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  1. From a fellow Tip.It'er, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! If you would like some extra fun, don't forget to drop in on the Forum Games! ^_^

  2. Happy birthday!

  3. So I haven't played since about before the New Year and I'm considering playing again. Any watershed updates? Appreciated, thanks in advance.
  4. I just finished reading The Arab Uprisings: What Everyone Needs to Know by Gelvin. He's probably the most impartial American scholar on the Middle East. I didn't learn anything substantial from this particular book, but it was refreshing as it was essentially a concise summary of all events necessary to understand the current status of the Middle East. This book was also extremely up-to-date, as I'm pretty sure it was released this month. Now I'd like to focus on finishing Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room which I never finished. It's an interesting read about the events of the Enron scandal.
  5. People who keep "inadvertently" grinding up against you on a packed subway.
  6. Well then, it appears I am a douche. My apologies to Azvareth, I was wrongfully assuming things. And xVertigo, I didn't think you were referring to my piece; I just feel artistic context is essential to the work itself, be it a tattoo or a sculpture [but I think that's just my personal preference].
  7. In response to Christian fundamentalism (although I'd assume you are more than likely referring more so to literalism), I would just like to mention that I particularly feel it stems from an inability to properly read a text (in this case, the books of the Bible) in its proper context. There are certain cultural and linguistic weights attached to each book of the Bible and it has taken years upon years of textual and source criticism, as well as historical knowledge, to even break the surface. Fundamentalism arrises out of the idea that one can simply pick up the Bible and read it and do as it says literally. The Bible is not one work nor is it written as an easy-to-use instruction manual; it's not even all in the same language (and even within that, the original language of some sections is debated). An example I like to use that is susceptible to idiotic religiosity without proper context is the "number of the beast" found in Revelation. It is translated as 666, but it is actually [in Greek and Aramaic sources alike] numerical values when translated to their alphabetic equivalents spell cognates of Nero Caesar; an Aramaic source of Revelation even completely omits 666 and means Nero by name. Scholars widely agree that Revelation is a historical book written in cryptic criticism of how Nero was a jerk (which also explains the beast) rather than a book prophesying eventual earthly destruction. Another example is Jesus's turn the other cheek, go the extra mile, etc. These phrases taken alone seem extremely passive and weak, whereas in the context of 30CE Palestine they make a lot more sense. Turn the other cheek is a sassy nonviolent response, as it makes your face only able to be hit by either your enemy's left hand or the backhand of their right, which both would have resulted in their fining and social ridicule if they're your peer. In terms of going the extra mile, Roman soldiers were only permitted to press inhabitants of provinces into service of carrying their equipment to the next milestone; if they forced you to carry it for more than one, they'd be fined for breaking the law. Keep in mind a lot of the stories told by the Gospel writers are probably clever retroactively applied stories, so they've had time to think them out. That means there is specific numerology and symbology where things are seemingly nonsensical. If you pay attention to the Last Supper, Jesus specifically blesses three cups but does not finish his fourth; any orthopractic Jew or Biblical scholar can identify this is referencing the four cups used at Passover and there's a specifically symbolic omission of the fourth cup because Jesus is suppose to implicitly be the fourth. There are countless other examples in the NT; the Biblical books require particular scholarly inspection to understand, and when they're just read like a novel it is obviously misconstrued by literalists. Often the Bible is just assumed to be some silly religious work without even being read (forget about being properly read). Even to an atheist, as a literary work the symbolism and cultural references, if the cultural context is understood, is highly fascinating on the level of literary studies. Of course, every Christian is incapable of studying the Bible in depth, so they must rely on what textual scholars conclude. Religion, without proper textual and theological understanding, is worthless ritual; that's basically what literalists have. I've also noticed, many Christians lose their faith when they realize much of the Bible can actually be rationalize as retrospective account and is not God prophesying. However, someone keeps asking what the "Christian moderate" is and not to play the semantics game but that's an extremely vague term. Define for me the beliefs of the moderate conservative, I'm sure your definition will vary from everyone else's.
  8. Reading your post makes me concede the fact I spoke too quickly. However, I do think that the personal semiotics is important for a tattoo, although as you mentioned, that's not relevant when it comes to the aesthetic value. I guess personal value is most important in the end because, after all, the person is the one who must wear it. On a side note, not to be pedantic (it might just be because I go to NYU and art is almost unavoidable) but you mentioned not caring why the Starry Night was painted and context, purpose and motivation for a painting are actually extremely interesting aspects. A well-rounded understanding of an artwork brings something from the level of looking aesthetically pleasing at first glance to something that can be truly appreciated (hence as to why certain art historians say you can't even fully appreciate prehistoric art as we lack proper context). @Azvareth's second post, wobbly Catholic cross? That is already an erroneous misinterpretation of the symbology (wobbly, I could care less about because it's the way I'm standing. However, people who conflate terms have a special place in hell in the academic world); don't try to make subtly insulting remarks because I accidentally said something that rubbed you the wrong way with no bad intent. Learn to civilly disagree without snide remarks by reading xVertigo's post.
  9. I ended up probably spending probably $500 in books on Amazon, but because of my area of study I use a lot of primary source books (The Prince, The Histories, Leviathan, etc.) so singularly they're not that expensive, but 20-30 or so per semester add up. In terms of textbooks, I only had to buy two this semester that I got used on Amazon for like $80 total, and our professor got us a free online version of another. But yes, when other people say textbooks, is that inclusive of books like classical political theory and religious texts, or do they mean it in the strictest sense of a hard covered book that is encyclopedic?
  10. Oh. Silly me. Well, thanks to everyone who helped me out.
  11. So I started A Clockwork Syringe and defeated the Barrelchest follow without anticipating there would be a fight (so I had some HP damage and didn't bring food). Before continuing the quest, I teleported to GE to sell somethings and eat some food. I hate like 10 trout and my HP was still at 620 so I thought maybe trout was for some reason removed from items that heal your HP. So, I ate a few pieces of lobster, same thing. I just ate the lobster and my HP stayed at 620; it didn't even regenerate. I logged in and out thinking maybe that would help and ate some more trout, to no avail. Is this normal to A Clockwork Syringe, and if not what should I do?
  12. Thanks everyone for your inputs. This seemed to be an a good differing range of opinions, perhaps I should've put this in the questionnaire subforum haha.
  13. I'm curious to ask what is considered a small cash pile, a sizable cash pile and a more wealthy cash pile/bank value. Obviously to some degree the answer is subjective based on relative perspective, but I'm asking for a general, common idea of these ranges. Thank you.
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