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  1. Ikr FFA arma owned me. I don't have good arma gears. :-o You don't like me :sad: that's not very nice
  2. Add me noob...so you can learn me some dung skillz
  3. You should get 99str the same way I did....with a Dlong....rofl But tbh, if you don't have the cash for a SS then the Dscimmy would work just fine.
  4. 1. Don't call it dung. Call it dg or dungeoneering. No one likes to go for a 20-30 minute dung. 2. You were ls'ing bandos? My god. 3. You actually took a uni to bandos in a lootshare team? Even a magpie would have been better. 4. If you can only solo 2 kills with sharks & a uni, something is wrong. Maybe it's your weapon attack speed ;). 5. Don't call it dung. 6. I have more experience than Obt in dungeoneering; listen to me, not him. 7. Don't call it dung. Lmao...it's not like I had a full inventory of sharks. I had no more ovls....1 super rest and a lot of loot from the kills after my second yak ran out. So maybe 10-12 sharks...also, I was in void so obviously I was going to take a lot of range damage. Haha....I did rofl at #1 tbh.
  5. Lawl...first of all....just because you're an admin in DGS doesn't mean you know everything about the entire game of RS. I will agree that you are going to be a better dunger than myself since you have done a lot more dung than I have. But I have logged thousands of Bandos kills and I am pretty experienced in there. Secondly, 2 kills was leftover from when I had to leave a bandos trio in a ls world the previous day and I was in full void with a uni and only sharks for food that I had picked up. Figured I would solo as many kills as I could since I was up there. So...I will listen to you while dunging because obviously you have more experience dunging than I do. But I know what I'm doing outside of Dung.
  6. You're such a liar kid. Srsly go lie some more Maybe lie while you're lying about lying. I have a pic of Obt killing bandos when YOU WERE MEANT TO BE THERE. But you didn't show up. . Pic: Rofl...epic ko with the bronze scimmy But really...I do want to test it out.
  7. Haha....Just cuz I signed up didn't mean I didn't want to go test it out. I was on and I added you..... I have the screenshot of you being off line at exactly the time I told u to be there....rofl
  8. Dung level obviously doesnt mean anything when talking about us....because we both have chaotics......he doesn't have one so how can he speak from experience. Now don't throw out all kinds of BS numbers that you pull outa your exhaust pipe... I said we will do Bandos and melee vs melee So...get your kc and meet me up at gwd in about 1hr and 30min. kthxbia
  9. KK....have kc in about 2hrs Thanks mod tieszen.....we will test it out to see which is better....seems relevant. If I am wrong then I will get a rapier....but seeing as I have always taken the majority of the boss kills from anyone in ffa I feel pretty confident. BTW....taking 3 of 10 boss kills doesn't make rapier better.
  10. Well then you are welcome to come try to crash me at bandos with your rapier then. Or fight me melee v melee with it.
  11. Well I have a CLS and I have never been crashed at bandos by a rapier. And I guess you post from your experience with 56dung huh.....
  12. Pay_Me

    Abyss pk'ers

    Na you tb -> entangle -> claw. I pked a few rcers earlier but they're hard to come by now. None of the 09 prods have the balls to risk those dhides and a glory. After I pk you I hop worlds, no point in camping one server all day. You rage quitting after I pk you a few times. Funniest post I've seen all day.... :thumbsup:
  13. I got the CLS first. I like it a lot and I own rapiers at bandos. Also, CLS > CR in melee vs melee pvp. CLS is the best pretty good for just about everything. Now if you are never going to go bossin then go with rapier. From my experience these are the best at each aspect of the game... Rapier = Slayer/training CLS = PVM CM = PK
  14. Prayer is now = Cooking I can see anyone that has 85slayer to have 99prayer in no time now. Rofl chinning nechs will get good prayer exp as well.
  15. How did I get so awesome!

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