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  1. If you're at 90 fishing and you're getting worse fishing exp c2ing than you are at barb then you're doing it wrong.
  2. Dragons with a chaotic rapier and super antifires so you can use a ddef.
  3. C2 fishing is better if you value dg exp.
  4. In addition to what others have said its worth checking into cannoning kalphites in the Do No Evil dungeon, I believe the figure I heard was 66 blues/hr at maxed stats and a steel/iron titan.
  5. Figured after lurking for a month since being a regular poster this guy was worth coming out of hiding to yell at. On topic : task systems, quests and dg are all good. Otherwise I'd say pick a skill to work on per hour and switch it up every hour if burnout is an issue. If burnout isn't an issue pick a skill to work on a day.
  6. First off, dude, I ain't trolling. In fact, I think you missed a boat-load of logic that should be considered. :ugeek: Why, you're dense enough to ask, instead of already being enlightened? Self-Sufficiency can be a very good thing. Look at it this way... Would you rather to have the ability to gain gp easily and save some too, or would you rather have to pay through the nose? For me at least, that's a no-brainer, as the self-sufficient, gp-gaining, and therefore gp-saving path would be the one that I would choose any day. Sure, that doesn't mean I can speak for Bows on this, but I would rather towards showing that keeping one's options open and unlocking stuff that can be done is a very good thing to do. :thumbsup: And BTW, Power Ammys are still used in F2P because we don't have all that fancy P2P junk. Bows could easily make a ton of Diamond Power Amulets in some super-efficient P2P spot, come to F2P, and then sell them. Result? Bows walks off with a [bleep]-load of gp, and F2P PK'ers squabble over who is going to have the most of them. A bit mercenary, but hey, it pays the costs! :twisted: As for Glory Ammys, Bows can just as easily make some after attaining the levels to make, sell them to sub-100-cb P2P'ers, and also walk off with a nice mint there. Put simply, even if high-level combatants don't use them, there's still the option of taking advantage of the lower-leveled ones and gaining gp for moving along with further goals, if not save a ton as well. ;) Hedgehog, I bet right about now, you wish you had thought of all of this. Unluckily, you tried to call me something I'm not, and acted very short-sighted. So, pardon me while I walk off with this extra, logic-loaded victory under my belt. Especially since if Bows couldn't sell what they made for any reason, they could still High-Alchemy it. Which reminds me, Bows would also enjoy all those extra levels and extra exp they would be racking up during all of this, for various reasons stated in earlier posts on this thread by myself and others. :D ~Mr. D. V. "Did you REALLY have to make me resort to a logic-filled text wall, and go 'RS Nerd' on you?!?" Devnull No...just no. There was no logic in anything you posted unless you assume the person you're writing to is a DIY account. Which bows isn't. Killing level three men in edgeville will make more gp/hr than making power ammy's which by the way sell for less than their ingredients meaning you're advice is crap. You're basically telling him to level useless skills in an inefficient way to make less money than he would have killing the lowest level combat mobs in game. /fedmytrollfortheday.
  7. So unless you need range exp because you maxed melee already and a cannon on tasks isn't enough for you and you hate chinning don't do it.
  8. Cannon while training slayer.
  9. Buy a berserker ring before you buy a fury, fury before bcp, bcp before tassets. Sell torags and the d sq. Use veracs skirt with prossy top if you can't afford all of the above. Also get either the sw cape, fire cape (best option), or an ardy cape 3 asap. Ddefender is a must have as well. Edit Ninjas...
  10. So you recommend he not spend the money on the best gp/str bonus item that he listed... /facepalm
  11. What noxx said. The actual animation for your fishing stops but the actual fishing is not interrupted unless you're spamming low alch, which you should be low alching the fish as you catch them so that should never happen.
  12. dragons? ashes? Rune/addy items (when slaying on lunars)? Starting with a full inventory? Banking those without a yak is doing it wrong. Virtually no task requires a full inventoory to complete without banking.
  13. JacTise69


    The best combo of crimson charms/effigies is black demons provided you can find a world that is not bot infested. Roughly as many charms as bursting lobs, with range exp from your cannon and an effigy every ~1.5 hours
  14. They low alch the fish, and use a granite lobster.
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