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  1. Not new: I still didn't get hit at all after healing (no damage splat at all), but it was reset when I left the dungeon, I think.
  2. Complaining about no more stockpiling effigies? Heaven forbid having high level stats would give you an advantage. Who wants a game that involves strategy in the order in which you do things?
  3. There's a guide up in the forums that must not be named. You can kill Glacors in the place where the stone of Jas was. There's a fairy ring there for quick access. They are level 475 and take a while to kill. Most of their regular drops are terrible. You have to assemble the armadyl battlestaff slowly, the other drops are luck. Also, hi. Good luck finding your stuff. Glacors go on your adventurer's log, you can look on mine.
  4. I’m glad you posted this here because having this conversation in the CC is very hard. You need to understand two points about why bossing with only part of the team is better when there are paths to be run. First, having one less person at the boss lowers your death likelihood only slightly. A vast majority of the times you die with 4 people in the boss you would have died with 5 people as well. Doorlag matters for only a few bosses, namely Gulega and Thunderous. As you level up, you’ll be more familiar with boss mechanics so that a slight period of lag won’t cost you extra food. Basically, your point #2 is never true. Second, running keys and skill doors after the boss is dead is a huge time killer. It takes on the order of 10 seconds to run through a room and open keys/skills. If one person (the keyer) does this, it “costs” only 10 second of potential boss killing. If, however, the keyer does this after the boss is dead, it costs 50 seconds of team time because the other 4 players are idle. If you get a puzzle like barrels or flowers after the boss dies that could have been done during the boss, you just lost as many as 5-10 minutes of team time and might have to skip the path entirely. The same logic applies to multiple people running paths, making pots, etc while the others boss. Often, if someone is soloing a puzzle and the only other doors on the map are dead end key doors, you’ll want to start boss and have people run their keys as they come in. GDs are a bit of a special case. If you can solo one without dying, you should, because moving the ggs wastes some “team time” with animation lag (and possibly delays in moving) both ways. If there is something that you don’t have the right binds for (lots of CSB or hex monsters), then you should move GGS to the gd and tell either the whole team or just one person with the right bind to teleport there. Large path GDs should be prioritized (there is nothing wrong with doing part of the boss, moving GGS away from boss, then moving it back to finish). You can tell how large a post-boss path is in 2 ways: 1. Map reading (space it can expand to and number of empty spaces on map already used) 2. Number of keys in your inventory When you have a hexer on your team and find Necro or Flesh you can have them start soloing very early in the map. You’ll find many other situations where you want to start the boss early while someone works on a different part of the map. Doing this saves a huge amount of time in dungeons and so learning how to boss with less than 5 players is critical. Besides, if 2 people dc'ed and you are 3:5ing a large you should expect some crappy exp/times anyway.
  5. Been a wonderful day. First my hex drop and then my keyer review.
  6. Ring of vigour is also a possibility as a switch (and in that case you *would* want archers (i) as your other ring) for clawing. But keep in mind that the ring of vigour only saves you 35-40% special bar bonus per kill, not enough for one extra claw spec on its own. It does save its own inventory slot in the form of recover special doses, and +3 strength is somewhat comparable to +6 slash, but it is unlikely to affect the quantity or timing of your claw specs within a kill. A ring of vigour's usefulness rises as the team size shrinks and kills become longer. Also, defence bonus is not completely trivial. Nex *does* miss with mage a noticeable number of times per kill and misses with melee quite often (although it's very rare for her to miss with range, meaning you'd save maybe one low hit of damage with archers i). More misses means less food used as well. It's not a flat out choice between +2 range bonus and nothing. Even if +2 range is more useful, the difference in food saved during the ranging portions of Nex kills is smaller than that +2 number would usually save.
  7. Onyx ring (i) is useful at Nex mainly because it gives a bonus of +6 slash (about 7-8% increase to your slash attack depending on other gear/switches) while only giving up +2 range attack (about a 1% drop depending on gear). The argument about needing to out-DPS Nex during certain phases means that hitting with claws are crucial on those parts. You can get in about 7-8 claw specs on an average kill with a 5-6man team using special recovers. It can't really be used as a switch because then you would want zerker/warrior and archer rings (i). The defence bonuses are merely nice additional add-ons.
  8. This is a very old thread, but it's still relevant so I'll post what I know after a recent experience. My last hood (after a world crash) took 155 logged Night Spiders for the drop, however I got another 2 hoods in the next couple dozen kills. By my best estimate, the droprate is about 1/32-1/64. It's definitely not near 1/16 like hex/blood necklace seem to be. To find night spiders, I recommend doing your Furnished and Abandoned floors with solo meds. Suicide key your larges looking for spiders. Many keyers will ignore spiders or not look at monsters in rooms without a key.
  9. Some trio methods: -The lure method where one person piles the three in the corner, hoping the meleer gets stuck behind the other two. -Binding the warrior (not recommended to go out of your way to craft bind runes) -Best in my opinion: If the ranger and mage are not on the north or south walls, you can trap the meleer north or south of the ranger or mage as long as no one tramples the one you want to focus on. Then one person has to tank the ranger hits (drop food for that person) and the rest of the boss is damageless.
  10. Ah, OK. I used Skullball for low level agility myself and always enjoyed it. Good to know that it can be done faster. My old werewolf test was 42k/hr, which was lower than my Ape Atoll rate. Note that 42k/hr shouldn't be taken as a max because I am not perfect at that course but I was not perfect at Ape either. The default for similar rates should be stick with Ape Atoll so you can learn to click the course better for future use.
  11. Skullball is max 19.3k exp/hr. You cannot fail because of level, so the exp rate is constant. [25 required] The Agility Pyramid is max 22k+ exp/hr, but can be failed and is likely much lower. [30 required] The regular Barbarian course is around 17.3-18k max exp/hr and will be lower as you fail obstacles. [35 required] Now, while it's true that the regular Barbarian course is the simplest of these three courses, it is definitely not a clear first. You'd have to know failure rates at the Agility Pyramid for various levels to know whether it's better than Skullball. My guess is no. Werewolf, penguin, and brimhaven courses are never in contention for best experience available.
  12. Well I average over 72k/h when actually playing agility and filling horn, but that's not all I do. I understand where you're coming from Jebrim. If agility is your sole focus or you train one skill at a time, and you also play long days, horn filling is not really going to work. You don't need pro BA teammates, but you need fairly competent ones, and to set up that many teams is a staggering challenge. Perhaps an IRC channel for horn filling would be useful to set up. But keep in mind that most of the post-50m agility exp was done before penance horns were released (2010). I think it's fair to say that, even if there aren't any players that have trained a huge amount of exp with the horn right now, there will be when the top players turn to the skill.
  13. Care to fill me in on the significance of that number? That number is (2^31)-1, which is also the maximum positive value an integer value can have in Java, and therefore the maximum item stack size in RuneScape. OOPS wow really late on that one Skills on RuneScape are presumably capped at that number divided by 10, ~214m, because of the 200m cap and the fact that experience points have a one-digit decimal component. It looks like Jagex uses a long or different data type for total experience though because that has already passed the integer limit. This week's tipit times article is a good explanation.
  14. If you can find the business, by all means go for it. Personally, even if I wasn't a pmod, I would find it very tedious to advertise my game to people stupid or desperate enough to actually play it for extended periods of time. But if you have a steady base of players then dicing is a great income game if it remains 10-20m/hr over an extended period.
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