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  1. What's your stance on ba'ing/sc'ing skills. Exactly the same as warbands as your gaining xp without training the skill.... I think people forget that with out these "OP" training methods 200m all skills would be an unrealistic goal for most.... Skills have value precisely because they're rare. They're rare because they're challenging. As soon as you make your type of argument, it defeats the purpose of even going for just that. The whole reason people go for 200m's in slow skills is to have something that is unique, something that very few other people have. If it ever becomes a realistic goal for most, it loses all value for those that are seeking an extra challenge and so they must look elsewhere instead. Slow 200m's are for a very particular market of players that want to distinguish themselves through hard work. What I would like to know is how people with slow 200m's feel after their respective skills get updated and their xp/hour shoot to over double what they trained it at. Does having a high permanent rank make up for that, or would they have rather used that time to train other skills and wait for the updates. I know it's hard to predict the xp rate of a skill years ahead of time but it's still an interesting dilemma. As was mentioned earlier, xp/hour is inevitably going to increase over time for all skills. Those who got 99s/200m while the xp/hour was low (relative) have the benefit of having that specific 99/200m x number of months prior to someone who would wait for the xp increase. Sadly, the 'benefit' of getting a 99/200m is fairly low in present day runescape, other than a sort of e-fame or the highscore place (that is, for example the first to 99 (or 85) slayer had a huge benefit of getting whip drops and selling them while they were highly priced. For these people, the benefit of putting in the time at a lower xp rate was worth it, and likely wouldn't mind the future xp rate increases as much. There hasn't been a similar sort of benefit of being fast to 99/200m with the last couple of skills - perhaps 99 summoning and the ability to use yaks/steels, but alas..) I compare your idea to the idea of buying a console game (or the console itself) on release day as compared to waiting x number of months until the price drops. The early buyers pay more money, but have the enjoyment of playing that game (or using the console) for a period of time before the laggard. If the enjoyment of the game outweighs the extra cost, then it's worth it. If not, you should wait. Thus, with the old, slow 99s/200m, there isn't much benefit of racing to #1. I've followed the thread since page one, and there has always been talk of maxing, or getting 200m, in the skill that you anticipate not being updated to become faster (or, not being updated for the longest amount of time). That is how runescape has become, and until there is a real benefit of being 1st to 99, or 1st to 200m, that's how it should remain. The same logic can be applied to something that you think will be nerfed in the future, effectively lowering the xp rate. If, for example, there was a worry of warbands being nerfed, than one should capitalize on the xp rates as much as possible until the nerf.
  2. Is W31 Yanille still the place to go for open gilded altar training?
  3. You've never said you'd stop something, and later return to doing that something? Be real.
  4. I'm looking for the best (dps) magic gear that does not degrade. I currently use a full set of subj with arma bstaff. I'm assuming ragefires would boost me up a bit?
  5. Yeah, all golds on toads, and all greens on unicorns.
  6. Guys, I think it's worth pointing out that they said this would affect reflection bots only. Not all bots run on reflection. Arguably the most popular botting client runs without reflection, thus wouldn't be affected by this new 'anti-reflection' tactic. If you want to check for the reflection bots being gone, quit assuming that all bots are reflection based.
  7. Best place to start is probably by catching up on quests. There are a ton of new features and content you can gain from doing them. Beyond that, give us some idea of what you used to like, and we can help you out.
  8. To get this back on topic, it looks like SUOMI has secured the 15th spot on the construction highscores. This will be his 9th (technically 8th, but slayer is all but a wrap) 200m on the front page of the respective skill - now I haven't gone through all of the others, but is this a record?
  9. A large money sink with some sort of benefit is exactly what runescape needs. It needs to be something that gives a real benefit, and something that any normal player can find useful. Sure, dicers, merchanters, etc., will be able to use this to their advantage, but as an overall the sink will be a huge benefit to the economy.
  10. It wouldn't matter if they care about the drops themselves, but rather that they are helping to increase the effective known drop rates of items. The addon that has been mentioned from wowhead is passive and non-invasive. SUOMI or others wouldn't need to do anything other than right click on the drop pile after a kill. All else is done behind the scenes. It cannot be hard to make the actual recording addon, I'm just worried about the legitimacy of such a tool. The database could be built into Tip.it's item database fairly simply aswell.
  11. I've always thought an add-on similar to that of wowhead's for WoW would be interesting in runescape. Data could be collected VERY quickly if the add-on was picked up by some of the people training slayer, cannoning cave crawlers, and boss hunting. If only a few of the highly recognizable slayers/boss hunters took the initiative (SUOMI, xpx, maz, etc.), the addon would spread quickly and give a good suggestion towards things as charm drop rates, effigy rates, etc.
  12. One of the reasons i have zero "respect" for suomi is because of this. Relying on other people for exp. At the end of the day it's not suomi who maxes out but rather the 500 thousand people who fed the supplies. And people like you are the reason this thread gets off-topic so frequently.
  13. I guess I should have added that this guy will be a pker. Aka - don't want incredibly high hits.
  14. So right now I'm at 80 ranged, 1 defense/prayer/summoning. Is there any better way to get experience other than the ranged guild? I'm ready to start gaining hitpoints, so that isn't a problem.
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