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  1. so wait... i haven't been up to date for a while... so i have no idea what the purpose of mint cakes are for is it like duct tape for the rs economy?? is it a rare or something? is it amazingly difficult to obtain it? is it....useful?? wouldn't 10m gp be a good way to make sure that you always have.....10m?
  2. as title says. it's technically a black weapon, so i don't see why not..
  3. i liked this article. it was O.K. up until the last few paragraphs, where everything was summed up into a very well displayed statement/rant. i've been saying this for quite some time. the only reason why any one would skill, is just for a quest, or a minigame. otherwise, there's no incentive, because quite honestly, i wouldn't even bother with the skill if it just costs money to level up, and the reward isn't at all- no pun intended- rewarding. quite the conundrum. jagex made quite the cluster f*ck by making free trade go away, and i don't think they know it's full effects, and it's been out for a few years. i just might **shiver** agree with those people that are predicting the end of runescape to be near, ongoing, or starting. but pessimism doesn't get us anywhere.
  4. has anyone considered that jagex is made up of humans? humans that make mistakes and do what they feel is best for their game? i always think it's funny that people are always assuming that they want to just take this game that has made them millions of dollars and just drop it from the tallest tower in the world and watch it get destroyed. whether you may realize it or not, the larger population gets the say in how the updates go. i don't want to be the five hundred thousandth person to say this, but the people that played runescape classic, and also played the game a number of years ago, are hugely outnumbered by the new players in the game. there's also the "if you don't like it, quit" argument. now that i think about it, that statement is becoming more and more valid. as stated before, jagex is human. if you were so disgusted with this game, and so disappointed, you'd quit. but you can't, because something jagex has implemented in their game is having you stay their customer. to me (and probably the same for jagex), if you're playing the game, and it's not what it used to be, but you still like the game enough to keep playing, then they aren't doing that bad. the same goes for their updates. when bungie releases a game, they make tens of millions of dollars. that gives their game developers some incentive to make a better, more challenging game. jagex doesn't make tens of millions of dollars off of every update. they don't make that much money at all. the money that they make goes from the customer, to jagex, to website maintenance such as webhosters (whatever the name is) such as navasite, and then, finally, to it's employees. yes they rake in a lot of money, but with over 160+ worlds, and the game being in 3 different languages (and counting), they can't use resources they don't have. it my honest opinion, you'd be expecting too much of jagex if you wanted the rwt problem fixed, free trade re-instated, get good updates, have the bugs that come with every update fixed, and do all of the things i mentioned before in this paragraph, then their members would have to be increased to a point that world of warcraft would have to start to take notice to jagex.
  5. other than the producer skills, it's going to now work. with crafting- every dragonhide is on the rise with the exception of red. abbysial whip is on the rise. herbs and second ingrediants are on the rise seeds are on the rise food is on the rise 75% of the planks are on the rise pure ess is on the rise while the popular runes that are crafted from the essence isn't going up in the same fashion anything mithril, addy, steel, or iron is on the rise maple logs, yew logs, oak logs, normal logs, magic logs, mahogany logs, and teak logs are all on the rise. those are just about all the skills that require a resource to be advanced. quests are coming out, new minigames are being made, new items are being introduced, all that require a specific level in a skill. it's bs when you have all of these skills and you can't level them up because you have to "sit and wait". i'm being restricted to what i can advance a skill in for the sheer cost of it. that's my point. edit: fixed the graph. now it all makes sense.
  6. if anyone has done a bit of research when it comes to smithing, you know that bars have been hit by hurricane Merchant. this has caused significant damage to the prices of.... every bar smith-able except rune and *chuckles* bronze. these are the damage results: [hide=]iron bars- steel bars- mithril bars- addy bars- [/hide] this is hyperinflation. here's the dictionary defintion according to dictionary.com---- A very high level of inflation that tends to result in the breakdown of the monetary system, the hoarding of goods, and difficulty in achieving real economic growth. i could post some more pictures, but you get the point. there has been a dramatic increase in any item that's commonly used in rs. people are taking advantage of this and it's got to stop. people WILL quit rs simply because everything has gotten too expensive and their goals have been going farther and farther away at a rate that people can't keep up with. this isn't how the game is supposed to be played and it's pissing me off!
  7. i'm about to smith 8.4k mithril bars. i got 74 smithing so i can smith anything. anywho- what can i smith so i can get some money back out of this 12m investment?
