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  1. Indeed. If we follow that line of thought, we conclude that Green has ascended to godhood.
  2. Hey I heard there was this great new skill called summoning! Anyways, I think you should have posted this on the AoW.
  3. Shame. Maybe one day you'll lose your Internet connection and you'll have nothing to do but write it lol. Hopefully you don't have a RS simulator :P.
  4. Jebrim, are you planning on ever compiling your knowledge into a guide (or several, as the case will probably be)? It would be very useful stuff. Maybe only appreciated by a fraction of the RS community, but you don't seem to particularly enjoy associating with the rest anyway.
  5. Everyone is microefficient to the extent they think about the inner workings of the game. Some naturally think quite deeply. Some don't really care because they're watching movies at the same time. I'm quite sure a significant minority knew about that particular example or similar ones. I'm also sure Jebrim has more sophisticated tricks he's not writing about because they'd take too long to explain.
  6. Agreed. The effort/exp ratio is horrendous. But it's nearly a separate game in its own right. Closer to general problem solving than the grind RS usually is. I actually think it seems more fun than regular Runescape.
  7. Thank you for that information Jebrim. Most interesting thing I've read on this thread in ages. It's evident you're playing RS on the meta-level (Not that it wasn't obvious before lol). No wonder most of RS doesn't appreciate what you're doing.
  8. I remember people complaining about the miniclip kids. TBH I think the playerbase is more or less the same as it ever was, and it's just us growing older. With the possible exception of early RSC, when everyone knew everyone else (Or so they tell me, I wasn't around then).
  9. Erm.. Wouldn't just killing Jad give you enough xp to get to lvl 5?
  10. On the plus side, the countdown banner was very dramatic. Okay, why did they have a countdown banner if they weren't going to update on the dot?
  11. I want you to cover for him while he's away. Is no one here capable of contacting Langer? I miss his updates...
  12. Another factor might be that Australians are simply willing to pay more than Americans are. A smaller userbase can mean a higher proportion of dedicated players.
  13. 2012 will be the year of THE AGEN! Mark my words
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