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  1. that's probably the best one yet though
  2. You're either trolling or you work for Jagex :-| don't insult Jagex
  3. you should report bugs instead of taking advantage of them. hoarding herbs and then using a bug to trap the elemental to stop bots and cause herb prices to rise is not nice.
  4. no but seriously. it's annoying how people would go out of their way to make things harder for normal players. I'm mainly talking about right-clicking though
  5. ok, I'm a liar tbh if I knew about corp I would have tried to join a 50-person team, but that's because it was not cheating in any way (how was everyone supposed to know that they weren't just getting lucky?) :roll: also, it was supported by jagex :thumbsup:
  6. is this thread serious? did your professor laugh when you asked him this question?
  7. They will only give your stuff back if you write them a long letter explaining why it is their fault that you died, so be sure to make it good
  8. wait what rs=life? great, got that life I always wanted -cough-
  9. it should require 200M xp in all skills as well
  10. No; the only cape I dislike seeing is untrimmed strength Also I have an untrimmed cooking cape but I wear SW now; I still don't think they're bad capes to have
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