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  1. black demons should be decently quick my stats are just a bit lower than yours and i do fine there
  2. it's not working for me right now, anyone else having similar problems? i've ordered membership before, but it's just not working this one time..tells me to try again shortly after i press the confirm payment button, tried a few times over last couple days to no avail.
  3. oh this was a glitch? i knew rock lobs were messed up, but i thougt hellhounds just got an update <_<
  4. honestly, in every thread where you ask for advice, you always try to deny the answers people give i mean, do you really want the advice or are you just trying to waste everyone's time?
  5. Sorry, I have no idea where this should go but i'm doing research for an english class, and am taking a survey about the meat industry and organic food / traditional farming. i would appreciate it if you could take my survey (it's only 5 multiple choice questions): http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/3J28C3D thanks guys
  6. most people use the first method when being hunted, and a lot of people don't talk to people during fog (including me)..
  7. out of that list, should i just use my highest possible familiar? or are there specific situations for specific familiars?
  8. honestly i'd have to say it's like survival of the fittest even if they did quit, they don't deserve real jobs or studying at a college if they can't time manage. and seeing as how a majority of these forum users are arguing with you, i doubt they regret it too. so i mean it's pretty much like win-win. they get to play rs a lot, which means a lot to them, and society will have more competent people in important positions and jobs.
  9. I finished the quest already. talk to hartwin to tele you there
  10. fury and zerker ring come become herb iirc
  11. that is...pretty jacked up haha
  12. no...i have sold things and got more gp than i expected, which disproves your theory. (go try selling coal for 1gp ea), it will give you more than one gp (unless there's someone trying to buy for 1gp ea haha)
  13. why didn't you just give him the link? http://users.telenet.be/glodenox/Charms/CharmPattern.html
  14. omgsh i had no idea what i was typing.. yeah my bad haha #-o yep i was trying to agree with you but typed my example out wrong / backwards
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