in ending my argument, i will make a claim that i am not wrong, and while 'nerdiness' may be subjective (which is [developmentally delayed]ed), the minimum time for a 99 stat does not change from person to person, and i'm willing to bet my character that if people would spend less time loafing around and actually do something productive for a change, whether it be in runescape or in real life, that they would get a lot more accomplished, have a lot less to complain about, and certainly have no reason to call people better than them 'nerds'
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