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  1. Craftsman's monocle from a miniquest in the theiving guild if i read correctly.
  2. Getting levels at a pretty decent pace. 2 more days of fishing, then I'll get some other stuff done.
  3. The absolute weirdest thing just happened to me. I logged in and it only showed a black screen. I clicked on the skills and this showed up. 1337 total? It's not fake, I just don't know what happened. I logged back in again, but same things except without the stats. I logged in fine the third time.
  4. Those wings look alright but I don't think I'll ever buy them unless they are on sale. Hopefully a lot of them will. ~Mr. Ross "I'm too cheap to buy full price." Fra
  5. Statistically, it makes no sense for either of us to start our sentences with "statistically, it makes no sense for...". I hope you realize that. If, statistically, it makes no sense for you to start out your sentence with "statistically, it makes no sense for...", then why did you? I hope you explain that.
  6. Don't post here much, but I saw drumgun fishing rocktails.
  7. Got the void top so far. Will probably get the bottom by the time I get 50 ranged.
  8. I'm level 90 fishing and I'm currently fishing rocktails. I carry 10 fishing urns with me, teleporting them away when they are full. I also bring 2 granite crabs. To get more fishing urns I use a games necklace to teleport to burthrope and bank. To get back I use the monastery teleport on the combat bracelet. My questions to you are... Should I bring fishing urns? How many should I bring? Should I use granite crabs? How many should I bring? Is there a more efficient teleport?
  9. That's a bit slow for a solo med. Might want to pick up the pace.
  10. Rocktails!!!! Also got 60 strength and agility today :)
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