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  1. oh really? so nobody know about mousekeys? Because you need 4 hands to PRO MOUSEKEY SKILL!!!!11!!
  2. Afaik, he didn't have any child pornography? He sent some pictures of teens to someone else. I'm sure quite a few people own "child pornography" if we define naked pictures of teenage girls as such... Also, Pedophilia= sexual interest in prepubescent children.
  3. Anyone know if/where you can recharge Drakan's medallion?
  4. It was just as bad back in 2006. You'd have a tber log in, and then 10 guys in ahrims. This is nothing new.
  5. The only herbs that haven't crashed are the ones bots cannot get. (Toadflax/Snaps/Torstols) Those are also the ones many people farm, with or without juju potions.
  6. I don't think anything will change with extremes then, for the past few years it has always been about lucky specs or lucky combos. That's the only way to win a fight in rs anyway? All you can do is wait for a few lucky hits from either your main weapon or your spec weapon. There is no skill in edge pking, and very little in hybridding. Extremes should be allowed. Max hit for someone edge pking with extremes: 548 Max hit for someone edge pking without extremes: 520 (rapier/rune legs and plate/dragon defender/dragon boots/strenght ammy/neitiznot) That's not even 30 lifepoints higher. Also, the best food available in runescape are juju gumbos and baron sharks. I know they're slow to get and considered to be not worth it, but isn't that why so many pkers don't have extremes to start with? If you work for something you should get the advantage.
  7. I already could do that back in 2008 with fire titans and guthans ...
  8. Jagex could always use players as beta testers for most updates. They are completely free and a few 100 players can test content way way more thoroughly than a few quality assurance jmods can.
  9. Both oropher and gremmy are (were?) my friends though. <3: So i was doing solo meds: http://img820.imageshack.us/img820/5757/101109143843.png But ofcourse: http://img820.imageshack.us/img820/2116/101109143856.png 7 spiders/ 0 hoods so far today.
  10. :shame: 2 days. 10 spiders. 0 hoods. You get what, 2 spiders, 2 hoods? -.- What. the. [bleep]. Seriously, why does it seem so easy?
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