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  1. Oxitron

    Bye bye Mask :(

    Blizzard have a great recovery system that works amazingly for WoW. Granted it's easier to get hacked on that, but the fact stands. I think Jagex just use this as an excuse for people to play even longer and waste more money on the subscriptions to get their money back.
  2. Oxitron

    PKers and Bots

    Nah lol. The OP was just a joke. However I do find it sad that some of the community enjoy killing the righteous defenders of all that is good.
  3. Oxitron

    PKers and Bots

    I conclude all the players that kill the players killing the bots are the people who own the bots themselves. Quite sad.
  4. 51 Prayer with 25M cash will go a long way. Train it up a bit.
  5. Are you counting in that the rangers lose ranged power from the armor? However yea I seemed to kill them off faster when the RNG was on my side.
  6. Has anyone other than me actually tried this? I really enjoyed it when I did it. I did it at around 80-85 ranged, and on slayer assignments. I found it to be a nice break from traditional safespot ranging and meleeing. If you have tried it what were your experiences? If you haven't tried it, I strongly urge you to, unless your ranged level is already 99!
  7. Alright, thanks :D And, random question, but do you know why can't I set a signature or an avatar?
  8. Thanks a heap. I might drop off the wood now I have all the pets obtainable from trees. Unless of course it's still better than everything else (bar mining of course)? Also, would I use supercompost or just normal compost? And, random question, but why can't I set a signature or an avatar? EDIT: What's dicing?
  9. Hm, the only reason I can't be stuffed doing herb runs is because I only remember 2 patches. Can you remind me the running we do? What tele's are needed and where do we go in what order? (or a link to a very small guide about it) please? Sorry I ask of so much. And thank you for reminding me of MTK I think I may have left some money in it. I would do barrows if my stats were better than they are now. Mid 80s ain't that good :P EDIT: I still have 2.7m in it, that's where some of my money went lol! I must ask though, what's the "good" resource balance now? Mine is on max mining and half maple wood.
  10. Naw, lol, I said I completely understand, I just don't see how all these reasons combined = $3 dollars p/head
  11. I guess you're right. I just hate how Australia seems to get ripped off so much by other, larger countries lol. When I tried to buy a Razer mouse from the AU shop it costed 30 dollars more (plus more P&H) than it did in America, even though these were being made in the Asian region. Though I guess that story is just blatant money-grabbing. Anyway, I completely understand you, ll0rt, but however much evidence and reasoning there is, I still don't feel like that 1/3 the price is anything but a tactic to steal money from Australians. (don't ask me why). I'd be fine with 7. I really would. I mean, if I didn't play WoW I would still pay for RuneScape as I would play it primarily but I would like to play both as they both get pretty boring after a while, and you don't want to take a month off of either one because they're both pretty competitive.
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