  8. If someone's ripping on quests saying they're easy, I dare them to try Ratcatchers. :twisted: Not really difficult, just pointlessly frustrating. like mep2! once jagex made the blood talisman tradeable, you didn't have to do all that crap for the dwarf to get one. now you just go in there -.- if you did the quest before that, you know what i'm talking about. it wasn't SO bad because the ge had freshly come out. by the way ratchet- didn't say you were ripping on quests. it was a general statement pertaining to the argument
  9. haiiii ratchet :D thanks for letting me quote you :thumbsup: thought i'd check in and wait for a counter post for that Q guy to say so i can respond. i'm not seeing a comeback yet, so i'll wait. by the way i hate mr. thedayrsdied guy too. he's a tad full of himself not getting too off topic: i have on question- any one that has been ripping on quests, have you done the summers end series? didja also happen to get a quest cape too? because i can't really seem to give you any credit if you don't even have the qualifications to argue that quests are this or that (unless it's a specific quest you've completed). just kinda throwing that out there. (this is me being very angry)
  10. by you throwing about obscenities, it invalidates your arguments. it shows you as being immature and that you will retaliate against some one simply because you do not like them. they could have a more valid point than yours but you are just going about saying f bombs left and right. anyway- now although this may be true in the sense of business, it's not true in a game. when you have a customer that has been coming to your store and enjoys your business, then theirs is more valuable than some random guy. that's because it's society and word can spread and there's human interaction. however- we are talking about a game. in a game, a non-human machine just does whatever it's programed to do. it has equations and random number generators that aide in it telling what will happen to your character. it's not going to specifically cater to me because i've played rs for 4 years, nor because my combat is level 122. actually in my opinion, it should be harder for high level'd players to play this game. i can kill a vast majority of monsters easily, i can telleport anywhere, my agility is high so i can run anywhere, and i have a quest cape so i'm not limited to locations, i can make a crap-ton of money easily, and i'm only 16 levels away from the highest combat level possible in the game. at level 14, i'm running away from level 6 muggers. it's already really difficult for me at level 14. i have to run everywhere! and i can't train mage because i have no money. i'd get money by wood cutting and maybe fletching afterwards to get more bang for my buck, but i can't sell the logs OR the bows. willow logs haven't moved in the ge since it came out. so tell me this- the game is hard as it is with all my skills at level 1, so why is it so bad that i have 3m? by the way- how's a low level'd player going to make money with the 76k trick, if it's hard for them to make the 76k and they need the protect item prayer? you have to get the bones for the prayer which is going to run you a huge bill. then once you get it, you have to make the 76k to make your millions. even then, if you get cornered, you're going to lose that money. and you're forgetting that doing this takes a lot of time. as a new player, i'm not going to be as committed to that as some one else. then you have to make that money back etc. etc. willow logs pre ge- 30 each lots of people buying. willow logs now- 18 each no one buying. yew logs pre-ge 300 people buying. yew logs now- 502. i don't know maple logs, because i was still f2p by the time i had 75 wood cutting. by the way- the reason no one wants to do a quest now-a-days is purely because of the requirements. if you just had to run to point a to point b and get a bunch of experience and rewards, people would do it in a heartbeat. if some one has a quest cape then, they're a skiller. the hard monsters? did you did summers end part 1 and part2???????? there's your example. and the mourner in mep1. i almost died and i had 100+ cb This thread has been temporarily locked for cleaning. ~meol And unlocked.
  11. i view agility to be a skill that can be compared to cardio. if you jog for 2 miles straight, no stopping, then you've worked for it. but you shouldn't have the same amount of training and some guy that has jst started running has the same stamina as you. you have to work for that. low levels making a lot of money at lvl 20. is this bad? i was level 80 and i could comfortably afford one set of rune. now with inflation, exposure of resources, rune is now easily available and cheaper. when i bought my first set of guthans, it was almost 10m. now it's at a laughable price. is that bad? not really. if they can make money, then so be it. in fact it's good for them! they can afford to buy their food, their runes, and armor. money also slips through the hands of the low level'd anyway. the majority of skills now require money instead of promising money. smithing crafting, fletching (with acceptions), construction, cooking herblore, and runecrafting up to a point makes your money slowly just fall into the abyss. the game hasn't been dumbed down, in fact i think it's become harder! look at the skills i just mentioned. pre-ge you could make money off of ANY of those skills making 99's easy to get to. fletching was profitable just buy buying logs and selling the bows. and although the armor is cheaper, the prices change daily, so you may not be getting the same price to sell your obby cape as you bought it for. quests are harder now that they have more demanding requirements and the monsters at the end can be very difficult. i'd like to know how making money has been made better for the lower level'd. because i have to severely disagree with you. log prices have been cut in half since the addition of the grand exchange. bars are worth less than the ore, the tanned hide of dragons is worth more than the vambraces. a level 20 the same as a pker!? please do go ahead and give some hard reliable facts on how they can make money because you just threw it out there and people just went along with it. in my opinion, that is total and utter B.S.
  12. it's funny to see how people act in rs. when you're level 70, no one talks to you nor wants to. but when you're level 122 EVERYONE talks to you with the exception of the 130's. i play stealing creation [a lot] so i see high level'd people there more often than not. they usually ignore people. high lvl people (weird way to refer to them) just stopped paying as close attention to the game. we don't die as easily, we kill more easily, we [for the most part] have millions upon millions in the bank, so if we die we can just replace whatever we've got. so we play rs as we're watching tv, reading a book etc. so for us not to respond to you, that means we're just pre-occupied. as for your situation.... he had sand up is skooch. don't get worked up over it. EDIT: [for guy that posted after me] try alching or training slayer with your quest cape on. you'll know what being annoyed is all about.
  13. wait, if you knew it was sarcasm, then why would you go and start this whole thing? :wall:
  14. no, it implied that he was in fact, not a racist. it was an attempt at sarcasm, which happens to fly by a lot of people because it's all text no emotion. i was making fun of him not being racist, hence saying discriminating against racism. i guess i really have to define humor on here seeing how the smallest of remarks can start a flame war :roll: .
  15. [/hide] oh yeah!?? well you're discriminating against racists. beat that mr "i'm not a racist" Rascists aren't a race. So he isn't one, even if he's discriminating. Entirely different concepts. you can discriminate against homosexuals, and they're not a race. you can discriminate against fat people, and they most certaintly are not a race. here's the dictionary definition mr communist- treatment or consideration of, or making a distinction in favor of or against, a person or thing based on the group, class, or category to which that person or thing belongs rather than on individual merit So he's still not a rascist. Like I said, and which you proved, discrimination and rascism are two entirely different ideas. Therefore, discriminating against rascists is not rascism. please find where i said you can be racist against racists because i never said it. all i said was you can discriminate against racists.
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