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  1. Happy birthday :D

  2. Dude, this is a forum. You know, a place where people exchange ideas? If you say something that makes a dozen people think "rubbish!", they're going to express it. Anyway, most people are just politely asking for confirmation from a reliable source. No need to go all "I couldn't care less what you think" when it's plain that you do. You guys are being nasty to me so Imma be nasty back.
  3. I have 40M to spend on armour. I have dragon defender but apart from that I have no untradable items I could use in place of buy-able armour. I would prefer whip but I'll see what you guys suggest.
  4. In 2012 when y'all waiting for updates I'll be like:
  5. Thanks for the replies guys. I couldn't care less what you think, thought you'd like to know so I posted. My bad. Try going in Mod MMG or Mod Mark's clan chat for a while a long time.
  6. Did you think there was a catch to the bringing back of the free trade and wilderness? Well here's the catch.. Jagex have announced that Stellar Dawn (Originally MechScape World) is being released this year and by 2012 Runescape will receive no more updates. [hide] [/hide] As you see from the above pictures Stellar Dawn has a modern sci-fi look. The tagline, 'Stellar Dawn | Free Multi-player Sci-Fi Game | Coming soon from Jagex Discover Stellar Dawn, the brand new free-to-play MMORPG coming soon from Jagex Games Studio.' JaGeX said an estimated 90% of Runescape players will move to Stellar Dawn within the first month of release. Pro's - A new start, everybody has the chance to be the best at the game - the highscores will be empty. A change from the medieval-ish genre. If you only use Stellar Dawn and fully quit Runescape you wont have to pay for membership. (Until they release members for Stellar Dawn) Con's - If you decide to continue using Runescape, if the estimated 90% of players DO move to Stellar Dawn, there will rarely be more than 50000 players online. Divide this by 168 (The amount of Runescape servers) = 300 players. So imagine your home world in proportion to this. Jagex will most likely reduce the amount of worlds, but even then there will be less themed worlds (ie. Soul Wars, Pest Control..) If you decide to use both Runescape and Stellar Dawn you'll probably have an extra membership payment a few months after. (When they bring out members on Stellar Dawn) ;) Personally I'm happy and sad. I've just started to get really good on Runescape and its kinda a shame BUT it'll be nice for a change.
  7. How much will bandos cost once free trade is here? Most people say: 13M tassets 12M chestplate?
  8. Because most players still dont know about this and if I'm skilling and talking to people and they ask why I'm taking so long to reply and I tell them they dont believe me.
  9. Thanks for the welcome + you should get the iPad 2 when its released if you have the money. If not, its not like iPad 1 is bad :) Or just get a laptop for the same amount of money. I got my iPad from a friend for free.
  10. Thanks for the welcome + you should get the iPad 2 when its released if you have the money. If not, its not like iPad 1 is bad :)
  11. I got mine from a friend. I also have an iPhone, but when I dont have access to my laptop I'd rather use my ipads 9.7 inch screen than my iphones 3.5 inch screen. Maybe one day I'll make a video of RuneScape on iPad.
  12. Its good to play actually. To right click you just hold down a little longer. But not long enough to be holding down your finger for ages - just a small hold. And yeah that kinda sucks but I use my Apple wireless keyboard :)
  13. Hey I'm new. Thought I'd make my first post kinda interesting... The other day over on Runescape forums somebody was talking about iPads and Runescape, saying it was impossible -- I like the prove people wrong. ;) How to get Runescape, any website, any program, any flash, any game, any javascript on your iPad. There is a 1/4 of a second delay between tapping the screen, but oh well, its easy enough to do most simple/medium things on Runescape, but don't think you'll be doing any bosses. 1. Download 'Splashtop Remote Desktop' for £1.19. Make sure its the iPad version, not iTouch or Phone. 2. Download Splashtop onto your laptop or computer. http://www.splashtop.com/ 3. Set up Splashtop on your computer, including setting up the password. 4. On your iPad click on the Splashtop icon. 5. Click your computer name and type in the password. 6. Open your internet browser on the iPad. (via the Splashtop app) 7. Go to Runescape. Click play. 8. Whenever you want to type touch the keyboard in the bottom right corner to bring up the keyboard - or use a wireless apple keyboard! Warning: As I said before, please dont go to bosses on your iPad unless their is no lag. I have done cooking, fletching, herblore, agility, thieving and a small amount of magic on my iPad and it all worked well. Good luck. EDIT: Yes you can also do this on your iPod or iPhone. Twitter:@messily
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