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  1. Ha, nice. Maybe before long I will be there too. Catch you later at sara (although I won't be on for a while with exams and travel and stuff). Soloing is pretty intense too. Yeah, slight difference between Pourfondeur and "pomme fondant" :lol: (the latter is a dish involving apples). Close, it's "quand-esque vous allez avoir quatre-vingt dix neuf Pourfondeur?" French conjugation and grammar is ridiculous. oh and the answer: JAMAIS! :twisted:
  2. Heh, I got 99 runecrafting through the abyss but I really don't think I could stomach 1 million tokens. Very impressive.
  3. [hide=][/hide] Yeah, I thought it was funny cause it's a french server and at least half of you would click just to see what the hell "pourfondeur" was. Despite being fluent in French I honestly do not know what the hell a Pourfondeur is but there's no real better translation for slayer. The other translations of "slayer" would all be synonymous with "killer" or "murderer" so you can't really have people going around saying "i've just got lvl 85 murderer" now can we? : so yeah... Anyways, that aside this is a pretty solid achievement as I worked on it for about 4 weeks straight doing nothing but boring assignment after boring assignment. Believe me, it's a lot easier if you DON'T focus on the slayer exp because you get it at a very slooooow rate. AND ALL OF THIS WAS JUST TO GET A FASTER KC AT SARA! (although I did get 79 summoning along the way and several millions to get some nice equipment and now I'm only 2 levels away from abbysal demons and 99 attack and got very close to 99 strength BUT STILL my main focus was doing this doing this just to get the kc at sara much faster). So yay, now I can go slaughter Zilyanna a million times and believe me, I WILL get a solo saradomin hilt. It turns out, ironically, that solo Zilyanna is vastly superior to the other gwd bosses as you can stay there a hell of a lot longer. It's ironic cause I always thought of Zilyanna as insanely dangerous and soloing there would be suicidal (this was before spirit terrorbirds).
  4. It's a false dilemma and I can prove it.... ...using Wikipedia :mrgreen: : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gamblers_fallacy
  5. So people have figured out that there's a 1/150 chance of getting armadyl hilt or 1/65 chance of getting a dragon axe. I was wondering if there was some sort of database where people have recorded the probabilities of rare drops (or recorded educated guesses at least). Is there such a database and where can I find it? Or where is this information?
  6. Except F2pers would benefit from this. And people who craft nature runes. Now if I remember correctly nature rune crafting is one of the most popular ways to make money is it not? Looks to me like lots of people benefit from this update.
  7. It's just a bunch of people who had to go through the pain and suffering of not having a convenient teleport so they don' think anyone should get it. Basically all their rants boil down to: "hey, that's not fair, I had a hard time so EVERYONE should have just as much of a hard time". The game updates, things change.
  8. 99 con was my first 99 so I have a bit of the same situation. Here's why it's seen as more impressing A lot of people like to get 99 cook/fletch or "easy" 99s as a warm up because they're either not sure they can make it or because they'd like to try something easier before tackling a crazy hard 99. This does hold true; getting a skill to 99 is harder if you've never gotten one before. Getting an impressive 99 before any other skill shows that you were ready to throw yourself straight into the difficult task and succeeded. Not everyone understands this concept but everyone does know that untrimmed mining capes for example are exceedingly rare. The choice is yours, but my advice - as I got some very pleasant reactions with an untrimmed construction cape - would be to go for it, it would be kinda cool and you can tell people that your first 99 was mining. Then of course, once the novelty wears out, go get other 99s as you see fit. Good luck This kind of attempt doesn't help at all. His question IS about the cape.
  9. Actually, that's information bias. Solo trips rarely yield anything, when they do then people will be sure and say. Going with a team for hours makes it likely to get a drop, so the times you'll hear about it is the unusual time when they DON'T get a drop after x number of hours. Anyways, it IS pretty awesome you got a hilt on solo trips, I know how much longer and more stressful they are (compared to teams) so congratz on that.
  10. ^ interesting. I never considered the idea of having a "purified" essence that gives (probably experience) bonuses that regular ess doesn't have whilst letting regular ess craft all runes. If it is well-balanced it would lead to some very interesting results. I like that idea :
  11. Thanks guys :mrgreen: Finishing what I had originally desired and ended up leaving behind: 99 summoning. That's long term, I'm also working on 83 slay so I can fight sara boss more effectively and expect 99 str (waterfiends) and 99 mage (rock lob bursting) along the way. LOTS of funds will be needed, all of which I will get from GWD (and hopefully from sara boss as Zilyanna seems very lucrative). Things are a bit different this time around, I'm playing more casually than I previously did. I'm maintaining the precious balance between a social life and whatever the hell this game provides.
  12. Yes! finally someone who understands where I'm coming from. Thankyou sir ^ From past experience and the common knowledge that there is a far greater supply of rune ess than there is of pure ess I could easily explain why you're totally wrong in thinking that the merged essense would be only 20 gp less than pure ess but why bother even getting into that hypothetical tedious debate when I can simply ask this: Why on earth would beginners, aka new f2p essense miners, lose money when the ess that they cultivate is guaranteed to increase in price from 43 gp?
  13. Hah, I recognize that outfit; you were hanging out at GE, well it's cool to see who you are now. Props on the runecrafting too, I got my phat the same way.
  14. Took long enough to get a new 99 :wall: . Now this isn't a mind-blower like Runecrafting but still, it was a necessary steppingstone for other grandiose achievements. Also this is the first time I got to see all the cool effects added (special fireworks are ftw =D). [hide=][/hide]
  15. Is it necessary for me to list off updates to prove that Jagex cares about real-world traders? Either way that's irrelevant, my point here is that the REASON why they split ess no longer applies (it's NOT possible to make autoers to mine ess for a profit). You mention ess going up and pure ess going down but only mention that people lose money. Actually some people lose money and far more people gain money (but not really that much). Both those statements are too broad and both only half-right. Non-member ess miners would also benefit and pure ess miners (members) would be also be hurt Where did you get 180 gp? Pure ess price is 135 gp at MAX ge. Speculation is flawed at best, but what if you'd like a slightly more plausible example? like 60 gp? That ain't so much of a huge devastating change. Even I wouldn't expect it to return to what it was before (which was 40-45 gp), but 60 is far more reasonable than 100. Who exactly is "we"? I don't think many runecrafter enjoys having to pay 130 gp per pure ess. And how exactly is that possible? The problem in the first place involved transferring wealth and it's literally impossible to transfer wealth now.
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