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  1. All the scamming, pking, staking, and free merchanting really made me enjoy the game and actually learn for myself and learn the value of what I earned and how easy it was to lose it. This is why after the update I slowly stopped playing, and I see now the updates that walk new players like babies through each aspect of the game. Stuff like the warning signs before dangerous areas kind of ruins some of the adventurous aspects this game used to have. I remember being devastated losing some of my crappy armor when I first started playing, but then working even harder to gain it back ten fold. I might not even come back if this gets passed, but it really should since the loss of pking and free trading basically changed the entire game and it lost alot of it's uniqueness and appeal that other mmorpgs do not really have. And lol at logging into Tip.it for the first time in a couple years to make this post.
  2. Now men have even less importance in the world. Woohoo!
  3. Well a few of my irc friends started a new team, slackncrack. I joined for fun and we pked yesterday and today and i got a few pks. If anyone is interested in joining heres the URL: http://slackncrack.proboards.com/index.cgi
  4. I can understand your argument for the use of shadow spells and such, I think there great and are way too overused. Modern mage spells I still think have no use now. The time it takes to entangle or curse (The high level curses) takes time away from when you could be inflicting a lot of damage on your opponent. God spells may hit 30, but you still need to freeze your opponent. Ancients are like a combination of some modern spells which makes them so much more superior. When your in bh and trying to beat your opponent, its all about how quickly you do something. If your too slow then your dead.
  5. They taunt you and thrive off of your angry responses. Threads like these are what they are looking for, someone getting angry over a game. The whole pvp arena is part of the game in which two (or more) players can really see who is better. As long as they can back up their taunts with actions, then they are justified in calling you a worse player then them lol. This happens in every game in which there is a competition attitude. Runescape has even more of these people because it is so popular, so cheap, and focused so much on a younger audience who can vent their problems that occur in real life that are so common around adolescence.
  6. Lol Da Latios, that haircut reminds me of Zach Braff.
  7. Still funny how people don't realise barrows protects over sara sword.
  8. Nice now go complain about your drop luck. Oh, @urban Jettrider for the lulz
  9. Your sad and way to use joker in sig like over 9000 other people :
  10. yay for free sara swords! 3/3 sara trips with loot with toaster :D
  11. Your a cutie, although I don't know your name, I'm sure you will enjoy your junk that is completly not against the rules.
  12. Yeah I would get that stroke in your knee checked out, you never know.
  13. I'm pretty sure those are old graphics... Theres an example of the new graphics, see how much different it is.
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